Nova Launcher Prime Apk: What is The Features Of Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

If you’re tired of the standard Android launcher, Nova Launcher Prime is the greatest home screen replacement. It’s very customizable. We’re going to provide you with a download link for the most recent version of Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android smartphones in this article.

Android is an extremely flexible operating system that gives users a wide range of options, including superuser access. Of course, it could void the OEM warranty you purchased, and nowadays rooting is not required to customize your smartphone.

Since many OEMs enable system-wide themes, everything related to beauty will be accessible in each store’s own app store.

As a result, users can install any third-party launcher to transform their home screen into something truly awesome. One of them offers the best customizations, including icon packs, an app drawer, subgrid positions, colors, gestures, and more. This is the case with Nova Launcher Prime App.

So, download the most recent version of Nova Prime Launcher APK from our website. We arrived with the customized license and unlocked all premium features.

Nova Launcher Prime APK: What is it?

A second program called Nova Launcher Prime APK serves as an unlocker for the paid features in the free version. When we talk about the official way, you must install the app along with the free version.

You don’t need to install two apps on the same device while using our patch. Simply install the provided app on your Android device. It’s done now.

However, the commercial version offers additional capabilities that would be quite helpful to every Android smartphone user. I want to use gestures to open and close your favorite apps in my case. One of the helpful features, once you start using the functions you set, makes things easier.

Read more about the features included with the Nova Launcher Prime APK in our features section. Spending time on each function by learning how it operates, is what I advise. You may use all the functionality of any program in this way.

Download the most recent version of Nova Launcher Prime for Android.

nova launcher prime apk

Utilize the most recent, functional version of Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android to create your ideal launcher arrangement. Here, the most recent build is updated in accordance with the official release. To receive immediate information about our blog postings, you only need to join our Telegram channel.

Launcher performs at its peak because the OS has been thoroughly optimized for it. Get a home screen replacement for Android smartphones that is highly configurable and performance-driven.

Numerous gesture controls make it simple for you to open or close apps. You can do a lot more by taking only a tiny action in addition to using apps. such as enlarging quick settings, and recent, and rapid notifications.

Pinch-in, pinch-out, swipe-up and swipe-down, double-tap, two fingers (rotation counterclockwise and clockwise), double-tap + swipe (up-down), and many other gestures are supported by Nova Launcher Prime.

You only need to commit to memory the settings you made for the gesture controls. In order to reach all shortcuts and settings as quickly as possible, this practice will be useful.

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nova launcher prime apk

  • For Prime members, read the remaining features.
  • Add your favorite apps to a group in the app drawer to access them fast.
  • Separate drawer tabs can be used to conceal objects that can be accessed at any time. For the visitors, it serves as a secret entrance.
  • Hide – Send them to a different parallel world without uninstalling them first.
  • Drawer Grid – Create a grid of 11 to 1212 in both landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Icon size: 150% more size
  • Supports distinct icon packs that may be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Speed: Modify the motion and scrolling rates.
  • Sesame – To expand the number of shortcuts and search options, Nova Launcher Prime integrates with sesame. To use the features, install Sesame from the Google Play Store.
  • Take a comprehensive backup of your current setup, then restore it whenever you like.
  • More scroll effects have been unlocked, and you can now use them to scroll the desktop and drawers.
  • Icon swipes: To set an action for an icon swipe, long-press on the icon on the desktop or home screen.

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How can I install the Android version of Nova Prime Launcher?

Simply follow the instructions to install.

Step 1: Progress will be visible in the notification bar after the Nova Launcher Prime APK download from our official servers has begun.

Step 2: From the notification panel, tap the APK file once it has finished downloading.

Step 3: Select Authorize when the security setting prompts you to allow access from untrusted sources in order to continue.

Step 4: Install Nova Prime APK by going to the location where the APK file was saved.

Step 5. Open and select a basic layout. Choose one of the various options, including Browse, Start new, and backup.

Step 6: Allow Storage permissions in step six.

Step 7: Choose a theme (Light or Dark) and, lastly, a drawer style.

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