Roblox Background: How To Change Roblox Background In 2022!

Although Roblox is renowned for its limitless customization options, is it feasible to alter the home screen’s background? Yes, you can use extensions to modify the backdrop theme of Roblox or even add a picture.

In this post, we’ll walk you through using system settings and third-party add-ons to change the theme. However, using shady programs to switch themes is not something we recommend.

Let’s begin by discussing the Roblox default theme switching choices. Light and Dark are the two available options. Check out the instructions for changing it directly from the app.

  • Activate Roblox and log in with your account.
  • At the bottom-right corner of the screen, touch the three dots.
  • After descending, select Settings.
  • Click the Account Info tab after entering the Settings.
  • Scroll down and select Theme from the drop-down option there.
  • You may now switch between the Light and Dark modes.

The previous procedures were the only ones you could use to switch themes in your Roblox account. However, we also offer a new method for adding your preferred images to the backdrop. We’ll make use of Roblox’s support for third-party add-ons to improve our gameplay. But keep in mind that this approach is limited to Android.

Changing Your Roblox Background On Mobile

roblox background

This approach involves using a browser extension, which enables you to add the theme to your Roblox account. However, using the built-in mobile browser, you cannot install extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Please carefully follow the instructions below in order to add an extension to a different mobile browser without making any mistakes.

  • Download Yandex Browser from the Google Play store. It is a mobile browser that is based on Chromium and has the ability to install extensions.
  • After installing it, look for Stylus in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Visit the Roblox home page after adding it to your browser.
  • Be sure to use the browser to access your account.
  • Log in and select the Extensions tab.
  • The Stylus addon has now been added to the Roblox page.
  • Select by clicking there. Locate Styles
  • Select the one you prefer after waiting while all the various styling files load.
  • Tap the image to apply it to the backdrop using the addon.

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Changing Your Roblox Background On a Pc

roblox background


Additionally, Firefox and Chrome both let you alter the backdrop of your Roblox account. Modify your scene by carefully following the instructions.


  • On the Mozilla home page, find the addons tab.
  • Find Stylish and select Add to Firefox.
  • Once you’ve added it to Firefox, visit the Roblox website and sign in using your account.
  • On the Settings screen, select Stylish under the extensions option.
  • You may now set any image as the background of your Roblox homepage.

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  • Launch the Stylish extension and the Chrome Web Store.
  • Use the same procedures as before after adding it to Chrome to put your favorite image as the background.

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