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The Best Vaporizer for Cannabis: Complete Details Are Here in 2022!

Everybody’s method of vaporising herbs is different. While one individual could vaporise cannabis for recreational purposes, another person might do it for medical reasons. Some folks might prefer harsh vapour, but others would prefer smooth. We can’t just pick the greatest cannabis vaporizer because it is almost hard to do so.

We will let you determine which dry herb vaporizer is ideal for you rather than telling you which one to pick. The top dry herb and portable vaporizer picks have been gathered by our team. After reading the list, you may choose which products would provide you with the finest vaping experience.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Trying to find the finest dry herb vaporizer? These vaporizers provide quality and swiftly create flavorful vapour. These vaporizers are effective whether you’re vaping marijuana or a tasty herbal blend.

Arizer Extreme Q and XQ2 Desktop Vaporizers

best vaporizer for cannabis

Bags and Direct Flows

A tried-and-true desktop dry herb vaporizer from Arizer is the Extreme Q Vaporizer. As the original direct flow and bag vaporizer, it currently serves as the benchmark for all desktop vaporizers that are produced in the future.

The Extreme Q features a small size, quick heating, and extraordinarily smooth vapour. Turn on the device after putting your herbs in the chamber.

The heating process will start right away. You can choose the level of heat that is most comfortable for you with the desktop unit’s precise temperature control. The whip attachment or balloons can be used to inhale the delectable vapour created.

The long-awaited follow-up to the Extreme Q, the Arizer XQ2 desktop vaporizer, was released in 2021. The pinnacle of 15 years of producing high-quality vaporizers is the XQ2. Every element you love about the Extreme Q is now available in a better package.

supplying a number of improvements, such as improved temperature control and a better bag system. The operating system also received an upgrade and now has multi-colour base LEDs.


  • Controls for precise temperature
  • economical with resources
  • heated by convection
  • attached balloon and whip
  • superior vapour quality

MIGHTY and MIGHTY+ Vaporizer

best vaporizer for cannabis

While many companies like to gush about how great their portable dry herb vaporizers are, Storz & Bickel doesn’t. They allowed the vapes’ functionality to speak for itself, and the MIGHTY does exactly that.

A potent dry herb portable vaporizer, the MIGHTY is hand-held. It has a straightforward square shape that is comfortable to hold in your hand. It boasts a large, simple-to-load bowl, a digital display, and accurate temperature control. In order to extend your sessions even further, it also features a long battery life.

As the mouthpiece extends slightly beyond the vaporizer, the vapour is given the opportunity to cool significantly as it passes through the vapour path, producing crisp, strong vapour.

The MIGHTY was improved in 2021 to the MIGHTY+. The same basic, user-friendly design has been improved to include USB-C and faster charging. In just 40 minutes, you can 80% supercharge your Mighty+. About 60 seconds pass throughout the heating process. The MIGHTY+ is a great update thanks to improved housing, a filling chamber coated in ceramic, and an improved design.


  • Optimal heat settings
  • Bowl with a top load
  • Electronic LED display
  • extensive heating chamber
  • hybrid heating apparatus

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Portable Vaporizers

It’s difficult to choose the best portable vaporizer. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the portable vaporizers we use the most.

Portable Vaporizer Arizer Solo II

The Solo II portable dry herb vape is unique from the competition. The Arizer Solo II is a portable marijuana vaporizer that should not be underestimated thanks to its long-lasting battery, simple controls, and small, portable design.

The Arizer is a well-crafted vaporizer that is comprised of sturdy, high-quality components. It will be a dependable option for vaping anytime, anyplace, and you can rely on it. It is the ideal option for experienced vapers or newcomers. The finest features of this vape are how easy it is to clean and how pure and smooth the smoke is.


  • a durable design
  • two or more hours of battery life
  • Portable
  • steel bowl, glass tubes, and a ceramic heater
  • premium materials and design

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The Utillian 421 Portable Vaporizer

best vaporizer for cannabis

The Utillian 421 is a cheap vaporizer with the excellent vapour production. It still fits in your pocket without being as little as a vape pen. Its svelte, small body conceals a potent ceramic heating element that uniformly heats dry herb in 30 seconds. Fill the chamber and select one of the 4 predetermined temperature settings (190, 200, 210, or 220 Celsius). In just a few seconds, you’ll be vaping marijuana.

For rapid on-the-go vaping of dry herbs, the Utillian 421 is ideal. Everyone looking for a budget-friendly portable dry herb vaporizer should definitely consider it, in our opinion.


  • a vape that uses convection
  • established temperatures
  • rapid heating
  • charging via USB
  • Convenient and discrete
  • Affordable

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The Pax 3

The Pax 3 is a must-mention in any blog post regarding the top marijuana vaporizers. The heating, temperature, and battery life on this dry herb vaporizer for marijuana are outstanding. Even herbs and concentrate can be used with it (concentrate insert available as a separate purchase or as part of the complete kit)

The ability to select a custom temperature is by far the coolest feature. Sorry iPhone users, but you can download the app to your Android phone and adjust your marijuana vape to a certain setting. The Pax 3 allows you total control over your settings, in contrast to the majority of portable marijuana vaporizers.


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