Cole Sprouse Weight Gain: Know About His Weight Transformation In 2022

Popular American actor Cole Sprouse is one of them. Cole Mitchell Sprouse is his full name, however, most people know him as Cole Sprouse.

He was born in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, on August 4, 1992. His mother’s name is Melanie Wright, and his father’s name is Matthew Sprouse. Dylan Sprouse is the name of his brother.

Bio of Cole Sprouse

Melanie Wright and Matthew Sprouse, two Americans, welcomed their son Cole in Arezzo, Italy.

Sprouse chose to major in Geographic Information Systems in college because of his interest in earth science and his grandfather’s profession as a geologist.

At the young age of six months, Cole started his acting career alongside his identical twin brother. Before making their acting debut in Big Daddy’s feature film, the twins starred in a diaper advertisement (1999).

Cole Sprouse: Did He Put On Weight?

cole sprouse weight gain

Cole Sprouse has recently developed more muscle and has a plump face, thus his weight growth seems to be a hot topic.

Since 2017, Cole, who is in his late 20s, has gained fame for his portrayal of Jughead in the Netflix series Riverdale. He appeared to be a little slim and played a fascinating role in this. Let’s talk about Cole’s weight increase since it has been widely reported that he has been unwell and has gained weight.

Following the release of Riverdale Season 5, Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) received a lot of body shaming. As he recently acknowledged, gaining weight is a common occurrence, and he would adjust his weight for his part as necessary.

He also acknowledged that he had put on weight in order to look like the new Jughead, who is an alcoholic and has a youthful appearance.

He was a fit high school student when he first portrayed the character of Jughead, but as the part demanded, he changed and was willing to do anything.

Cole Sprouse has received criticism for his appearance on numerous times, and he is currently dealing with the same problem after enduring a visible weight increase. This is evident from the audience’s reaction.

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The same may be said of Cole, who put on weight during that time and was afterwards condemned, and who suffered immensely as a result of his huge girth. As an example, many celebrities had a sort of holiday during the pandemic and were indolent. We’ve seen Cole reveal more of his body through his Netflix series Riverdale.

Rumours of Cole Sprouse being ill attracted attention because some fans were worried that he might have an eating disorder. His most recent interview, in which he asserts that he is doing fantastic, has, however, put an end to the rumours.

He is currently in good physical and mental health and is more concerned with his acting career than baseless rumours.

He looks to be involved in workouts and visits the gym three times per week, and he makes a concerted effort to go to the gym even if he has to go naked in character. This is based on his most current workout programme. He has a new regimen every day.

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Cole Sprouse made an effort to maintain control over his diet, sticking to healthful meals while occasionally indulging in pizza and hamburgers. He did, however, indulge on a cheat day and eat as much as he pleased. He uses vitamin supplements and protein smoothies as “fuel” to help him acquire weight.

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