Home Hacks: 7 Amazing Home Hacks Everybody Need To Know!

Nobody ever implied that upkeep had to be enjoyable. But shouldn’t it be a little bit simpler?

1: Include chalk in your toolkit to prevent rust.

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Blackboard chalk helps prevent the rusting of the metal tools and gear in your toolbox. How so? Chalk is a moisture-sucking substance that holds moisture. The toolbox will be protected against rusting when you spread out different pieces throughout it.

Bonus advice:: Do you have a moldy closet? Chalk should be placed into a small muslin or cheesecloth bag and then hung. It will take in the moisture and foul smell.

2 Spray the Blades of Your Mower to Prevent Clipping Sticking

Mowing your lawn is one of those chores that you have to do if you have one. Fortunately, cooking spray can solve all of the chore’s issues. It can aid in preventing grass clippings from adhering when applied to the undercarriage and blades of a mower.

Bonus advice: Use cooking spray to keep ice from accumulating in your freezer. Simply spray a thick layer over areas that are prone to ice and wait five minutes. After that, wipe the oil away using a cloth.

3 Add a Tennis Ball to Your Pool to Clean the Water.

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Body oils, moisturizers, and suntan lotions will all produce a greasy residue in the pool water. Throw in a new tennis ball to clean. Its fuzzy surface will absorb any oils that your visitors may have left behind.

bonus Tip:  A tennis ball will buff scuff marks off the flooring, as a bonus tip. Cut an X into the ball and place it on the end of a mop or broom handle to prevent stooping when cleaning.

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4 Use Painter’s Tape to Apply Caulk Perfectly

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Many DIYers, like myself, believe it is difficult to apply the caulk in neat, straight lines. But if you use painter’s tape, it’s really rather simple. Prior to caulking, you must carefully clean the area.

When it has dried, cover the area you’ll be caulking with medium adhesion painter’s tape, like Frog Tape, from above and below. The tape must be removed while the caulk is still wet.

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5 Use a Makeup Sponge to Patch Holes in Drywall.

home hacksSmall holes in drywall are typically filled with mesh or paper tape. However, a cosmetic sponge will work just as well. Spackle it after stuffing it into the hole (you might need to trim it to size). The whole instruction is available here.

Bonus advice: A small wall fracture can be repaired by mixing a little amount of baking soda with a dollop of strong, quick-drying adhesive, like Krazy Glue. The mixture hardens into plastic when it is dry, making it simple to sand down to a flat surface.

6 Clean a grimy tub with your drill.

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A dirty bathtub requires a lot of elbow grease to thoroughly clean unless you have a cordless drill with a foam ball polishing attachment (found in the automotive section of most big box stores). These kinds of attachments were made to be strong on dirt without scratching surfaces.

Bonus hint: Rain-repellent windshield sealant is another automotive store item that reduces cleaning time. Use it to prevent soap scum buildup on glass shower doors after cleaning them.

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7 Fill a hole in your window using nail polish.

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discovered a tiny crack in your window’s glass? Use clear nail polish to fix it. After applying a coat, let it dry. Continue doing so until the glass surface is flush with the layers of clear nail polish.

Bonus hint: Tears in window screens can be repaired using clear nail paint. To build a strong barrier, you’ll need to apply several layers.

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