Bret Bielema Weight Gain: The Untold Story Explained!

American football coach Bret Arnold Bielema, better known by his stage name Bret Bielema, hails from the country. Bret is an outside linebackers coach and senior defensive assistant with the New York Giants in the National Football League.

Story of Weight Gain Explanation

It can be difficult to coach college football. investing your time and energy in an effort to attract new players, keep your program strong, and—oops, that was just Bret Bielema—win your first Rose Bowl.

Speaking of the previous head coach of Wisconsin, he is currently the head basketball coach of the venerable Arkansas Razorbacks in the SEC’s tight confines.

If you thought coaching in the Big Ten is demanding, wait till you experience it in the SEC. Bielema has already felt the strain of the shift as seen by his 50+ pound weight gain.

For the first time in his history of coaching appearances, Bielema appeared tie-free in a series of interviews on ESPN. He stated that he has to shed some pounds, which begs the question of whether Bielema has been stress eating.

bret bielema weight gain

He is, indeed. Between the time he left for Arkansas and the start of spring ball, he was probably a wreck. He had to get his sexy wife a lovely home.

He had to find a coaching staff. He needed to be careful to avoid becoming the next Bobby Petrino.

He was overloaded with work. Sorry, but I had to. And I’ll bet you the entire $3 in my pocket that Bielema consumes a lot of pulled pork sandwiches, cooks a lot of BBQ, and consumes whatever else people eat in Arkansas.

But consider this: What if the Razorbacks finish 5-7? Holy Humpy Dumpy.

Bret Bielema would probably curse me out, and I wouldn’t be brave enough to question him in the first place. Our team would be more motivated to secure a Dr. Phil-style interview.

Then it was mentioned in conversation that trying to break into one of the BBQ restaurants Bielema frequently frequents would be a misdemeanor, so that went out the window. Weep while you read it.

In Arkansas, it is a crime to intercept or record any wire, oral, mobile, or cordless phone communication unless the person recording is a party to the conversation or one of the parties has provided prior authorization.

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bret bielema weight gainBret Bielema’s Wisconsin Badgers squad finished the regular season 11-1 (7-1 in Big Ten Conference play) in his first season in charge, and on September 16, 2006, they defeated San Diego State 14-0.

Bret became just the third Wisconsin head coach to do so after his first three matches in charge. Bret Bielema became the first head coach in Big Ten history to win ten games in his debut season in November 2006, defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes 24-21.

Bret was listed as a finalist for the 2010 Bear Bryant Award, which was presented to the best football coach. However, Gene Chizik of Auburn won the prize instead of him.

Only Bret Bielema has seen consecutive Rose Bowl defeats in Wisconsin coaching history. Bret announced his departure from Wisconsin to take the helm of the Arkansas Razorbacks on December 4, 2012. (University of Arkansas).

In addition to wanting to play in the Southeastern Conference, he left in part because he believed his assistant coaches were underpaid.

The Razorbacks had their worst Southeastern Conference record since joining the league in 1992 when his first season began poorly.

He made some progress during his second campaign. Bret dominated his first two games in the Southeastern Conference.

Arkansas was the first unranked team in college football history to defeat two consecutive ranked opponents, even though they lost their remaining conference games against Missouri.

The club had a sluggish start and few losses during his third season. In the non-conference, they were defeated by Toledo and Texas Tech.

The regular-season finale against Missouri resulted in two humiliating losses for the fourth consecutive season.

Bret was sacked from his role as head coach of Arkansas on November 24, 2017, after five seasons in charge, following a humiliating 48-45 home loss to the Missouri Tigers.

He also left Arkansas with the poorest coaching record in school history following his five years in charge.

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What Is Bret Bielema Worth? 

Bret Bielema’s compensation increased in 2014, going from $3.2 million to $4 million for the 2015 season and an average of $4.25 million for the duration of the contract.

Bret earned $4.14 million in pay and has an estimated net worth of $8 million as an American college football coach. He would become the fourth FBS coach to get a contract buyout in excess of $10 million after being dismissed in November.

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