Speed Hacks: 3 Major Speed Hacks for Busy Developers In 2022!

When it comes to creating websites, web developers can wind up with the raw deal.

Without them, there wouldn’t be much in the way of functionality, even though they’re not quite as celebrated as the designer (unless they’re also doing the design).

Developers are truly a website’s lifeblood, and they are aware of one straightforward truth: even the most basic website contains a significant amount of code.

Consequently, if you work as a developer, you will be very busy.

You can now create a website quickly using a variety of methods, such as a content management system or a static site generator. But sometimes you just need a little assistance when handling code an old-fashioned manner.

The good news is that you can take a few steps to develop a website more quickly and effectively than ever. Look at it now.

1. Use Browser Tools

It should be obvious that if you’re creating a website, you’ll be spending a lot of time online. So why not put your browser to work for you while you’re there? The following list of popular browser add-ons will help you save time.

DevTools for Firefox and Chrome

The front-end appearance of your code can occasionally cause issues for you. Using Firefox or Chrome’s built-in developer tools, you can spot the issue immediately without having to sift through lines of code.

Toolbar for Web Developers

You have a few alternatives for real-time style sheet modification with the Web Developer Toolbar, which is accessible for Firefox.

Additionally, you may carry out a number of additional beneficial actions directly from the toolbar of your browser, such as swiftly verifying HTML links, turning off troublesome JavaScript and CSS, and more.


speed hacks


Do you work with designers or clients who are really particular about the color of a typeface or other element? In any case, relax.

You may choose the precise color of an image or element and receive the correct color code with ColorZilla, which is available for both Chrome and Firefox. Along with some other useful capabilities, it also has the ability to apply and change gradients.


A wireframe can be created from any online page with the help of the bookmarklet Wirify. It’s a fantastic approach to learning in-depth about an existing website.

There are several additional browser features that can facilitate quicker coding. 29 tools are available on CreativeBloq to help you complete a variety of tasks from your preferred browser.

2. Use Off-The-Shelf-Code

Much may be said in favor of a CMS that provides you with ready-made templates to work with, but if you’re coding a website from scratch, that’s not always an option.

Nevertheless, even with a template, building a website is a lot of work. If you want to save time and are not already committed to a specific template or design, you should think about using a pre-made CSS library, boilerplate, or framework.


Bootstrap is a strong and well-liked front-end framework that provides you with clear typography, form components, and virtually everything else you actually need to build a contemporary and mobile-friendly website.

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speed hacksWith the help of hundreds of plugins provided by the boilerplate or code template known as Grunt, you may automate practically any job.

Because they are unfamiliar with them or don’t know how to utilize them, many developers avoid using boilerplates. However, boilerplates like Grunt can assist resolve recurrent problems, delegate work to other engineers, and enhance your process as a whole.


A grid-based site can be easily created with Skeleton, another boilerplate framework. Their grid can have up to twelve columns, and when the browser or device gets smaller, it gets smaller as well. Because of the syntax’s simplicity, coding operations are completed more quickly.

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3. Employ project management tools

Having to go back and repeat a task because it got missed the first time is one of the largest time wasters in programming. Because of this, developers may save a tonne of time by developing a solid plan from beginning to end.

To make sure you’re covering all the bases and keeping things going smoothly, employ project planning tools and checklists if you’re really trying to save time.


speed hacks

Before beginning your project, you can easily generate a sitemap with the aid of the program Writemaps. Additionally, it enables you to preview your sitemap with clients so they can provide final approval before you begin, which will save you a tonne of time and effort in the long run.


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Trello is a useful project management program that enables you to make cards for each of your templates and components so you can keep track of everything in one location. You can assign different people to various cards, set due dates, and generate reminders for jobs that still need to be finished, which is great if you’re working with a group of developers and designers.

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Checklist for Web Developers

Web Developer Checklist is a very useful plugin for project planning, therefore we’ll include it here even if it strictly belongs in the category of browser tools.

With this application, you can check that your pages are adhering to best practices for SEO, usability, accessibility, and performance. This extension is helpful for spotting any errors you may have missed before your customers notice.

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