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Insta Bio: Easy Steps to Crafting the Perfect Copy for Your Brand!

When creating an Instagram account, many people hastily fill up the bio, which contains a few lines about their business.

The truth is that your bio is a precious piece of social media real estate that welcomes users to your profile, establishes the first impression of your brand, communicates important details about your company, and converts profile visitors into followers and followers into consumers.

What Is an Instagram Bio?

An Instagram bio is a brief introduction to you or your company that can be found beneath your username. As long as your Instagram bio doesn’t exceed 150 characters, you are allowed to include a brief description, contact details, emoticons, and more.

One external link, hashtags, and a username that is distinct from your handle (i.e., @user), are all permitted in your bio. It’s important to keep in mind that your Instagram bio is one of the key factors people consider before selecting whether or not to follow you.

What you should achieve with your Instagram bio

When you evaluate all your profile should be able to do, it might not seem like you have much space to maneuver. Successful Instagram bios will:

  • the name of your brand, your category, and other pertinent information should be highlighted. You can adjust this in your profile settings.
  • a contact method for you that Instagram users can utilize
  • by integrating your voice and style with your website and other social media platforms, you can show off your personality and brand.
  • to help your target audience understand why your brand is useful to them, and to build your unique selling proposition.
  • drive beneficial activities, including sharing or viewing content, signing up for an event, or visiting your website to make a purchase.

Fortunately, Instagram has a variety of elements that you can utilize in addition to your written bio to address these issues and build a profile that makes it easy for viewers to understand your company, what you’re selling, and how they might proceed. You can use the advice provided below to better understand how to monetize Instagram and increase traffic with a compelling bio.

Your Instagram bio is made up of these 7 components.

Let’s take a look at the components that make up your Instagram bio before we discuss how to write the ideal one.

1. Profile Photo

insta bio

In your Instagram bio, one of the first things users will see is your profile picture. Be sure to choose a picture that:

  • is distinctive and of excellent quality
  • encapsulates your brand’s core
  • is consistent across all of your social media

Frequently, a company’s profile photo works best with its logo. Remember that 110 × 110 pixels are the minimum size for a profile photo. So that visitors to your profile won’t see a stretched or blurry photo, keep the size below 200 x 200.

2. User Name

insta bioOne of your Instagram bio’s most crucial elements is your username. The way people search for your brand is determined by this field, which is at the top of the bio. If at all possible, use your company name. Ensure that your company name appears in at least the first portion of your username if it hasn’t already been taken. That way, it’s more likely that others will locate your company account while looking for it.

3. Description

insta bio

The main part of your Instagram bio is the description of your profile. You have 150 characters to introduce your business to customers and nudge them toward action.

4. Clickable URL

insta bio

Outside of the Website area in your bio, clickable links are not permitted anywhere on Instagram. Include a link in this field to direct people to your website, a Messenger bot, a particular campaign, or any other location you like.

5. Business Category

insta bio

The category picked on a linked Facebook page is what determines what appears in the Category area underneath your company name. Visitors will have a better and quicker understanding of the things you sell if you specify the type of business you are in.

6. Call-To-Action Buttons

A strong Instagram bio should include call-to-action buttons. You might wish to provide visitors to your profile with a simple option to get in touch with your company. Depending on the type of business you run, you can add a few different action buttons:

Email: Contact your company via email.

Directions: Find out how to go to a physical site.

Make a phone call to your company.

Schedule: Make a reservation.

Reservation: Reserve a table at a restaurant.

purchasing tickets for an event.

7. Story High Points

You can display Story Highlights as collections of Stories on your Instagram profile as clickable thumbnails. Once a Story has been posted, you can save it to Highlights so that it appears in your bio. Additionally, you can store Stories in an archive and use them for subsequent Highlights.

There are two components to highlight:

Give each individual story and the thumbnail highlights a name.

Highlights include The unique emblem or graphic that denotes the subject matter of the Story depicted in the thumbnail.

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How to Craft the Ideal Instagram Bio

Before you begin optimizing the rest of your profile, you should focus on a few key goals in your bio because you only have a finite number of characters available.

1. Explain to visitors to your profile who you are and why they should care.

insta bio

Your bio should begin by outlining the services and products your company provides, however you decide to phrase it.

You must rapidly provide them with the information they require to continue being engaged when new users find you on Instagram. You won’t have a user’s attention for very long on most social media platforms, so write succinctly and to the point.

This entails precisely outlining who they are in plain and basic language for many brands, like Knix in the example below.

