The Best Hard Drives Available for External Use with Mac in 2022..!

Do you need a hard disc for Time Machine or for Mac backups? Want to save money but need extra storage? The top Mac hard drives are listed below.

Since upgrading the storage in Macs has never been simple, it is always a good idea to get an external drive to offer more capacity for all of your job files, personal files, films, and games. Additionally, you must always keep an external disc handy so that you may create Time Machine backups in case something goes wrong.

The best alternative is modern solid-state discs (SSD), which are incredibly quick, dependable, and small. While 4TB basic desktop hard drives with a USB interface may be purchased for the same amount of money as an SSD, SSDs are still very pricey, with 1TB drives costing roughly $100/£150.

(drives with high-speed Thunderbolt ports tend to be more expensive) Although hard drives are slower than SSDs, they are still the most cost-effective alternative if you require a lot of storage for your crucial files and backups. (If an SSD is what you’re looking for, see Best external SSD for Mac.)

There are also many options, including desktop drives with an extremely big capacity if you truly need a lot of storage and small, portable hard drives made for laptop use. Other advantages that some hard drives offer include built-in docks with numerous Thunderbolt and USB ports and the option to open the drive’s shell and replace the drive inside for an immediate upgrade.

The top hard drives we’ve recently examined are ranked below, along with some basic buying tips that outline what to look for.

Most Resilient Drive

The Orange Rubber Housing of The La Cie Rugged Drive Is Well-Known. You Won’t Miss the Protective Exterior Because It Not only Defines characteristics but Also Stands out And Is Simple to Locate.

The Rubber Isn’t Simply for Aesthetic Sake; It Also Protects the Drive from Damaging Elements Including Water, Dust, Shock, Crushing, and Drops. Additionally, the Drive Comes with Two Years of Rescue Data Recovery Services in Case the Worst Happens.

best external hard drive for mac

The Hard Disc Supports Older Usb 3.0 Connections when Connected via Usb-C. It Offers Quick Transfer Speeds of Up to 130 Mb/s and A Capacity of Up to 5 Terabytes.

On Amazon, the La Cie Rugged Usb-C External Hard Drive Is Available for $179 and Ranges in Size from 1 Tb to 5 Tb.

Best Luxury Vehicle

The La Cie Mobile Drive Will Be Your Best Option if You Want a Drive that Stands out And Complements the Rest of Your Apple Technology.

This Desktop-Class Usb-C Drive Has a Sleek Appearance that Is Angular and Space-Age Thanks to Its Diamond-Cut Shape and Is Offered in The Colours Space Gray or Moon Silver.

With an Adaptor, It Can Operate with Previous Usb Standards when Connected via Usb-C, but It Can Also Take Advantage of Faster Data Rates of Up to 10 Gb/s. Additionally, It Is Pre-Formatted to Operate with Both Windows and Mac Desktops Right out Of the Box, Making It Nearly Instantaneous to Transfer Data or Perform Backups.

The Lacie Mobile Drive Costs $99.95 for 2 Tb at B&h Photo and Is Offered in Capacities Ranging from 1 Tb to 4 Tb. You Can Also Get It from Amazon, Where the 4 Tb Model Costs $144.99.

best external hard drive for mac

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Best Thunderbolt Drive for Speed

The G-Technology G-Raid 2 Is the Solution if You Enjoy Thunderbolt’s Scorching Speed. with Thunderbolt 3 and Usb 3.2 Gen 1 Connections, the G-Raid Can Not only Provide Enormous Capacities but Also Transport Them to You Swiftly.

The G-Raid 2 Has Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports that Can Be Daisy-Chained Together to Allow Data Transfer Rates of Up to 400 Mb/s. in order to Attach Additional Gear, It Also Has an Additional Hdmi Port and A 10 Gb/s Usb Type-C Port.

The Drive’s All-Aluminum Casing, Which Contains Two Hard Discs, Is What Makes It Useful. They Can Be Configured in Raid 0 for Fast Disc Striping, Raid 1 for Drive Mirroring Redundancy, and JBOD Support.

Additionally, It Comes Preformatted for Mac and With a Raid 0 Configuration for Speed.

The G-Technology G-Raid 2, a San Disk Professional Brand, Retails at B&h Photo for $599.99 for The 8 Tb Model and Goes up To 40 Tb in Capacity in Other Models. the G-Raid 2 Is Also Available on Amazon, Beginning at $584.11 for 8 Tb.

best external hard drive for mac

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Largest Capacity with Many Drives at Its Best

The La Cie 6big Is the Greatest External Storage Options You Can Obtain for Applications with Significant Storage Requirements Before Moving on To Full-Fledged Fileservers.

The 6big’s Hot-Swappable SATA 3.5-Inch Drive Bays Can Hold a Total of Six Iron Wolf Pro 7,200 Rpm Drives, and It Has a Starting Capacity of 24 Tb but Can Be Customised to Hold up To 108 Tb. Based on Your Storage Requirements, Those Discs Can Also Be Set up Into Raid 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60.

It Can Provide Read and Write Rates of Up to 1,400 Mb/s with Raid 0’s Striping, While Raid 5 Provides Read and Write Speeds of Up to 1,200 Mb/s and 1,150 Mb/s, Respectively.

It Contains a Separate Usb Type-C Port and A Second Thunderbolt 3 Port for Daisy-Chaining Connections Using Thunderbolt 3. Additionally, It Supports Two 4 K Screens or One 5 K Display.

best external hard drive for mac

Videographers and Productions Can Edit Several Streams of Pro Res 422 Hq, Pro Res 444 Xq, and Uncompressed 10/12-Bit Hd Footage Directly from The Drive Thanks to The Combination of Speed and Capacity.

B&h Photo Offers the La Cie 6big Starting at $2,299 for 24 Tb.

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