Cecily Strong Weight Gain: Is She Pregnant or Not in 2022?

When you mention Saturday Night Live, one of the names that will spring to mind is Cecily Strong. The intelligent, attractive, and witty media personality joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2012. She epitomises intelligence and beauty, and her international comedy routines have made millions of people laugh.

One person whose career and public profile have been sustained by talent and commitment to her profession is Cecily Strong. She has made the decision to earn her way up the ladder of fame, money, and greatness, as opposed to those who cling to their family name, luck, or other dishonest means.

The Weight Gain of Cecily Strong and Subsequent Pregnancy Rumours!

Though she may like it or not, and no, she doesn’t like it, the observation of weight increase and subsequent pregnancy rumours will constantly be like a shadow following Cecily Strong (@cecilystrong).

She has repeatedly called out the people who keep asking Cecily if she is pregnant, which is their go-to question whenever they notice even the slightest change in her body. However, to no avail, as they never learn and keep asking those questions constantly, and rumours about her pregnancy continue to circulate indefinitely.

Is Cecily Strong pregnant tops the list of Google searches on her every time you look up anything about her?

Nobody should thus be surprised when I inform you that Cecily has once more been linked to ‘weight gain’ (some fans contend that she appears slightly larger, while others assert that they haven’t seen anything similar) and pregnancy.

cecily strong weight gainCecily hasn’t responded to these rumours because, really, how many times will she do that? She is the subject of an unprecedented number of pregnancy rumours, and this one is only the most recent.

Additionally, based on the past, we are confident that the most recent event won’t be the last. We cannot know for sure if Cecily is genuinely carrying a kid unless she acknowledges those rumours and either confirms or denies it.

Cecily Strong has come out about a prior pregnancy, but she hasn’t addressed the new pregnancy rumours. In the state of Texas, a contentious law was passed prohibiting women from ending their pregnancies after six weeks.

In an SNL spoof during the Weekend Update segment in November 2021, she denounced it. She appeared as Goober the Clown in the sketch and disclosed that she had an abortion the day before her 23rd birthday.

In an interview with The View, Cecily Strong explained how the story of the character she played in the skit, Goober, was based on her own personal experience.

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When the clown said that if it weren’t for the abortion she had when she was almost 23, she wouldn’t have been a clown on television, Cecily Strong was also present. Through the sketch, she communicated her belief that abortion should be easy, safe, and accessible.

Regarding her weight gain, Cecily Strong has an hourglass body that she constantly strives to maintain with a nutritious diet and exercise. She is, however, one of those individuals whose weight is erratic and frequently changes. She typically weighs between 55 and 65 kg.

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She once acknowledged having a mild hypoglycemia condition since she was a little child. She must therefore consume sugar in order to maintain her health, which may be one of the contributing elements to the increase in her constantly shifting weight.

Cecily Strong also admitted that it is challenging for her to stay healthy and maintain her weight during the off-season when she is not working on SNL because she skips her regular workouts. As a result, she occasionally seems a little bigger when she appears on SNL after vacation.

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