Where to Buy Medical Cannabis Seeds In 2022?

Globe Newswire, April 17, 2021 — San Francisco Marijuana seeds have a complicated relationship with the law, which places them in a murky legal area.

Depending on where a person lives, it can be challenging to locate a reputable, high-quality seed bank in the United States.

This review’s objective is to provide information about the best seed banks available online.

Methods Used to Assess the Seed Banks:

Interviews and discussions with marijuana farmers who get their seeds online. Discussions with specialists.

Website comparison – Comprehensive comparison of online seed banks, including analysis of shipping, varieties, customer support, and more.

Top 5 Online Seed Banks

A comprehensive list of the top 5 seed banks that deliver to the USA can be seen below.

1. Ilgm (i Love Growing Marijuana) – the Best and Most Trustworthy App Overall

Robert Bergman founded ILGM in 2012. He did so in 2012. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has picked up a lot of useful information along the road.

His website has developed into one of the most reputable sources for Europeans and Americans to purchase marijuana seeds globally over time. The typical delivery time is 10 days.

The variety of options and categories available for different sorts of growers is one aspect of this website that sticks out. Customers can select from starter seeds, auto flowers, feminized seeds, medicinal seeds, mixed packs, grow kits, special offers, and nutrients for seed-growing on the main menu. All of their seeds are genuine strains and come with a germination guarantee.

Additionally, seeds for outdoor and indoor growing, high CBD, high producing, high THC concentration, and more are available. The top strains available are White Widow, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and Blueberry Autoflower.

Numerous payment options, such as credit and debit cards, bank deposits and transfers, and bitcoin, are also accessible. Tracked shipment is $25 and standard shipping is free.


  • Monthly special offers and promotions
  • reputable business with a good reputation
  • There is a money-back guarantee and no fake seeds.
  • packaging is understated.
  • Shipping to the US and Europe is free.
  • sells the most popular strains
  • a wide range of goods
  • Growing instruction manual and 24/7 assistance


  • Inaccessible in some states
  • The $25 fee for delivery tracking

2. Crop King Seeds – Wide selection of varieties

buy medical cannabis seeds

This seed website is user-friendly and provides a wide range of options, including germination instructions and several seed varieties. Shoppers who are new to growing should go there. Select from auto-flowering varieties, high CBD strains, and more possibilities.

The business has a controlled review system on the website with a database structure that prevents comments from paid or biassed reviewers. This five-crown rating provides insightful comments from loyal customers.

When shopping, use the filters to help you focus on the best items. Express delivery is $30, regular shipping is $10, and free shipping is offered on orders above $300.


  • Shipping is free for purchases over $300.
  • An 80% success rate for germination
  • a unique approach for rating and comments
  • Guide to germination
  • CBD-THC infographics


  • standard delivery charge of $10
  • One to two weeks for shipping
  • The website is quite basic and solely intended for new users.

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3. Rocket Seeds – the Best for Covert Shipment and Packaging

buy medical cannabis seeds

This Dutch company, which has been in operation for more than 20 years, offers a wide selection of seeds, including feminized, outdoor, indoor, auto-flowering, and more. They are renowned for their covert shipment, where seeds are kept in a variety of objects for privacy.

Customers can take a fun quiz on the website to determine which seeds are ideal for them. It contains information about weed preferences and growing circumstances. In addition to being entertaining, the quiz aids beginners in making informed seed selections.

MSNL has a 90% germination rate, and all of its seeds are manually inspected by its employees in Amsterdam. All the big brands, including Northern Lights, Buddha, and White Widow, are carried by them. Every new order includes a free bonus, such as seeds or other goods.

For large orders, delivery is free; otherwise, regular shipping costs about $6.25. Normally, it takes between one and two weeks. Checks, Bitcoin, bank wires, cash, debit cards, and credit cards are all accepted forms of payment. Users of bitcoin get a 15% discount.


  • covert shipping
  • 15% off orders made using bitcoin
  • outstanding standing since 1999
  • Fun seed selection test
  • winners of the Cannabis Cup and High Times Cup
  • Various shipping choices are available
  • With new orders, get free seeds
  • many different products


  • International delivery is quite slow.
  • Free shipping applies only to large deliveries.
  • The seed strain charts are unclear.

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4. Seedsman – the Best Place to Find Specialty Strains

This website caters to experienced users and is one of the most reputable businesses that ships to the US. Growers can submit photos of their crops each year for the “Photo Cup” competition.

A huge selection of authorized breeders are available on Seedsman, all alphabetically listed. If there’s a famous breeder you’re looking for, Seedsman probably has it. Along with a wide variety of auto-flowering and feminized seeds, popular strains include Sour Diesel, Skunk, and White Widow.

The business offers a variety of award-winning seeds in addition to products for high-altitude growing and mold-resistant strains.

Free seeds and loyalty points are included with every purchase. Users of Bitcoin are eligible for two discounts: 15% off on all orders and 25% off on the first purchase. The shipping fee and insurance fee, which cost $8.98 and $9.04 respectively, are a drawback.


  • Discounts for Bitcoin purchases
  • System of loyalty points
  • list of breeders organized
  • Every purchase comes with free seeds.
  • Always a lot on hand
  • There are accessible hemp bags, storage jars, and other accessories.


  • Ads on the website are crude.
  • Exorbitant shipping fees and insurance
  • The site’s reviews seem to be biased.

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5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) – Recommended for seasoned growers

buy medical cannabis seeds

Since its website launched 15 years ago, QCS has been providing excellent seeds to the rest of the world and Canada. Choose from a variety of seeds, including standard or limited-edition varieties, feminized, indoor, auto-flowering, and more.

Requests for unique strains that are not included in the existing products are accepted through the website. QCS offers discrete shipping since they are concerned about their client’s safety.

Despite being Canadian, the company only accepts payments in USD, so there is no need to worry about currency exchanges.


  • For credit card purchases, a covert name is used
  • 20% off for customers using Bitcoin
  • years of expertise
  • a large selection of seeds are offered.


  • A 3.8% credit card processing fee
  • Order minimum of $70
  • only the $10 flat-rate shipping option
  • The webpage is simple and has few further details.

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