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Drew Carey Weight Gain: Know Story Behind Weight Gain to Weight Loss Journey In 2022!

American actor, comedian, voice actor, sports executive, and host of game shows from Ohio, Drew Carey also performs stand-up comedy.

The Drew Carey Show is the name of Drew’s own sitcom show, which he finally got well-known for after serving in the US Corps and making a name for himself in stand-up comedy.

In the world of acting and television hosting, Drew Carey is among the most successful people. Carey is also the manager of a number of very lucrative companies that bring in millions of dollars annually.

Would a Heart Attack Have Occurred without Drew Carey’s Weight Gain?

Drew Carey (@drewfromtv) didn’t understand how much his health carelessness was costing him until he came dangerously close to having a heart attack.

He had neglected to care for his body and, astonishingly, hadn’t noticed that he had gained a lot of weight for someone who was so career-centric and focused on it.

By 240 pounds, he had grown enormous. How could someone miss themselves gaining so much weight? Inadvertently and regretfully, he was acutely unaware of how much he had genuinely let himself go. Afterward, a heart attack presented a serious health concern.

Drew Carey weight gain

When he started experiencing chest aches and tingling in his arms and shoulders while out jogging one day in 2001, the presenter of The Price is Right became quite alarmed.

When he got home, though, the discomfort had subsided, so he did nothing about it and didn’t even bring it up to his doctor when he had his physical the next day. The history of health issues in his family was not taken into account by him.

He acted foolishly because the pain returned and became more severe than previously after a hard day at work. After he passed out on his trailer, paramedics transported him to St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank, where doctors informed him that one of his arteries was 95% blocked, signaling a heart attack that was plainly imminent.

Following that, Drew Carey underwent an angioplasty, a treatment that uses a tiny balloon encased in the spring called a stent to rip open the clogged artery and solve the issue.

He didn’t prioritize his health until after that enormous weight increase, and only then did he realize his mistake. He stated he wanted to kick himself for allowing himself to be affected by the most prevalent sickness in America and the most curable illness that nobody should have.

The CBS star’s thoughts rushed back to how he would eat steak and eggs in the morning, chow down on the set and sip Pepsi or coffee with sugar and cream all day, and then eat pizza or a cheeseburger and fries at night.

Such a significant weight gain is understandable. He remembered pushing snooze for almost an hour before getting out of bed, and that he would feel drowsy all day.

Following that, you’d think he’d put his health first. However, it happened far earlier. Putting on weight and almost having a heart attack wasn’t able to achieve it.

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Plans for Exercise and Diet for Weight Loss by Drew Carey

Drew Carey weight gain

Drew Carey’s Type-2 diabetes diagnosis in 2010 served as a reminder that his weight gain problem had not been resolved. Throughout his sitcom and improv gigs, he made jokes about his weight. But this time it was different; he had a son, and he was determined to live long enough to see him graduate from high school.

The burden of being large and the misery of being overweight were in Drew Carey’s memories. In order to transform, he had to. It was at that point that he made the long-ago desired decision to take steps toward weight loss.

Drew Carey started a rigorous regimen in an effort to reduce his weight gain. He cut carbohydrates from his diet and went to the gym on a regular basis.

In addition to achieving the targeted weight loss, he also managed to reverse his diabetes thanks to his inspired devotion to losing weight this time. He lost 80 pounds and stopped using the medication because he was no longer diabetic.

The diet Drew Carey followed to lose weight did not include any carbohydrates of any kind, not even crackers, bread, pizza, corn, beans, or any other kind of starch. Although he did occasionally cheat, it didn’t seem to have much of an impact on his ability to lose weight.

He used to consume Greek yogurt or egg whites for breakfast, along with fruit for snacks. He used to eat water, water, and grilled chicken for dinner. Coffee, tea, and soda were not permitted.

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Drew Carey exercised as well, fully devoting himself to weight loss. His size 44 pants shrunk to a 33-34 after at least 45 minutes of cardiac exercise.

The fact that he appeared to have gained no weight at all almost led to others wondering. He was inspired to lose weight and continue to get smaller till he reached a size 32 after observing the resulting weight loss.

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