How Do I Move My Ticket from My Apple Wallet to My Google Pay Account ?

Your Apple Wallet has the capacity to hold a variety of passes, including boarding passes, cinema tickets, coupons, reward cards, immunization cards for COVID, and more.

Did you know that you can share some of them with other people who use the Wallet app on their iPhone or Apple Watch? You could, for instance, add discount coupons or tickets, then share those with other people so that they, too, can make use of them.

When it comes to specific things, like tickets, sharing could also mean surrendering ownership. If I may put it another way, when you share a ticket, it’s possible that you’re also sharing ownership. For instance, you have the ability to transfer a ticket, and if the receiver accepts your invitation,

the barcode that was originally associated with the ticket will be rendered invalid. This may be a good approach to give someone else a gift or to get rid of a ticket that you won’t be able to use yourself.

How to Share Passes, Vouchers, and Tickets with Apple Wallet on Your iPhone

  • Launch the Apple Wallet Application That’s Stored on Your iPhone.
  • Locate the Thing that You Wish to Talk About. Stacey Will Receive Half of A Coupon from Me. to Access It, Tap on It.
  • Tap the Button that Looks Like Three Dots and Is Situated in The Upper-Right Hand Corner of Your Screen. This Will Make More Opportunities Available.
  • Tap the Icon that Looks Like Two People Sharing Something, as Shown in The Screenshot Below.

can you transfer tickets from apple wallet

  • You Can Send Your Pass, Coupons, Tickets, and So on Through Messages, AirDrop, Mail, or One of The Other Apps That Are Available. Your Receiver Will Receive It Immediately After You Send It.
  • Once the Recipient Has Obtained the Item that You Shared with Them, They Will Be Able to Add It to Their Wallet by Clicking the Button that says “add to Apple Wallet.”

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How to Share Items from Wallets, Such as Tickets, Passes, or Coupons, on Apple Watch

  • Launch the Wallet Application that Is Installed on Your Apple Watch. You Can Either Scroll up Or Down to Locate the Item You Wish to Share, and Then Tap on It Once You’ve Found It.
  • Scroll All the Way Down and Tap the Share Pass Button.
  • You Have the Option of Choosing the Recipient of The Item as Well as The Mode in Which You Will Communicate with Them, Such as Through Mail or Messages.

can you transfer tickets from apple wallet

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Can’t Split the Cost?

It May Be the Case that You Are Unable to Share Particular Articles Because the Share Button Is Not Present. This Is Because the Coupon, Ticket, or Pass in Question Is Protected Within Apple Wallet, Preventing It from Being Shared.

when Businesses Create Passes for Apple Wallet, One of The Considerations They Must Make Is Whether or Not the Passes Should Be Shareable. for Instance, You Might Not Be Able to Share Tickets to A Sporting Event, and You Might Also Be Unable to Do so With Your Boarding Pass. in This Scenario, You Have a Few Choices to Make, Including the Following:

can you transfer tickets from apple wallet

Even Though You Cannot Share Some Tickets or Passes with Other People, You Can Transfer Ownership of Them. This Functionality Is Not Available Within Apple Wallet.

You Need to Inquire with The Vendor for Further Information. It’s Possible that They Have a Website or An App that Will Let You Do This.

It May Make Sense to Snap a Screenshot of A Particular Kind of Thing and Then Send that Screenshot to Another Person if The Item in Question Is of A Certain Kind.

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