Cleaning Hacks: 11 Best Cleaning Hacks In 2022!

With our smart suggestions that make use of unconventional tools and inventive tidying methods, you may clean more effectively and quickly. Through time and energy savings, these cleaning methods can eliminate some of the labor from your to-do list. So put these tips in your toolbox and think of your house cleaning as finished.

1 Use a vacuum to clean the cabinets.

You can use your vacuum to clean nooks and crannies in cabinets. Dust and crumbs can be collected inside using the brush attachment on your vacuum. Debra Johnson from Merry Maids advises cleaning the region around the hardware on the outside of the cabinets using a cloth soaked with warm water and Murphy Oil Soap ($4, Walmart).

2 Clean your light fixtures with your dishwasher

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Did you know some parts of lighting fixtures may go in the dishwasher? For this cleaning tip, Amanda Thomas of Moxie Girl advises putting removable glass objects like domes through the dishwasher. To lessen stains on your light fixtures, run a drying cycle.

3  A pillowcase can be used to clean a ceiling fan.

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One of Leslie Reichert’s go-to cleaning tips for swiftly and effectively dusting a ceiling fan is shared by the Green Cleaning Coach. One at a time, place a pillowcase over the blades of a ceiling fan and wipe. Dust is collected in the pillowcase in this manner rather than on your furniture and flooring.

4  How to Clean Blinds with Socks

Socks are used as a duster in this cleaning tip from Clean My Space’s Melissa Maker. First, spray one of your hands with water and place an old sock on it. Then, while holding each blind panel, move your sock-covered hand from one end to the other to clean the slat on both sides.

5  When cleaning ceilings, use a paint roller.

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Cleaning ceilings, particularly those with texture, can be difficult. If you’re not careful, sweeping them with a broom can knock down pieces. Use a moist, high-nap paint roller to sweep dust and cobwebs from the ceiling for a more efficient cleaning method.

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6  Fabric Spot-Cleaning with Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are surprisingly effective because they feature mild cleaning ingredients, little moisture, and short drying times. Derek Christian from Cleaning Business Today advises applying them to spots and stains on fabrics because of this. Baby wipes should not be confused with cleaning wipes, which may contain bleach or other dangerous substances.

7  Use tennis balls to clean blankets

A large comforter can be challenging to wash. According to Amanda Thomas of Moxie Girl, as long as the comforter occupies only half the washer, you may machine wash the majority of comforters in front-loaders. Tennis balls should then be added to the dryer to prevent the stuffing from accumulating in one area of the comforter.

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8  Vinegar and Lemon Oil for Shine

Woodwork and wood furniture is susceptible to dust and filth accumulation over time. Wipe-downs are required on a regular basis to keep wood looking glossy. Mix 1 part lemon oil with 1 part white vinegar for additional shimmer and a greener luster.

9  Utilize Vinegar and Baking Soda to Clean Your Dishwasher

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Clean My Space’s Melissa Maker offers her cleaning tip to get rid of the grime and smells left behind from a dishwasher. First, fill the bottom of your empty dishwasher with 1 cup of baking soda and leave it there for the night. After that, run your dishwasher’s hottest cycle while substituting vinegar for the detergent to clean and deodorize it. Keep in mind to clean the filter of any debris.

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10 Get Rid of Hard Water Spots

The following is a straightforward cleaning tip for hard water stains:

Step aside.

Place paper towels on the accumulation after soaking them in pure vinegar.

Scrub and rinse the following day.

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11 Add Secret Weapons to Your Wish List

Cooking oil is removed from cabinets around the stove with Zep Heavy Duty Citrus Cleanser and Degreaser ($15, Walmart). Look for it in the home center’s paint department.

Oxalic acid and mild abrasives are combined in Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser ($2, Walmart), which eliminates baked-on food, tea and coffee stains, and rust.

The window trim, sill, sash, and tray may all be cleaned with Better Life Naturally Smudge-Smacking Glass Cleaner ($6, Bed Bath & Beyond) without endangering painted or vinyl surfaces because it is solvent-free.

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