Bathtub Cleaning Hacks: 6 Brilliant Bathtub Cleaning Hacks In 2022!

Do you have trouble cleaning your bathtub? There is nothing more enjoyable than stepping into a spotless bathtub. You too can have that brand-new, spotless, silky-smooth bathtub. With these straightforward tips and tricks, you can simply clean a bathtub like an expert using items you can find around your home.

The Best Bathtub Cleaning Advice For Gross Tubs

Only the best bathtub cleaners will do when you need to clean your dirty bathtub, adjacent tile, grout, and drains. The best advice and most efficient methods for cleaning bathtubs have been compiled.

1. How to Remove Black Mold from Bathtub Caulk

You don’t want to have black mold around because it can have negative effects on your health. the positive news It is simple to get rid of. Your bathtub’s caulk can be cleaned of mold without needing to be scrubbed. I kid you not!

Simply add bleach water-soaked cotton coils, cloth strips, or balls (used for perms) to the bathtub’s edge and let them sit overnight. Here, gloves are a smart idea. You won’t have to worry about making anyone sick when you awake because your bathtub won’t have any mold. The situation is quite remarkable.

2. Drain cleaning for the bathtub

bathtub cleaning hacks

My spouse usually does the drain cleaning, which is fantastic. When I finally had to do it myself, I had no idea how to unclog it. Try as I may, staring at it and hoping that it will unclog itself didn’t work.

I came upon this guide for cleaning a bathtub drain. It was quite helpful and very clear. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long despite being a little unpleasant.

How shall I put it? For the most part of us, hair clogs occur.

3. Cleaning a Bathtub with Natural Cleaners

It is overwhelming because are so many cleaners on the market. However, hiring expensive cleaners is not necessary. This hack is for you if you don’t want a cabinet full of cleaning supplies you never use!

You must try this Dawn dish soap and vinegar concoction for the best ever bath and shower cleaning. Dish soap and vinegar should be mixed in equal quantities in a spray container before application.

Unless you have particularly difficult stains, you don’t need to let them sit for a long time. You may just wipe it away to reveal a spotless bathtub—no washing is necessary!

I have been using this technique for years, and I know you will too.

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4. How to Clean a Jacuzzi Bathtub

bathtub cleaning hacks

Jetted tubs are as delightful to sit in as they are to use, but cleaning the dirt out of the jets may be difficult.

Oh, Yuk makes cleanup simple by getting rid of the gunk and crud from the jetted tub’s pipework. The gross thing that comes out of your jets will surprise you! And once it’s clean and the beautiful water is flowing once more, you’ll be happy.

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5. Gross Rust Remover – How to Clean the Shower & Bathtub

If you’ve ever lived in an older house, you’re aware that the tubs are frequently not in pristine condition when you first move in. The rust-stained tubs and showers in this house would probably scare most people away. But with a little hard work, you can tidy them up.

However, the homeowner was able to permanently remove rust from the bathtub by using the Dawn and vinegar mixture from above (to the rescue again! ), followed by a magic eraser.

Which would make you feel cleaner after taking a shower?

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6. How to Use a Magic Eraser to Clean a Bathtub

bathtub cleaning hacks

Sometimes you only need a little cleaning to perk you up, not a complete cleaning makeover.

If your bathtub isn’t too filthy (and if you don’t mind a few minutes of labour), a magic eraser by itself will do the work. It is excellent for tub rings, drain rings, and other surfaces.

It leaves the tub gleaming white and is what we use on ours 90% of the time. Because there are no sticky, goopy, or harsh cleaners to clean up, this method is our favourite. You are just left with mirror-like finishing and a sense of accomplishment!

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