Camila Cabello: 10 Facts You May Not Have Known.!

While we wait (not very patiently, to be honest) for Camila Cabello’s rescheduled UK tour, here are some interesting tidbits we uncovered about the “Havana” singer.

Here are 12 little-known tidbits about Camila Cabello, such as how she learned English, her dream job if she weren’t a singer and her thoughts on a former president who claims to be a fan.

1. Her Real Name Isn’t Camila Cabello

Although “Camila Cabello” Has Become Synonymous with This Young Star, It Is Actually only Part of Her Legal Name. Originally from Cuba, Her Full Name Is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabo. Karla, Sensing that Her Middle Name, “Camila,” Would Be More Dramatic, Decided to Use It Professionally. and You Can’t Deny that It Sounds Good when Said out Loud.

2. She’s a Massive Bookworm

Want to Know What Cam Does When She’s Not Performing or Hanging out With Boyfriend Shawn Mendes? Camila Enjoys Curling up With a Good Book in Her Spare Time. It Should Come as No Surprise that She Is a Devoted Follower of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. and Is a Huge Fan of Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief.

camila cabello unknown facts

3. Camila Is Vegan

However, Not Everyone Is Familiar with This Tidbit of Camila Lore. the Singer Credits a Vegan Diet for Helping Her Maintain Her Stunning Body. She Resolved to Maintain This Change in 2018, and She Has Not Wavered.

4. She Had a Dramatic Split from Fifth Harmony

When Camila Was Placed in A Group on The 2012 Season of The X Factor, She Quickly Rose to Fame. Although They Got Off To A Good Start, Things Quickly Went Downhill for Fifth Harmony when Camila Was Publicly Kicked out Of the Group in A Vicious Scandal. Cam Was Blamed by The Girls for The Group’s Demise Because He Allegedly “refused” to Attend Group Meetings.

As Camila Put It in Her Defence, “the Girls Were Aware of My Feelings Through the Long, Much Needed Conversations About the Future that We Had During Tour, Saying that They Were Just Informed Through My Representatives that I Was ‘leaving the Group’ Is Simply Not True.” She Said Her Goodbyes to The Group and Went on To Greater Success as A Solo Performer.


5. She Didn’t Understand a Word of English

This Fascinating Information Might Shock You. Camila, Originally from Mexico, Came to The United States when She Was Five Years Old and Spoke No English. However, the Brilliant Star Owes Her Linguistic Prowess to Saturday Morning Cartoons. Whoever Said that Children Shouldn’t Watch Television Must Be Wrong.

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6. Camila Can’t Drive

Camila Is Now 22 Years Old, but She Has Never Learned to Drive. Shawn Mendes, Whose 2019 Death Was Witnessed by His Girlfriend, Can Take the Wheel Instead. when You’re that Popular, Who Needs a Car? *phones the Limo Driver*

7. She Has an Odd Way of Coping with Stress

Camila Knows All Too Well that Even the Most Self-Assured Celebrities Can Experience Stage Fright. She Gets Over Her Fear by Picturing Everyone Else in The Restroom. the Two of Us Would Probably End up Laughing if We Did That, but Whatever Works for Her!

camila cabello unknown facts

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8. Camila’s a High School Dropout

Camila, Like a Lot of Famous People, Spent Most of Her Childhood Learning at Home. She Quit School when She Was a Freshman to Pursue a Career in Music. but She Graduated from High School with Honours. Oh Well, She Didn’t Need It Anyway…

9. She Is Very Charitable

Camila Has a Lot of Money and A Big Enough Heart to Give Some of It to Charity. This Celebrity Has Been Actively Involved in Charity Work Since 2016, Partnering with Organisations Like Save the Children, Omg Everywhere, and The Children’s Health Fund. She Has Also Helped Raise Money for The Victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

camila cabello unknown facts

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10. Camila Fan-Girls Her Favorite Celebs

Camila Still Gets Nervous when She Sees Celebrities She Admires, Such as One Direction, Emilia Clarke, and Taylor Swift, Despite Her Fame (who Is Now Her Bestie and Who Threw Her an 18th Birthday party). That being said, she also counts Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas among her famous friends.

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