Dollar Tree Hacks: 12 Amazing Dollar Tree Hacks In 2022!

These Dollar Tree tips are the finest for sprucing up your home!

Best 12 Dollar Tree tricks

1 Pantry Storage Bins

The incredibly gratifying TikToks about house organization have been seen by all. Undoubtedly, it must, right? So, if you want to organize your cupboard, head to Dollar Tree. To store your big Amazon munchies and pantry essentials, browse a variety of vibrant bins and boxes. Even a few blackboard labels might be yours if you’re lucky.

2 DIY Toy Organizer

dollar tree hacks

Have a few wild kids been causing trouble in your house? The best among us are not immune to it. There seems to be a new toy on the floor or thrown out of its proper place every time you turn.

Why not include all of the plush toys in your family in a hamper from Dollar Tree? Although it is little, it is versatile enough to accommodate all of your needs. Children could even assist with cleanup!

3. Easy Cord Organizers

The Dollar Tree organization tip I’ve seen most recently may be this one. Each of us possesses a zillion charging wires for our phones, watches, tablets, speakers, and other devices. You will, however, wind up with a crazy tangled mess and a tonne of irritation if you leave the wires in a drawer to fend for themselves. I have a simple solution: give each cord its own glasses case.

4. Fridge Organization Bins

I’ve been inspired to do it myself by how frequently I’ve seen folks with immaculately kept refrigerators. I don’t want to pay $10 per bin for a bunch of them, that’s the point. We’re fortunate that Dollar Tree can accomplish this feat for a much lower price. To spruce up and organize your fridge, gather a few containers in a range of sizes and depths.

5. Wrapping Paper Holder

dollar tree hacks

You’re about to avoid a lot of problems if you haven’t seen this hack before. Grab an over-the-door shoe organizer, and remove the bottoms from all but the bottom row of the pouches. For a tidy, noticeable space-saving container, all that remains to be done is to slide your wrapping paper in.

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6. Gift Bag Stand

Despite the fact that I don’t possess many magazines, I have always known that there would be a useful application for magazine holders. The issue has now been resolved. Let’s focus on gift bags now that we’ve already organized our wrapping material.

To keep present bags of all shapes and sizes, simply gather a few magazine holders. They are simple to fold to make room for them, and when you want to pick one, they will all be readily available.

7 Snack Storage Cubes

dollar tree hacks

For a coffee station, these tiny fellas will do wonders. Along with goodies for visitors and friends, use them to store coffee creamers next to your coffee maker. On a charcuterie board, you can also put a few cubes to hold tiny fruits and vegetables.

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8. Linen Closet Bins

The fabric boxes and bins available at Dollar Tree are of high quality. Grab a few different sizes and shapes in a variety of colors to fit your washcloths, towels, soaps, and toilet paper in your bathroom closet. Choose a color theme. It makes life so much easier to have everything in its proper place and arranged. It’s also absurdly adorable, let’s face it.

9. Stackable Under Sink Bins

Your sink area might become a little untidy, much like your pantry and closet. Cleaning supplies, sponges, and gloves are frequently abundant. However, it might be challenging to locate the precise item you require with so much down there. (Specifically, if it has been pushed to the back.) Maintain a neat and organized space under your sink by using the wide selection of bins and trays available at Dollar Tree.

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10. Utensil Bathroom Bins

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To keep your bathroom organized, utilize utensil trays. You may use one for toothpaste, cotton balls, additional toothbrushes, bobby pins, and anything else. Finding the needle in the haystack by digging through a tonne of different items is a real pain. However, by planning now, you will have nothing but gratitude later.

11. Clear Bins for Your Junk Drawer

We all keep clutter in a drawer. Every busy household relies on it. My desk is stocked with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurine, rolling pins, Sharpies, and birthday candles. No shame! However, if you want to organize your junk, purchase a few clear bins and divide the disorganized junk into more orderly garbage.

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12. Cupboard Risers

I wish I could see all that is right in front of me! You can quickly solve that issue by grabbing a few plastic risers. While giving you a clear view of everything that is on the shelf, including plates and bowls, spices, and basic ingredients, the risers make full use of your cabinet’s space. Risers are undoubtedly one of our suggestions for organizing cabinets and believe me when I say that they are well worth the hype.

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