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Cannabis Seed Storage Containers: 5 Best Cannabis Seed Storage Containers

cannabis seed storage containers

The top 5 marijuana storage alternatives, which include jars, boxes, and containers, are included below since we’re firm believers in keeping your marijuana secure.

Despite the fact that doing so may degrade the quality of their weed, the overwhelming majority of cannabis consumers store their buds in plastic bags.

Bud’s effectiveness may be impacted by airtight storage issues as well as light pollution.

We won’t spend your time with a bunch of dry facts about light, the curing procedure, or anything else, so don’t worry about that.

We would like to briefly outline the Top 5 Cannabis Connoisseur-Recommended Jars, Stash Boxes, and Containers available right now.

The Ideal Cannabis Storage Containers

The goods on this list aren’t listed in any particular order; instead, we’ve provided both expensive and more reasonably priced options so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. Here are our top five picks for cannabis jars, cartons, and other containers for storage:

1. Mason-Re Re: Stash Jars

Jars from Mason-Re: Stash Re are a favourite here at HotBox. These are regular mason jars with a few helpful modifications like a Koozie cover to block the sun and a screw-on cap to keep curious tiny hands out.

We already used mason jars for our stashes before Re: Stash, so this was a great addition to our stock. To learn more, you might also read our in-depth Mason-Re review.

Re: Stash Jars are the best option for preserving your cannabis’ freshness for a long time, in conclusion.

The Koozie does a fantastic job of protecting your family from UV rays, and the childproof cover will assist you in adhering to numerous laws in medical and recreational states.

As an added benefit, the prices are amazingly affordable, starting at $16.00 for the 4 oz and rising up to $20.00 for the 12 oz, each of which may store around an ounce of bud depending on the size of the nugs. You can spend less money by buying the lids and Koozie separately if you already own normal mason jars.

A custom design can also be printed on your Koozie if you’re searching for a distinctive container for your possessions.

2. Cannador Cannabis Humidor

As far as cannabis storage containers go, you could say that the Cannador is the epitome of luxury. Cannador is made of real mahogany rather than cedar and has VaporBeads to create humidity, making it ideal for preserving your premium cannabis for a long time. The price of this box reflects its status as the ultimate stash box for genuine connoisseurs.

This humidor was built to keep your cigars in the best conditions, so don’t let the low price fool you. The Blustream Hygrometer and its associated app allow you to view the relative humidity and temperature even without opening the package.

Before making a purchase, you might want to read one of our earlier evaluations, where we went into more detail and even spoke with the inventor. Cannador packages range in price from $160 for the cheapest two strains to $308 for the most costly six strains.

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3. Two-In-One GnarJars

Last but not least, we have GnarJars, a cannabis storage container that also functions as a jar. The GnarJars include an airtight cover that doubles as additional concentrate storage in addition to being made of the same borosilicate glass as bongs.

Having both alternatives available is good news for fans. The container is composed of medical-grade platinum-cured silicone, is airtight, and can store up to 1 ounce of flowers. For a fair price of $29 apiece, GnarJars are available in a variety of colour combinations.

GnarJars buyers frequently say that the product is better than they anticipated.

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4. Jars For Smokus Focus Stash

The most cutting-edge cannabis storage product on the market right now might be Smokus Foci. The Smokus Focus is the first of its type; it is a portable, rechargeable magnifying display.

Technology-wise, it was unquestionably cutting edge. For displaying your Cup-caliber cannabis to the world, this stash jar is ideal. Your marijuana will look fantastic under the LED lights inside the stash jar, and you can examine your trichomes up close with the help of the magnifying lens on the lid.

Quick charging of the LED light gives it an 18-hour operating time. A wide range of colours is available, along with two different sizes. The expensive price (between $49 and $59) and the subpar plastic build are the only negatives.

We’ll make an exception for this wonderful invention, albeit generally, you should keep your buds in the glass. For producing such enticing cannabis display jars, Smokes Focus deserves praise. If they aren’t already, they ought to be found in every dispensary. Definitely a good icebreaker.

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5. Bud Bottles

The first three marijuana storage options are quite fancy, but what about a portable option? Although Bud Bottles don’t appear to be much up close, we’ve discovered that practically everyone who receives one from us appreciates it greatly. Being lightweight, odour-proof, and nearly indestructible glass, this bottle is inexpensive at just $2.99.

While still big enough to hold an eighth of ground marijuana, the Bud Bottle is small enough to fit in your hand. For unforeseen costs or a quick trip to a friend’s house, it is practical to have this much cash on hand. Multiple drops of bud bottles have gone without shattering.

I suppose the bottle’s shape and size give it some degree of robustness, however, that is only an idea. Cannabis bottles are a no-brainer for anyone who needs to surreptitiously and affordably store about an eighth of marijuana.

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