  • It’s not necessary to use only text in your bio. It can be distinguished by using:
  • To change your typeface, use LingoJam (just copy and paste the text into your bio)
  • entertaining emojis to add personality
  • directional characters or emojis to highlight particular passages in your profile, such as a clickable link to your website

2. Make sister accounts and branded hashtags more visible by using clickable tags.

Visitors have other options for learning more about you besides the link in your bio. If you have a branded Instagram hashtag, put it in your bio to encourage clicks and direct potential customers to a feed of branded or user-generated material on Instagram. Simply enter it in your profile like any other hashtag.

Customers are proactively encouraged to do this by creating new posts, including the brand hashtag in the Instagram descriptions, and uploading pictures of themselves wearing the bracelets. Additionally searchable are branded hashtags, which offer a number of advantages, including:

facilitating the collection and sharing of content for brands.

  • ensuring that users use the appropriate hashtag
  • directing visitors who click on the hashtag to a complete feed of sponsored or user-generated material, which is great for the brand

You can also tag other accounts to point profile visitors to your other properties. You can mention something in your bio (i.e., “@username”) and it will show up as a link if you have a sub-brand with a different Instagram account or a collaboration that you wish to highlight.

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3. Provide a Call to Action

It can be beneficial to include a call to action (CTA) in the copy of your bio. Because they explicitly state what to do and how to do it, CTAs dramatically enhance the likelihood that users will do the activity you’re describing.

Consider what would be most beneficial to your business and create room for that in your bio. You can prioritize a number of various actions in your bio (you can even fit in a couple of separate CTAs).

The following are some strategies you can use with your CTAs:

  • To shop our newest products, simply click the link in our bio.
  • Users are urged to share by saying, “Tag #brandedhashtag to be highlighted.”
  • Promote a momentary deal by saying, “Shop our Black Friday discount.”
  • Showcase a contest with the words “Share your favorite flavor for a chance to win!”
  • There are a few guidelines to follow regardless of the CTA you use:
  • Put your most important CTA near the end of the bio. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, others will be more likely to take that step. Furthermore, it places your CTA beside your link.
  • Where necessary, give precise directions. Choose a phrase with a clickable hashtag at the end, such as “Share your unboxing experience with #opensesame,” if you want consumers to contribute to your brand’s hashtag.
  • beginning with the action. To avoid wasting words and jump right to the point, start your CTA with a verb (Start, Shop, Tag, etc.).
  • A seasonal sale, a competition, or an impending trade exhibition are just a few examples of unique events that you might market with an adjusted bio. To give special offers or events more attention, you may always substitute new CTAs and links.

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4. Optimize your bio link.

insta bio

There are numerous ways to direct users to your website, including swipe-up Story links and Instagram Shopping. However, you can still use your Instagram bio link to direct people to any page you’d like them to see, whether it’s a YouTube video or a Kickstarter campaign.

Many businesses link to their home page by default until they can promote a specific offer, as in this case from RT1home.

Added resources include:

  • Your most recent product launch should benefit from any further Instagram marketing campaigns that draw attention to it.
  • a page dedicated to promoting a range of connections that is powered by a program like Linktree
  • a page for registering for a course, mailing list, competition, etc.
  • If the content is the foundation of your business, share your most recent article or video about it.
  • a page for event registration, such as one for an expo or meetup
  • When you add a new link, make sure to modify your bio copy so that it includes a CTA.

Use a URL shortener like Bitly and UTM monitoring to track click-throughs if you want to see how well your bio link performs in terms of generating visitors in comparison to other Instagram sources.

Whatever you decide, remember your objectives and how you intend to achieve them while creating your business profile and content. By directing visitors to your bio link in certain posts and stories, you can alter your bio link as frequently as you like and boost its efficacy.

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5. Including “Action Buttons” that Will Allow Users to Contact You

insta bio

I can tell you from experience that users who find your brand on Instagram frequently get in touch with you.

They might occasionally send you a direct message, but if that’s their only choice, things might get complicated very soon. Because of this, it’s crucial to point clients in the direction of your preferred communication methods, be it a phone number, email address, or even — if you have a physical site — driving instructions.

By including your contact information on Instagram, you transfer the majority of this obligation from your bio to the relevant “action buttons” that visitors to your profile may quickly access.

From here, you may add contact information or ways for clients to get in touch with you, like:

  • You can configure a phone number so that users can call or text it.
  • by typing an email address, the user’s default email client will launch and be prepared to write a message to the specified address.
  • users to look up your business on a map and see where it is in relation to their current location by providing a physical address that will be turned into directions.
  • Websites like Booksy and Eventbrite offer third-party services to make a reservation, purchase a ticket and do other things.
  • Only add contact information for customer service channels you genuinely support since people will utilize it. Don’t include your personal phone number if you don’t already have one set aside for customer service, merely to have it there.
  • When viewed using the Instagram mobile app, these contact details will show up as clickable buttons on your profile.

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