How to Get Water out Of Charging Port? Complete Guide In 2022!

It’s only a matter of time before water damage occurs if you own a smartphone.

You likely had your phone in your pocket when you leaped into the water. Or perhaps you had a shower while your phone was nearby, causing moisture to accumulate inside.

In any event, you’ll have to remove the water from your phone’s charging port before you can reconnect your charging cord. Water can be removed from your phone’s charging port by:

  • Use a towel to dry your phone
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Remove the battery and SIM card, if necessary.
  • To remove water from the charging port, tap your phone firmly with your palm.
  • Place your phone in a sock, and for three hours, blow cool air into it.
  • Your phone’s charging port will be entirely dry when the allotted three hours have passed.

Cat litter, rice, silica gel packets, and other heat sources should never be used. These drying techniques are ineffective and frequently end up causing your phone more harm than good.

What does the presence of water in the charging port indicate?

On your smartphone, an alert that reads “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” signifies that the charging port or the charging cable are both wet or moist.

This can happen in many different ways, but the following are some of the most typical ones:

Shower: If you leave your phone in the bathroom while you take a shower, the humidity may rise quite a bit, accumulating moisture inside your charging port.

Rain: If you are caught outside during a downpour or even a little mist, your phone may become wet.

Pool: If you leap into the water while holding your phone in your pocket, it will undoubtedly become wet!

Another guaranteed way to get your phone wet is to drop a beverage on it, such as coffee or water.

Okay, so I forgot my phone in the bathroom while I had a shower, and now the charging port is flooded with water.

How to get water out of the charging port

Prior to trying to use a charging cable once more, I strongly advise against using the “Emergency Override” feature and instead giving your charging port enough time to dry.

You could also be able to keep using your phone while you wait for it to dry, depending on how recently it was purchased and how much water it has been exposed to. The following section has more information on that.

To be sure there is no long-term harm, however, if your phone was seriously wet—that is, entirely submerged—I would do the following actions:

1) To dry your phone, use a towel.

how to get water out of charging port

Quickly take a towel, and pat your phone’s entry surface dry.

Verify that your phone’s exterior is completely free of any signs of water.

2) Disconnect your phone

When an electrical item is damaged by water, the next thing you should do is turn it off.

In the majority of cases, it’s not the water itself that destroys a gadget; rather, it shorts out when water is on it when an electric charge is present.

You can significantly lower this danger by turning off your phone.

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3) Eliminate the SIM card (and battery, if possible)

how to get water out of charging port

Your phone’s SIM card is a tiny memory chip with a unique code that connects it to your mobile network.

You can make calls, send SMS messages, and access the internet using your cell phone with this specific card.

Due to the exceedingly fragile electronics used in their construction, SIM cards are extremely vulnerable to water damage.

Look carefully along the sides of your phone to see where the SIM card tray is located. A little cutout and a hole about the size of a pin will be seen.

The SIM card tray should pop out if you firmly press on that hole with the end of a paper clip. To get the tray to pop, you might need to apply some pressure.

When it happens, remove the SIM card tray in its entirety from your phone. If there is any moisture on the card or attempt, gently blot it dry before putting it aside.

Last but not least, remove the battery from your phone if it has one. You may skip this step for the majority of you since most modern phones don’t have accessible batteries.

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4) Firmly tap your palm against your phone.

Although it may sound trivial, believe me, it might mean the difference between preserving your phone and not.

With the charging port pointing down, hold your phone in your hand. Firmly press the top of your phone with the palm of your hand to assist clear any moisture from the charging port.

Several times, repeat this procedure. You can notice complete drips of water dripping from your charging port as a result of doing this.

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5) Place your phone in a sock, then blow COOL air into it.

The next process will completely dry your phone in a matter of hours, and if you follow the instructions correctly, there shouldn’t be any damage.

In order to blow air OUT of the hose when using a shop vacuum, move the hose from the suction side to the exhaust side.

You can use a hair dryer instead if you don’t have a shop vac. Make sure the hair dryer is on COOL or COLD only. Avoid using hot air or you run the risk of breaking your phone.

Then take an extra tube sock you have sitting around and put your phone inside. Then, insert the hose from your shop vac or hair drier into the sock and secure it with tape.

Now switch on your hair dryer or vacuum. A good, steady stream of air will be directed at your phone, which will then begin to dry.

Then, proceed to use your phone once more after waiting roughly three hours.

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