Did Tom Hanks Gain Weight for Elvis Movie? Complete Details Are Here!

One of the most well-known American actors is Tom Hanks, real name Thomas Jeffrey Hanks. According to some trustworthy reports, he is one of the wealthiest Hollywood actors and also works as a director.

For nearly four decades, he has continued to be involved in the film industry. His estimated net worth in 2022 will rise by about $400 million in the coming year as his monthly and yearly income rises, according to optimistic estimates. As a result, he has climbed to the fifth spot among the richest Hollywood movie stars.

In 1980, Hanks launched his movie career with the low-budget movie “He Knows You’re Alone.” Then, he was given the lead role in the romantic fantasy movie “Splash,” which was a financial triumph, earning close to $69 million US.

Working on the film “Big,” which offered him both money and acclaim, helped Hanks establish himself as an important factor in the entertainment industry. More than $600 million was made worldwide by his film “Forest Gump.”

His wealth has increased because of these commercially successful movies. Additionally, he has voiced characters in the anime series “Toy Story.” He has appeared in other films like “The Da Vinci Code,” “Saving Private Ryan,” and others.

Does Tom Hanks Look Fatter in Elvis?

did tom hanks gain weight for elvis movieFor “Elvis,” Tom Hanks doesn’t seem to have put on any weight. To represent Colonel Tom Parker, the actor wore a fat costume and made extensive use of prosthetics. Hanks has to look radically different in order to convey the character accurately.

Regarding the time periods, notably the 1950s, 1970s, and 1980s, Hanks’ Colonel Tom Parker appears in the movie in three different looks. Detail-oriented work was required to keep the continuity.

“We [the make-up department] had to consider the journey of the skin as he [Colonel Tom Parker] ages, knowing that we were also going to create the very elderly version later,” Sean Genders, one of the make-up artists who worked on the movie, told LAFT USA.

“There is a distinct map of freckles that had to start in the ’50s to the beginnings of age spots in the 70’s look.” Tom Hanks’ make-up application took an average of three and a half hours for his first two appearances, not counting the time needed to put on the wig.

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Hanks needed additional time to be ready for the third look, which was set in the 1980s and required more prosthetics.

The previous version of Tom Parker required an additional hour and a half because the prosthetic hand and arm appliances had to be added, Genders continued. The prosthetic components that adhered to Hanks’ various facial features were made of Telesis 8 (F). The silicone and LV Deadener utilized for the prosthetics around Hanks’ mouth allowed for as much movement as possible for the actor.

Hanks was unfazed by the lengthy makeup applications. The actor took his time, and the movie shows that he was determined to portray the character accurately. “Tom was fantastic.

Genders recalled: “No fuss, always nice and professional. Early in the morning, Tom would sit down, and we would go right to work. He would remain quite motionless and serene while letting us do our tasks, the make-up artist continued to LAFT USA. A fat suit was also used to complete the actor’s appearance in addition to the prosthetic components.

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Tom Hanks has in the past undergone a significant physical transformation in order to perfectly embody his personas. According to reports, he gained 30 pounds for “A League of Their Own,” shed 26 pounds for “Philadelphia,” and lost 50 pounds for the film “Cast Away.” But after being told that he had type 2 diabetes, the actor described losing weight as “a young man’s game.”

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