Facebook Hacks: Every Facebook User Need To Know in 2022!

Among social networking sites, Facebook is one of the most popular. We spend most of our time there using our iPhones to stay in touch, keep tabs on one another, and learn about current events.

On Facebook, you can still interact with your pals. But you should explore all of the distinctive things that Facebook has to offer.

These tips will enhance your Facebook experience and help you utilise Facebook more effectively. These gimmicks can either be used with any third-party programme or are already built in.

Facebook’s 2022 Tricks & Hacks

Some of these suggestions are collected and organised here. Here, you’ll discover some new tricks. The best Facebook tips for 2022 can be found below.

1. Open a single-name Facebook account

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You cannot open more than one account on Facebook. Be at ease, though. Here’s a Facebook tip to assist you to come up with a special name for the social network.

  • Installing the HolaVPN plugin is the first step.
  • . Activate the extension
  • Next, select a nation from the list. Make it Indonesia instead
  • Select the Facebook app once the nation has been modified. Use the official app if you don’t otherwise
  • For it to function on Facebook, you can either manually configure the proxy settings or use the Hola VPN.
  • It’s time to register for an account using just one name.
  • Register for a Facebook account first. Go to your profile’s Account Settings section next.
  • Navigate to the Language Settings after that. Tamil should be modified and changed (till)
  • To access your Facebook account after changing the language in your account, go to “General Settings.”
  • From there, you can change the name of your profile. To change your profile name, click the icon.
  • Your personal information can then be edited in a dialogue box that appears. The last name must be eliminated. Click the image’s blue button after reviewing the file.
  • The name of your Facebook profile can now be modified.

2. How Do I Make My Facebook Profile Avatar?

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Recently, Facebook added Profile Avatars to its platform. This is an excellent Facebook tip for making your own animated Facebook profile picture. These avatars can be used in Messenger chats, on your profile picture, as stickers on posts and comments, and more. Isn’t that incredible?

In May 2020, Facebook debuted its Profile Avatar for the first time in the USA. It is currently being implemented all around the world. You can check if this feature is active or inactive on the Facebook App.

Step 1:

On your iOS or Android smartphone, launch the Facebook app.

Step 2

In the upper right corner of the screen, you should be able to find the hamburger menu button (three horizontal lines). Tap the “see more” button once you’ve reached the option by scrolling down.

Step 3:

Touch “Avatars.”

Step 4:

Press the “Next” button.

then click the button that says “Get Started.”

3. Include on your page a CTA button.

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This Facebook technique allows you to create a unique CTA button for each Business page. The message can be modified to fit the objectives of your social media campaign.

You can choose between:

Schedule Immediately

Make contact

Employ the App

Enjoy a game

Order now


The video is accessible.

Your personalised CTA can be used to link to a landing page for your opt-in-freebie, a contact page, or to your service-based business’s booking button to promote sales.

4. Download a Protected Profile Image

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Profile image Guard is a security feature that Facebook launched that enables users to prevent their profile photographs from being kept and shared. From your Facebook app or browser, you won’t be able to store protected profile photographs.

However, once you use these Facebook hacking techniques, you should not fear. A third-party programme like Crop &Share can be used to save the image.

You must download the app to make the floating bubble available. To take a picture, simply click the floating bubble. Click on Partial screenshot.

5. Get a Copie of Your Facebook Data

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Utilizing these Facebook tips and tricks All of your Facebook information, including previously had chat chats, uploaded images, shared content, and status updates, may be accessible offline. By downloading everything in PDF format, you can access your Facebook info while you’re not connected. Download the file.

  • Go to Settings and select “Your Facebook data” from the list of options under General Account Settings.
  • The Download Your Information (DYI) page will open when you click “Download a copy.”
  • To confirm, press the Start My Archive button. Click on Submit after entering your password.
  • They will produce a personal archive for you that contains all of your Facebook sharing.
  • When it’s finished, you’ll receive an email. Your unique copy of all Facebook data is here.

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6. Log off Facebook from a distance

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When using new or unknown devices, you may have frequently forgotten to log out of Facebook. Because of the fact that social media account hacking is commonplace today, this might be extremely risky for you. However, now that you are aware of these Facebook methods, you can still log out of Facebook if you forget from another location.

  • Visit the Facebook Security page >>
  • You Can Select From Your Login Locations
  • If you notice a device or location that isn’t yours, click “End Activity” to end the session. Remotely logout

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7. Post a coloured Facebook status.

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Everybody wants to post something visually appealing on Facebook, so in this article, we’ll talk about a Facebook technique that lets you publish something colourful.

Status updates with colourful backgrounds are now possible on Facebook. Not only would a coloured status draw notice from others, it will also boost engagement.

Making a standard post will allow you to post a status with a colourful background. Select the Background colour option once you’ve finished typing. The selection of background colours is broad. A gradient design or pictures are other options.

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8. Unfriend a person without unfollowing them

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There are those that publish far too frequently each day. Despite the fact that you find their posts tedious, you don’t want to block or unfriend them.

In this circumstance, what should you do? Visit their profile and type the following keywords into the search bar. Three options will be displayed. You won’t be able to see their posts if you choose to unfollow them. They’ll be your buddies too. This is a very clever Facebook prank from 2022.

9. Control & Customize Your Newsfeed

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Facebook’s newsfeed shows every post that has been made. With this approach, you’ll only see posts that are relevant to you. You can eliminate posts that aren’t pertinent in this way. You may hide any undesirable posts with this Facebook technique. Simply click the menu symbol once to do this, after which you may choose to conceal these articles for up to 30 days or until you’re ready to delete them.

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10. Be aware of recent Facebook profile views.

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There are various methods to help you uncover the information if you’re curious about who recently saw your profile. These Facebook techniques are not entirely accurate.

  • Activate your Facebook account.
  • look at the page’s source
  • Fill out the search bar with “BUDDY ID.”
  • The screen will display the user who visited your profile.
  • You must copy one of the IDs, open a new tab, type “Facebook.com/15-digit ID” into the search bar, and then click “Finish.” Your screen will automatically display the profile of the person who saw your profile.

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