Body Hacks: 15 Body Hacks That Everybody Needs To Know in 2022!

Body Hacks Are Following

1. Condition Yourself to Fall Asleep Quickly

body hacksQuit lounging around and watching TV in bed! Get out of bed as soon as you wake up in the morning, and don’t return until you’re ready to sleep. This will help you unconsciously link your bed to sleeping, which will eventually make it easier for you to nod off as soon as your head hits the pillow.

2. Stop or Induce a Sneeze

body hacksTry pressing your tongue firmly against the back of your teeth while keeping your mouth shut to help stop you from sneezing at an inconvenient time.

Even if stopping sneezes is a good thing, nothing is more irritating than a sneeze that you can feel tickling your throat but never actually commences. Try gazing up into a bright light to make yourself sneeze.

3. Quickly reverse “brain freeze”

body hacksA nerve reaction occurs when cold food contacts the soft palate at the back of the mouth, especially when that cold food is consumed quickly. Brain freeze, the severe agony we feel after eating very cold foods, is a result of this.

Try warming up that soft palate with your tongue by pushing it up, flat against the roof of your mouth, to prevent the feeling of brain freeze.

4. Prevent Heartburn

While there are many potential causes of acid reflux, resting on your right side is one highly avoidable one. Gravity might create acid reflux while you are lying on your right side since your stomach is higher than your esophagus. To lessen nighttime discomfort, try sleeping on your left side.

5. Take Deeper Breaths

body hacksIf you first hyperventilate, you can hold your breath a little longer. By quickly inhaling and exhaling numerous times, you deceive your body into believing it has a higher oxygen supply, giving you more time before your brain starts to panic.

6. Recall Information and Find Solutions While Sleeping

Since most memory consolidation occurs when your mind is at rest, examining important information or the specifics of a challenging problem before bed might help you retain the information or perhaps come up with a solution.

7. Enhanced Hearing

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In a busy area, is it difficult to hear a conversation? Use your right ear to listen closely; it is superior at picking up spoken rhythms. Unable to identify the tune that is softly playing at the grocery store? The left ear is superior at picking up musical tones, so let it do the work.

8. Lessen Tooth Pain

According to a Canadian study, holding an ice cube firmly between your thumb and index finger on the back of your hand can lessen toothache discomfort by about 50%.

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9. Lessen Running Side Pain

body hacksWhen running, most people prefer to exhale as soon as their right foot touches the ground. This exerts pressure on the liver and gives many runners the dreaded “side stitch.

” Try just teaching yourself to breathe out as your left foot touches the ground to relieve the strain on your liver, which likely already endures enough damage.

10. Enhance Your Far-Field Vision

Optometrists refer to the condition as “near point stress,” which happens when you stare intently at anything up close for extended periods of time, like the computer monitor.

After spending the entire day at your desk, one method to avoid this and enhance your long-distance vision is to occasionally close your eyes, take a deep breath, and stretch your major muscle groups. Your eyes’ involuntary muscles will relax as a result of doing this.

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11. Awaken an Awake Limb

Try swaying your head back and forth to rouse an arm that has dozed off. This will assist to release neck strain and lessen the pins and needles feeling in your arm. Your best bet is still to move around a little on a leg that has dozed off.

12. Scratch Your Throat’s Itch

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The inability to scratch an itch that is immediately in your line of sight is one of life’s greatest frustrations. Try scratching your ear instead of sticking your hand down your throat. The throat muscles contract when ear nerves are stimulated, which frequently stops the itching in your throat.

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13. Refrain from crying

Holding your eyes open without blinking will usually help you stop crying in front of others. Attempt looking up without tilting your head if you’re already crying to try and stop the tears.

14. Expedite Sinuses

The vomer bone will move back and forth as you alternately press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and firmly press your finger on the space between your eyebrows (note: if you don’t have a gap between your eyebrows, reconsider your grooming routine). This will help the sinus passages to clear.

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15. To prevent blisters after burning your fingers

body hacksThe typical response to touching something hot is to go for some ice. While this may temporarily reduce your pain, it may not be the best thing for your skin when you transition from one temperature extreme to another.

To stop a burn from developing into a blister, try washing the damaged area and pressing it against the palm of your healthy hand.

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