How to Locate the Bit Locker Recovery Key and Perform the Bit Locker Recovery

When BitLocker is having trouble unlocking the drive, you may need to locate the recovery key in order to proceed. Where can I locate the BitLocker recovery key then? You will find various efficient ways to see it in this MiniTool post.

What Is a Recovery Key for Bit Locker?

You Must First Determine What the Bit Locker Recovery Key Is. when You Are Unable to Normally Unlock the Bit Locker-Protected Drive, Bit-Locker Recovery Can Assist You in Regaining Access. You Must Now Make Use of The Bit-Locker Recovery Key.

The Process of Employing the Bit Locker Encryption Technology to Encrypt a Specific Drive Results in The Automatic Generation of The Bit-Locker Recovery Key. with The Proper Permissions, a Bit Locker-Protected Drive Can Be Unlocked Using a Specific 48-Digit Numerical Password. the Bit Locker Recovery Key Id Is a Key Identification Number that Appears on Your Computer.

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This Key Could Be Kept in Your Microsoft Account, a USB Flash Drive, a Txt File, or Even a Physical Document. I Have a Query for You. how Can I Locate the Bit Locker Recovery Key? Please Read the Remainder of The Context.

Method 1: Access Your Microsoft Account to Find Your Bit Locker Recovery Key.

Step 1: To Access the Microsoft Website, Click Here.

Step 2: After Logging Into Your Microsoft Account, the Bit Locker Recovery Key Will Appear in The One Drive Section.

Using a USB Drive, Locate Your Bit Locker Recovery Key

Your USB Flash Drive Can Be Encrypted Using the Locker Recovery Key, as Was Previously Explained. the Instructions Below Can Be Used if You Save the Key to The USB Flash Drive.

Step 1: Connect the Bit Locker-Enabled USB Flash Drive to The Computer.

Step 2: Launch File Explorer by Clicking Twice on This Pc (windows 10) and Then Choosing the Usb Disc. the Key Is Saved in A Text File on This Drive with The Name Bit Locker Recovery Key.

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Using a Txt File, Locate Your Bit Locker Recovery Key.

You Can Also Try Performing a Direct Search for The Txt File on Your Pc. It Is Incredibly Easy. Due to That. to Launch File Explorer, Double-Click This Pc (windows 10) and Then Type “bit Locker Recovery Key” Into the Search Field. After That, Windows Will Automatically Find This File for You.

Using a Paper Document, Locate Your Bit Locker Recovery Key Using Method Four.

You Can Try to Locate the Spot Where You Can Print or Save the Windows 10 Bit Locker Recovery Key if You Save It in A Paper Document. Find the Paper Document that Contains the Bit Locker Key After Connecting the Printer to Your Computer. It’s Possible that This Key Was Printed Using Microsoft Print to Pdf. on Your Pc, You Can Perform a Pdf File Search.

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Method 5: Search Active Directory for Your Bit Locker Recovery Key

If You Are a Domain User, the Active Directory May Have the Windows 10 Bit Locker Recovery Key. Here, You May Find the Key Using the Bit Locker Recovery Password Viewer.

Step 1: Right-Click the Computer Container on The Active Directory Users Page and Choose Properties.

Step 2: Go to The Properties Window’s Bit Locker Recovery Tab to Discover the Bit Locker Recovery Passwords Associated with The Specific Computer.

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Kb5012170 Is Causing a Lot of Problems.

  • Windows Customers Are Currently Reporting Issues with Windows After Applying the Kb5012170 Update, in addition to The 0x800f0922 Error.
  • Some Windows Users Are Seeing Bit Locker Recovery Panels After Applying the Upgrade, as The Register Was the First to Report. One of Their Readers Reported that After Applying the Upgrade, 2% of Windows 11 Computers Displayed Bit Locker Recovery Screens.
  • Other Users are reporting the Same Behaviour on Twitter, Reddit, and The Microsoft Answers Site.
  • You May Normally Discover Your Recovery Key Stored in Your Microsoft Account if You Are Experiencing the Bitlocker Recovery Screen. This Microsoft Support Paper Has Instructions on Where to Look for This Data.

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  • Windows Administrators Can Obtain the Bitlocker Recovery Key for Business Users from Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • In Addition to The Bit-Locker Recovery Issues, Bleeping Computer Readers Have Reported that Their Firmware Settings Changed Their Disc Configurations from Raid to Ahci or Their Boot Times Are Long.
  • According to A Remark on Bleeping Computer, “i Have Windows 10 21 H1 and After I Received the Update Last Week I Observed the Boot Time Change to Very Lengthy.”
  • “I Can Attest to That. What’s Worse, I Had to Manually Modify the Raid Mode on About 10 Devices that Experienced Bso Ds After the Update Switched It from Raid to Ahci. They Are All. Nearly All of The Latitudes 5320 Exhibited the Same Behaviours. if The Update Also Modified Your Raid Mode, You May See It Here “reads yet Another Remark.
  • Fortunately, Customers Should only Experience These Problems Once, and After You Enter the Bit Locker Recovery Key or Change the Disc Configurations, They Should Go Away.
  • To Avoid Any Potential Headaches, It Is Strongly Advised that You First Check for Current Uefi Firmware Before Attempting to Install This Update.

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