How Old Is Deji? Age, Height, Career, Networth & More Info In 2022!

YouTuber and social media sensation Deji Olatunji is English. He is renowned for his gaming and comedic short film abilities. He is highly renowned for his ability to combine comedy, gaming, and family pranks in his films in a distinctive way. Challenges and reaction videos have also been uploaded by him. Along with that, he is KSI’s younger brother.

Childhood and Earlier Years

The year 2022 will see Deji Olatunji turn 26. He was born in Watford, England on December 9, 1996. Jide and Yinka Olatunji, who are both English, were his parents; they also raised him. Sagittarius is his zodiac sign. Alongside his brother Olajide Olatunji, who is a YouTube personality and gamer with a large following, they both grew up.

He is also an ethnic Englishman and a member of the British countryside. His parents and he reside in Peterborough.

Along with that, he has a nut allergy. Yinka puts his inhaler in her purse so he can use it when necessary despite the fact that he also suffers from asthma. He was a passenger in a car accident on September 3, 2016, which left him with injuries to his shoulder and arm. He didn’t hurt his pal.

Furthermore, he calls himself a “nerd,” and if someone wakes him up when he is sleeping, he can become violent. In addition, he changed his YouTube username from ComedyShortsGamer to Deji on August 26, 2018, reflecting the fact that he no longer plays games.

Deji Olatunni Nationality & Age

how old is deji

The year 2022 will see Deji Olatunji turn 26. In Watford, England (United Kingdom), he was born on December 9, 1996. The same may be said of Jide and Yinka Olatunji, who brought him up in England.

He has the Sagittarius horoscope sign. Olajide Olatunji, a gamer and YouTube star with a sizable following on his website, was his childhood friend with whom he shared his upbringing.

Deji Olatunji Size & Weight

Deji Olatunji is how tall? The temperament of Deji is excellent. He is approximately 77kg in weight and 5 feet 8 inches tall. His skin is blue, and he has black hair.

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Deji Olatunji Girlfriend

how old is deji

In light of his current romantic situation, Deji Olatunji is engaged. At the moment, he is seeing a woman on Instagram with the handle @dounjax.

He was seeing Marina Joyce. She has a prominent YouTube channel called raindrops where she frequently posts cosmetic tutorials and other beauty-related content. In a similar vein, he posts the video “Try Not To Laugh Challenge With My New Girlfriend,” which quickly becomes one of his most well-liked videos.

The details of his prior relationships are also unknown. He hasn’t engaged in any other significant disputes throughout his career, other than that. In keeping a positive profile, he has been effective.

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Personal & Professional Life

how old is dejiDeji Olatunji started his professional existence as a YouTuber, focusing on the video game Halo 3, with the help of his brother KSI. The number of views on his channel quickly increased as he started to achieve notoriety.

He creates uncommon blends of humor, gaming, and family pranks in his films. Along with that, he is well-known for being the younger brother of prominent YouTuber KSI, with whom he frequently works on videos.

He has also published videos in which he issues challenges and people respond. Deji first started posting videos of video games featuring FIFA on YouTube.

In the past, he had also used a sarcastic theme to do quick sketches alongside his father and brother, but by 2016, he had ceased sharing these kinds of pictures. Deji started releasing music videos in 2017. He has made and continues to make a lot of competitions and prank photos.

Being a part of his brother KSI’s movies also helped Deji become quite well-known. Deji’s mother and father, who frequently appear in Deji’s films, are currently living with him in the home he recently bought.

Deji has refrained from leaving the house in order to become independent despite his brother’s and parents’ pleadings. In challenge videos, Deji’s father frequently takes on her, or they both react to popular videos.

In addition, he aids Deji in making videos. Deji frequently appears in his brother’s uploads on YouTube and has been a longtime subscriber to the site.

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Deji Olatunji Net Worth

Through his efforts on the internet, the YouTuber has amassed substantial wealth. The estimated $5 million value of Deji.

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