Makeup Hacks: 10 Makeup Hacks in 2022!

It can be difficult to select your favourites from the various makeup formulations and products on the market. Additionally, if you’re new to the whole beauty business, it’s like climbing your own Everest. We are aware of how difficult makeup can be for novices, and despite all the online cosmetic lessons available, sometimes all you need is something to make your life easier.

 1. Digging The Dewy Skin 

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Utilize this incredibly easy cosmetic tip to nail your foundation and achieve a dewy complexion. Apply it with your foundation blender after mixing your sheer foundation or concealer with a moisturiser or essential oil. You can achieve a no-makeup makeup appearance without worrying about having to remove excess shine.

2. Don’t Reveal, Conceal

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Draw a triangle with the bottom of the triangle at the bottom of your cheek and the base under your lash line as the ideal approach to conceal those under eye circles. Your entire face is made brighter and the redness under your eyes is hidden by doing this. Who knew makeup could be that easy?

3: Blush Baby, Blush

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Everyone always says to lay the foundation first, right? It seems you’re not usually required to. Put on some blush first, then foundation, and you’ll instantly appear radiant from within. Voila! You have a cosmetics base on you that gives you the ideal glow.

4 Crazy About Cat Eyes

makeup hacksWe’re going to show you some easy eye makeup tricks. Take a bobby pin in step one (the kinds you use for those darling hairdos). Apply liquid eyeliner to the pin’s edge in step two. Step three: Apply pressure on your eyelid. Step 4: Fill in the outline of the shape with colour and draw the remaining line. Fifth step: Girl, strut that stuff!

5 Eyelashes On Fleek

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Want flutter-worthy lashes, but your mascara constantly ends up on your eyelids? Not by yourself. Apply mascara while holding a clean spoon so it seems like it is embracing your eyelid. Instead of your eyelid, you’ll receive all the extra mascara on the back of the spoon. Now flutter your eyelashes and beam.

6. ‘Smoky Eyes’

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Think again if you believe that applying makeup for novices is difficult. Simply use a black or brown kajal pencil to draw a slanted hashtag (it’s not only for Instagram, gals) on the inner corner of your eyelid and blend it in carefully. Easy-peasy!

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7. Stand in line

makeup hacksMake sure a lip liner is in your makeup basics kit if the Kylie Jenner pout is what you’re looking for. Giving your lips definition and fullness is the best way to make them really stand out. Apply the lip liner after the lipstick so you can be sure to draw it exactly where you want it and that as it starts to fade, it fades together.

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8. Has a Really Long Shelf Life

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We’re going to reveal the trick to that enduring pout. You may stay selfie-ready all day long by applying a small amount of translucent powder, or even a tiny amount of eyeshadow from your makeup bag, to your lipstick.

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9. In a French mood?

makeup hacksComing up in this tutorial for beginners are some simple French pointers. Your nails should be covered with a rubber band, leaving the tips exposed for painting. For the ideal French manicure, you no longer need to visit a salon.

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10. Please use makeup multitaskers

Spending money on makeup won’t improve your skills. Make sure your basic makeup items are organised and use them in a variety of ways. You can use your lipstick as blush to give your cheeks a little colour or as nail polish (with a clear coat on top). You can use eyeshadow to mimic the colour of lipstick or blush. Additionally, you can use your mascara as eyeliner with just a brush. One product, so many applications? Register us!

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