Life Hacks for Home: 9 Best Life Hacks for Home in 2022!

Your home should be a sanctuary of comfort and safety. But even if you live in one of the safest cities in America, there’s a chance your home could be burglarized. After all, a break-in occurs every 30 seconds in the United States. Here’s the good news: there are many simple steps you can take to boost your home security.

Whether you want to add to your existing home security system or you’re just looking to make your home less vulnerable to an intruder, our home security life hacks are likely to help. Not a seasoned DIYer? Don’t worry. Most of these hacks are super easy and surprisingly low-budget.

1. Install a Crime-Tracking Application

life hacks for homeAfter you’ve taken care of your home’s immediate security issues, you should start paying closer attention to the crime that occurs in and around your neighbourhood. With this knowledge, you can take further safety measures to protect your family and possessions.

2. Install security cameras in your home.

life hacks for home

One of the top things individuals tell us they wish they’d noticed before their home was burglarized is installing inside and outdoor home security cameras. Additionally, if your home is broken into, footage from your security camera could aid law police in finding the perpetrators.

Home security cameras come in many different varieties. Some can be purchased as a standalone security gadget, while others are included in full home security systems. In either case, cameras with capabilities like motion detection, night vision, and built-in Wi-Fi are the most efficient.

3. Use Your Spare Key Cunningly.

life hacks for home

The ability to find “hidden” outside keys is a skill that only a skilled thief possesses. Therefore, avoid hiding your spare keys in plain sights, such as in a planter or beneath the doormat. Instead, keep your backup key hidden at least 50 feet away from your home in a place that is far less obvious.

You won’t ever have to worry about hiding a key again if you replace your old lockset with a high-quality electronic keyless door lock that is compatible with your home automation system.

4. Change the Entrance Door

life hacks for home

Compared to our previous tips, this home security advice involves more knowledge and resources, but it’s definitely worth it. You should safeguard your home with a steel core door or another security door rather than a typical wooden one because burglars won’t hesitate to break weak front doors.

Replace the lockset that came with your door with a long-throw deadbolt if purchasing a new door is out of your budget.

Installing a smart doorbell, like the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Doorbell, which enables you to see who is at the door without opening it, will increase the security of your home. You can choose the best smart doorbell for your house with our buyer’s guide for smart video doorbells.

5. Secure the doors.

life hacks for home

It’s not neurotic to lock the entry doors to your home, even if you are inside. It approaches home safety in a proactive manner.

Gather your family and agree to always lock the doors to your house. You might wish to install an electronic door lock, such as the August Smart Lock if you frequently forget to secure your property. This device works in conjunction with the August app to let you lock and unlock your doors from a web-enabled smartphone.

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6. Hide valuable items

Criminals want to break into your home as quickly as they can, taking with them your jewelry, money, electronics, and other items they can pawn or sell. Securing these things will make their job more challenging.

Storing your valuables in a safe is one of our best life hacks for improving home security. To protect tiny valuables, use a wall clock safe or a safe designed to resemble an electricity outlet.

To understand what to look for in a safe and how to choose the perfect one for your needs, consult our home-safe buyers’ guide. Then, learn how to lessen the appeal of your home to burglars.

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7. Act as though you are at home.

A burglar is less likely to attempt a break-in if they believe someone is home. In reality, the majority of break-ins take place while no one is home, typically during the day when you are at work or out.

Thankfully, there are a number of simple home security tips that can deceive would-be burglars, such as leaving the TV on or utilizing a tool like a smart plug to operate lights from your smartphone.

If you’re going on vacation, take the time to get your house ready by stopping the mail, hiring someone to take care of your yard, and asking a friend to drop by frequently. Making your house appear occupied can be accomplished in large part by using these home security tips.

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8. Keep Your Yard Secure

As crucial as it is to secure the interior of your house, your yard needs to be secured as well. One of our favorite home security suggestions is to keep bushes and other plants trimmed since burglars prefer hiding areas.

Other tips for burglar-proofing your yard include adding motion sensor lighting and using a powerful padlock, like this one from Master Lock, to secure sheds or other outbuildings.

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9. Strengthen the Garage

Many people are unaware of how crucial garage security is. However, your garage probably houses your car, some pricey tools, and easy access to your house.

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