How to Play Minesweeper? A Complete Guide In 2022!

Greetings from Minesweeper. The likelihood is that you already have the game installed on your computer if you use Windows. You’ll be able to finish your first game with the aid of our guide. The game’s rules are straightforward: you must flag every mine. A block’s number indicates how many mines are immediately adjacent to it.

A Few Terms

When a mine is there and you have verified it, place a flag in the area.

Put a question mark when you think there might be a mine nearby. However, it is pointless.

If you want to restart the game, click the smiley face. You can alternatively hit F2 in its place.

Once you are familiar with the phrases, start sweeping!

Step 1: Finding Your First Mine

how to play minesweeper

Since this is your first game, you can begin by clicking anywhere. You’ll probably have something that likes the picture. Keep in mind that the number represents the mines next to the block.

Take the example in the picture for example. the block in the image’s lower left-hand corner (3rd from the left and 2nd from the bottom). There is just one unopened block next to it, and a mine is close to it.

It must thus be a mine. Using the right click, mark it. Yay! You’ve now discovered your first mine. Similarly treat others. If there are only two unopened mines in a block with the number 2, mark those mines. If you received the number 8, consider yourself extremely lucky.

Step 2: Clearing the Other

The other blocks need to be cleaned up now. There is already a mine next to Block A (see image). This indicates that there won’t be a mine nearby. As a result, you can clean the mine to the left’s bottom.

Step 3: Making the Right Guess

You’ll encounter situations where you have to guess a lot. However, the majority of them that (seem to) demand a guess appear right before the game is going to end. like in this instance (see the image).

Only 1 mine remains, and it must be close to the “3’s.” whichever block you choose. The best course of action is to open the blocks that are uncommon to both, such as the orange-marked blocks in the image, and you will be able to locate the mine.

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Step 4: The 1-2 Pattern

I anticipate you to have completed at least six introductory fields and gained some experience before moving on to this step. Here is a method I found to be quite helpful. It is known as the “1-2 pattern.”

The 1-2 are shown here facing a wall in the photograph above (of blocks). You can remove the block here that is next to one (but not in the common field!). When playing intermediate and expert levels, this method will be helpful. Will the 1 and 2 be happy if you pretend there is a mine in the block I ordered you to clear?

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5. Create a wall pattern

how to play minesweeper

You’ll run into situations like the one above quite frequently. In this instance, a mine can be found in any of the orange-colored blocks. The blue block can be opened; it is secure. Consider the consequences of placing a mine in the blue block. Will the 1s be satisfied?

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Step 6: Some Tips

These are some important minesweeper-related facts.

  • To restart the game, press the F2 key.
  • Use of the question mark is not advised because it would be ineffective.
  • The game ends when all of the safe blocks have been unlocked, not when all of the mines have been flagged.
  • Just continue to slide your cursor while holding down the mouse button if you unintentionally click on a mine.
  • If you start from the side, you have a greater probability of getting trapped.
  • From the Game tab, you may adjust the settings and level of difficulty.

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