18 Interesting Facts About Adam Levine, the Lead Singer of Maroon 5’S .!

Adam Levine is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor best known for his work with the band Maroon 5. He was once a stereotypical Hollywood rock star who lived hard and stayed young. Now a married man, he is gaining notoriety as a coach on the popular programme The Voice.

Here Are Some Intriguing Details About Adam Levine that You Might Not Be Aware Of.

1. Scrabble

Adam Levine takes great pride in his skill with language (naturally). He claims that, however, that can be a little awkward when playing games with friends because, according to him, he is well-known for completely overwhelming close pals with his incredible Scrabble abilities.

2. Adam the Unsettling

Levine has a softer side even if, when his shirt is off, he could appear to be as strong as nails. As an illustration, Adam has acknowledged that he is frightened of bees.

adam levine unknown facts

3. Tequila!

Adam gets access to a lot of events, just like any rock star would. Tequila is their drink of choice for him. Even his own “Mezquita” brand, Santo Puro Mezquita, a blend of mezcal and tequila, bears his name.

4. Rough Start

At Johnny Rockets, Adam Levine’s first position was as a server.

Seems quite typical for a person in show business. But what’s unusual is how severely Levine struggled at work. After just three hours on the job, management supposedly fired him because he was so terrible. Naturally, he managed to mess up several orders during that time.

5. Sugar

A fan once attacked Adam Levine outside Jimmy Kimmel’s studio and doused him in powdered sugar. The fan was taken into custody and later charged with assault.

6. Notable Associates

Jason Segel and Jake Gyllenhaal have been friends of Adam’s since kindergarten. They are still close friends today.

adam levine unknown facts

7. Has Two Effects

Levine can use both hands. He uses his left hand for drawing and writing but prefers to use his right hand for the majority of other tasks.

8. Flower Power

When he founded his first rock band, Kara’s Flowers, in 1994, he officially launched his musical career. He played the guitar and sang lead.

9. Gilded

Maroon 5 has received 12 Grammy nominations and three victories. They received awards in 2005 for Best New Artist, 2006 for This Love, and 2008 for Makes Me Wonder for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.

10. Bros

Blake Shelton, a fellow judge on The Voice, and he have grown close friends, and the two are rumoured to have quite the bromance. Levine said of Shelton, “I love this guy. He’s just as annoying as I am!

11 Adam Was Quite the Ladies’ Guy Before Maroon 5 Became a Household Name.

His initial attempts at dating were solely intended to try to impress the girls nearby. He briefly worked as a model before starting Maroon 5, which helped him refine his image and sense of style.

However, Adam claims that when it came time for dates, he employed a variety of ruses to appear more fascinating than he was at the time. He even wore a suit so that women would take him seriously. He would carry books around only to make women think he was knowledgeable.

12 He’s Extremely Close to His Family

Levine was raised as an only kid in Los Angeles, but you might not be aware that his parents split up when he was only seven years old.

This result alone is very amazing because kids from divorced homes rarely feel as close to both of their parents as they do. He even gets along well with his stepmom, who he refers to as “Auntie.” Even more amazing, his parents attend every performance he plays.

adam levine unknown facts

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13 Levine is an outspoken liberal.

He participated in the “March for Our Lives” gun control event on March 24, 2018, and on September 26, 2017, he attended a party to celebrate Global Citizen Year’s sixth anniversary. He backed President Barack Obama during his presidential campaign. In November 2016, he also made an appearance in the public service announcement Rock The Vote.

14 He Studies Henna Designs Before Marrying his Wife

With everything involved in wedding planning, there would inevitably be a learning curve, but Adam goes above and above. He examined hundreds of henna patterns and even sought advice from friends before popping the question to Prinsloo. The end product was an amazing design that has been called “very detailed” and “all-encompassing.”

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15 He Loves Baseball

Adam enjoys baseball, just like Reese Witherspoon. He has been playing since he was four years old and in 2012 donated $10,000 to the LA Dodgers charity in order to receive a bobblehead doll of the team.

His relationship with Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz, also known as Big Papi, is what stands out most, though. Because they are close friends, they even got matching tattoos.

16 His Idol is Jon Bon Jovi

Everyone is aware of Levine’s admiration for Bob Dylan, but he also holds Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and John Lennon in high regard. His main musical inspiration, though, is none other than Bon Jovi, whom he wishes he could sing like.

What mostly inspired him to revere him? His band is still active and still produces quality songs. Although I’m not a fan of his voice, he’s fantastic as a lyricist and leader.

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17 How the band got its name

Holkins and Parnes were picked as the band’s names because they were both athletes, a Maroon is a colour for University of Michigan athletics teams, and their home field is the Big House, which fits into Adam “M/ 5 or 5/ M,” and -5 are the jersey numbers of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

adam levine unknown facts

18 . Man’s Best Friend

Frankie, a Golden Retriever Levine had and adored who tragically lost suddenly in 2013, was an animal lover. Since then, he has added two additional dogs to his family: the female golden retriever Charlie and the golden-doodle Bones.

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