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Ashley Judd Weight Gain: The Untold Story Explained!

Ashley Judd is an American actress and political activist who is recognised for starring in several critical as well as commercially hit films such as Ruby in Paradise, Heat, Norma Jean & Marilyn, A Time to Kill, Double Jeopardy, Frida, High Crimes, De-Lovely, Twisted, Olympus Has Fallen, Divergent, and A Dog’s Way Home.

She is connected to the Judds, the country music pair; daughter of Naomi Judd, and half-sister of Wynonna Judd.

The Golden Globe-nominated American star is also known for her charity initiatives. As her acting career has extended more than three decades, she has also grown increasingly involved in global humanitarian activities and political activities.

But currently, it’s not her career or activism that she is in the spotlight for. It is due of Ashley Judd’s weight gain allegations that she is on plenty of minds. So, is it true that she gained weight? Let’s find out!

Ashley Judd’s Weight Gain: Has The Actress Already Started Working for Weight Loss?

ashley judd weight gainSo, did Ashley Judd gain weight? Questions like these questioning Ashley Judd’s (@ashley Judd) appearance were circulating on the internet after her latest public appearance, which was at an event for a memorial ceremony in honour of her recently deceased mother the country icon Naomi Judd, that aired on CMT.

Ashley took a few moments to share a few words in tribute to her mother with the crowd gathered at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, during which it seems that people didn’t take notice of her words, but instead, her appearance and how her face looked swollen because sure enough, most of them are asking did Ashley Judd gain weight.

This is not the first time, remember how Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery was trending after her less recent visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame when her mother’s name was being inducted for her contribution to country music as a homage?

So, like mother, like the daughter in that like Noami Judd had been unable to avoid the suspicions of plastic surgery, Ashley couldn’t either. In fact, now Ashley is attacked with suspicions of weight gain as if being targeted with allegations of plastic surgery were not enough. That appears to be more about people than them, but nevertheless.

Anyway, the actress hasn’t bothered to address these claims and the interest of the people. But a similar incident had happened in the past which she had responded to when she explained the reason for her weight increase.

Circumstances had not been the best for her because Ashley Judd’s weight gain was trending then as well, and she spoke out because she was weary of being attacked for her physical appearance, more notably, her face, which many people claimed was bloated and all puffed out.

Ashley Judd had just made an appearance in a campaign film for Democratic presidential contender, Senator Elizabeth Warren to support her when she garnered a lot of traction and anger for the way she looked.

The politics of it was lost with the charges of plastic surgery and weight gain amidst the sea of comments like falling victim to a severe bee sting, and not being able to resist that Snickers bar.

In response to those uncalled-for filthy comments on her appearance, the 54-year-old who was all too familiar with activism (she is also known for her participation with the #Metoo campaign), wrote a lengthy op-ed and uploaded it on Facebook. And it was then that the world got to know the reason for her weight gain.

ashley judd weight gain

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In the statement, Ashley Judd revealed that she has been suffering from siege migraines, an ailment of which typical therapy is Botox. So, she had been receiving 31 shots every twelve weeks paid for by her union insurance. That had obviously transformed the way she looks. But along with that, it also induced weight gain. As she wrote and I quote,

Earlier this year, my neurology pain specialist barred me from anything than modest walking exercise. My previous siege migraine lasted a painful four and a half months. Along with medication, and the inevitable sloth that collects around forced inertia, I have suffered some un-fun weight gain.

So, I think the answer to the question ‘did Ashley Judd gain weight’ is: yes, she absolutely did. The ‘puffy’ and ‘bloated’ face that people so loathe in spite of the fact that they are not impacted by it in any way, is due to Botox and weight gain which is the side effect of the prescription.

Back in 2012 as well, Ashley Judd was rumoured of getting fillers after she made an appearance on a Canadian chat programme to promote her new television series Missing. People felt that the explanation for her puffier-than-normal face was injectable fillers.

But it turned out to be a side effect of medication as well since as her spokesperson explained, she had been on a large amount of medication she had been taking as she was suffering an ongoing, acute sinus infection and flu. She had also been on prednisone which is known to induce a bit of weight gain, especially on the face.

Anyway, Ashley Judd has been working to reverse the adverse effects which is the weight increase. In that Facebook post, she also mentioned that,

Just lately, my doctor gave me medical clearance to resume exercising. It has been delightful to resume jogging, yoga, and vigorous trekking, and I am immediately benefiting from everything that comes with movement. I’ve booked a date with my favourite half-marathon in early June.

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After learning all this, maybe people will kindly stop comparing her images of the past pre-weight increase with her pictures, especially her face of presently.


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