Christina Aguilera Weight Gain: The Truth Behind Weight Transformation In 2022!

Singer, songwriter, actor, and businesswoman Christina Aguilera is also. She is renowned for both her singing prowess and her daring demeanor. Her aliases are Xtina, Candy, Chrissy, and Babe Jane. She not only sang and wrote songs, but she also acted as a judge on the television series “The Voice.”

The Weight Gain Story of Christina Aguilera

When she launched her debut album, Christina Aguilera, in 1999, Christina Aguilera (@xtina), became well-known. Her first album was a huge commercial success, did well on the charts, and produced three number-one singles: Genie in a Bottle, What a Girl Wants, and Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You). As a result, her popularity quickly increased.

With her singing, she drew everyone’s attention right away. It was difficult for her to go unnoticed because of her four-octave vocal range. An intriguing new bubblegum pop musician with an extraordinary voice entered the music scene as she rose to fame.

It would be very impossible to overstate how fantastic Christina Aguilera’s vocals were and how they helped her conquer the globe.

The vocal dynamo once earned headlines for her body rather than her singing, but it would be more challenging to explain how that happened. She entered the public eye as a teen superstar who broke out with her debut record, so perhaps not so much.

The Grammy-winning singer’s vocal abilities were undisputed, but her fame was also greatly influenced by her striking appearance. She used to be extremely thin, which was a popular beauty trend at the time, making her a teen idol.

christina aguilera weight gain

But when Christina Aguilera put on weight over time, she began to face opposition for it, and her reputation started to decline, even impacting her singing career. The What A Girl Wants hitmaker first experienced a weight gain that worried her in 2008. Her first child had recently been born.

Although the joy of parenthood is undeniable and genuine, she was at that time worried out about how challenging it was for her to keep her figure.

Even though Christina Aguilera made an effort to appreciate her physique and have a positive attitude, she had to shed all the pregnancy weight because she was performing in the Burlesque movie.

Aguilera recruited famous weight loss coach Tee Sorge, who quickly assisted her in dropping all those pounds. The Beautiful singer continued to perform burlesque while feeling more assured than ever, even though not much from the movie was revealed.

She had a difficult year in 2010, and over time, it began to reflect in the way she looked. Her first marriage, to Jordan Bratman, ended in divorce. She had just released a new record and was promoting it. She accepted the invitation to audition for The Voice.

The singer for the Fighter put herself last on the list of priorities because everything was occurring at once, and in the midst of an emotional crisis, she stopped taking care of herself.

Christina Aguilera regained every pound she had lost plus some. Public condemnation followed it as if things weren’t already challenging enough. This weight increase persisted for some time before she made the decision to address it.

It took her a few years to realize that when it came to herself, she had been careless. Aguilera finally made the decision to put her career on hold and prioritize her physical and mental health in 2013.

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Despite consistently asserting that she was at ease in her own skin and that she would embrace a variety of body shapes, she may have finally become motivated to stop gaining weight after receiving repeated criticism for it.

Christina Aguilera engaged in a strenuous weight loss regimen that was mostly focused on meal planning and diet management.

She was able to detach herself from all of her professional issues and focus more on getting rid of the weight she had accumulated over the years because there was no longer anything to worry about. The singer changed her eating habits and introduced low-carb meals into her usual diet, including entrees like chicken and vegetables.

There have been rumors that The Voice Within singer subscribed to The Fresh Diet’s food delivery service, which gave her access to 1600 calories a day and had meals delivered right to her home. She also adhered to a rainbow diet, eating only foods that matched her mood. Additionally, she engaged in daily yoga and rigorous exercise.

There have also been rumors that the singer uses weight reduction supplements like Garcinia Cambogia to boost her energy and burn fat and probiotics at night to assist her body flush out toxins and losing weight quickly, though these rumors have never been substantiated.

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And while doing all of that, Christina Aguilera managed to lose 50 pounds in a short period of time by following a strict diet and exercise routine. However, she was unable to fully enjoy even that as rumors about her weight loss operation spread. People who complained about liposuction were muffled, and their unfounded rumors were refuted.



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