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Southwest Hacks: 13 Hacks Everybody Need To Know in 2022!

southwest hacks

If you are an airline aficionado, you probably know more than those of us who are airline-free agents. I’ve been asking fans of Southwest Airlines what their top tips are for using Southwest Airlines. What are the top Southwest Airlines tricks then? What folks had to say is below!

Best Southwest Hacks

1. Southwest Airlines’ first-class cabin accommodations

Many individuals believe that the second-row aisle on either side of the plane is comparable to a first-class seat. This is because, rather than legroom, your time getting on and off a Southwest Airlines flight is what’s crucial.

Legroom might sometimes be valued more highly than other benefits, such as speedy deplaning. First class seats on Southwest Airlines are allegedly the emergency exit seats on the right side as you make your way down to the center of the aircraft.

These seats frequently become available first, but if you find anything available—even the middle seat—take it! They are the nicest seats on the aircraft and offer nearly twice as much legroom.

2. There are different types of overhead bins.

Wheels can be easily stored in the very front overhead bins by using a roll-on bag with a form that tapers towards the top. Have you observed how, just ahead of row 2, the nose of the plane starts to curve inward, making the very front passenger overhead bins significantly less deep than the remainder of the plane’s stowage? The bins’ size is impacted by this. The overhead bins get even more compact behind rows 3 or 4.

3. Keep an eye out for promotions.

Register for each and every Southwest Airlines promotion. When fresh promotions are available, check all of your booked flights by having Southwest Airlines hold some of your money, if you can manage the cash flow. When you rebook, you will save money. Check Current Southwest Airlines Flights for Price Drops, Then Rebook (Read PSA)

4. Save your point total.

Avoid the temptation to utilize your Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward Points for early-season travel and reserve them for your holiday vacation instead. Even during holidays, blackout periods are infrequent, but the prices are substantially higher.

5. Accumulate points by dining and shopping.

Make sure to enroll in the Rapid Rewards Dining Program if you frequently eat at restaurants. You can gain the necessary points with this to move up to the A-List more rapidly. Consequently, sign up for the Rapid Rewards Shopping Program. Each dollar you spend at partner stores will earn you up to 10 points. The programs include hundreds of eateries and retailers.

6. Check in twice for your flight.

Even if you are on the A-List or A-List Preferred, you should always check in twice. When you get at the airport, check-in at the ticket kiosks and once more through the app on your smartphone. To find out what they want to update, click the Upgrade button after you’ve done that. A drink and a better boarding position are often included when you upgrade to Business First for as little as $11.

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7. Put a space near the gate.

Even with all the “specials”, you can receive at different websites, one individual told me that if you fly in and out of LAX, parking at WallyPark offered the optimum timing for getting to the gate and the lowest daily rate.

If you haven’t noticed, WallyPark always has an advertisement that you can take out in practically every issue of Spirit magazine. This advertisement offers a discount of 25% off your whole parking fee, not just the cost of one day.

The discount is also valid for rooftop and open-air parking. Clip the advertisement for later use even if you aren’t departing from LAX. You never know when that coupon will come in helpful, and WallyPark is located at many airports, so discounts vary. Last but not least, don’t forget to enroll in frequent parker programs.

8. Fees for scheduling adjustments are waived.

If your flight is delayed by more than 10 minutes and you try to reschedule before they try to get you on another flight, make sure to remind them that since Southwest Airlines is ultimately to blame, they shouldn’t charge you any fare difference. Do you ever waive the fare difference when the delay was not our fault, as one of my friends once said?

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9. Hold on to your kiosk receipt.

A free drink coupon or a free WiFi code can be printed on your kiosk-printed receipt, so make sure to check it twice to make sure you don’t miss it or throw it away.

10. Board the first available flight.

If you can, take the first flight out or fly during a busy time, like 6 o’clock. There are frequently canceled or delayed flights into and out of LAX, SFO, etc. In order to save money, I believe Southwest Airlines combines not all off-peak flights. One frequent traveler informed me that more than half of her midday or off-peak flights are canceled or delayed.

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11. Receive points for previous flights

. Ensure that your flight is added to your Rapid Rewards account. Even months beyond the original flying date, this is still possible.

12. Reserve an A1-15 boarding spot.

Almost always, it is less expensive to purchase the Anytime Fare and upgrade to an A1-15 boarding slot at the gate.

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13. Are you looking for a middle seat that is free?

Your best chances of finding an empty seat next to you on a flight that has a few open seats are in rows 8 to 9. People in group C push past them to the back of the plane in search of a “nice” seat, then take whatever is still available. The best option is to sit in the middle of a row with no exit.

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