Amazon Hacks: Every Amazon User Need To Know The Hacks!

Amazon Money-Saving Advice

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’re probably well aware of my obsession with Amazon. Where else can you find festive house décor, garlic powder, and walkie-talkies all in one place? (Yes, I have all three of those goods under the area titled “Recent Orders”).

Today, I’m going to provide some of my best advice for maximizing your Amazon buying experience.

1. Amazon Prime

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I’ll start with the most obvious. Being a Prime Member has SO many advantages, but the largest one is the FREE 2-day shipping.

I don’t know about you, but when I shop online, I can’t bear having to pay for shipping! A nice perk is that my Amazon purchases ship for free and show up at my door in just two days.

2. Amazon Gift Card

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**Only available to Prime Members

Wait before you disregard our advice since getting another credit card is the last thing you want to do! A store card is all that the Amazon Store Card is. This means that it can only be used to make purchases on Amazon and is not a credit card.

Consider it in the same manner that you use your Target Red Card to save 5 percent on all of those dollar store purchases or your Kohl’s card to earn Kohl’s cash.

Prime Members can easily earn 5% back on EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE with the Amazon Store card.

This can result in a sizable discount for Amazon enthusiasts like myself! And it makes saving on Amazon even simpler when combined with the offers and advice in the rest of this piece!

To avoid paying the exorbitant interest rates, simply set it up as your default payment option and pay it off right away after every transaction. You’ll get a bill credit each month that you may use on future purchases.

3. Deals at Warehouses

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A little-known area of Amazon’s website offers goods at a reduced price because they have been returned or had packing damage while shipping to the warehouse. Items are frequently reduced down by 50% or more from their original price.

Therefore, before making a new product purchase on Amazon, think about whether purchasing a used or refurbished version from the Amazon Warehouse Deals section might satisfy your needs.

We have bought a number of things from Amazon Warehouse, including the coffee table for our living room, an espresso maker, and even a wide-angle lens for our DSLR camera.

Before making a purchase, we ALWAYS search for discounts there! You may be sure that the used item you are receiving is of the highest caliber because all used items are examined and tested by Amazon. Before selling a product, they carefully assess its functionality and physical condition and assign it one of four grades: “Like New,” “Very Good,” “Good,” and “Acceptable.”

Additionally, any things purchased through the Warehouse Deals section are covered by the same return policy as new items, including free returns for any defective or damaged goods.

4. Deals of the Day

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The Today’s Deals section features a small number of regularly discounted items that are available for purchase. Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals are the two different categories of deals.

I like to bookmark this page in my browser and check it every day! Alternatively, you may subscribe to the daily deals email service to receive notifications whenever a new bargain is available in your inbox.

A single item (or a small group of closely related items) that is discounted for just one day is known as the “Deal of the Day.”

Lightening Deals are sales items that come with additional discounts for a brief 4-hour period, or until all of the stock is gone. Lightning Deals are time-sensitive, therefore it’s crucial that you finish placing your order right away. You will be able to view a progress bar showing how many times the lightning offer has already been redeemed as well as a countdown indicating how long you have to add the item to your Cart when it becomes available. It is a good idea to click the “Join the Waitlist” button and be informed if/when that item becomes available because customers occasionally add products to their carts but never check out. However, move quickly—these specials are called Lightning Deals for a reason!

Bonus for Prime Members

Prime Early Access, which grants you 30-minutes of early access to Lightning Deals, is available to all Prime Members. Given how quickly many deals sell out, this may be essential.

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5. Sign Up and Save

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One of my favorite Amazon features is this one! With Amazon Subscribe and Save, you can arrange recurring delivery of goods you need on a regular basis and instantly save 5 percent.

Even better, you can save 15% when you subscribe to 5 or more products at once.

To make sure we always have supplies on hand, I use this feature for things like paper towels, dog food, and coffee. Additionally, you can clip quick coupons that can be used in conjunction with your 5 or 15 percent discount. Twofold savings

Simply choose the items you want from the Subscribe and Save store, decide how frequently you want them delivered (once a month, every other month, whatever works for you), and you can start saving! You can quickly modify your delivery day at any time, skip deliveries, or both.

In case you need to make any adjustments, you’ll also get a reminder email before each subscription is sent out. Alternatively, you can update your Subscribe and Save items in the Account drop-down menu, which is seen below.

This is such a simple method of saving money on groceries while also saving you time!

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6. Premier Pantry

**Only available to Prime Members

Prime Pantry allows subscribers to shop for common supermarket and household goods. There is a huge assortment, and everything ships for only $5.99 in a sizable flat-rate box (see the advice below for free shipping!).

Nonperishable groceries in convenient sizes can be delivered right to your front door in this quick and easy manner. You’re saving time and money by doing that.

You can fill your PrimePantry box with as much or as little as you choose until it is full (Amazon tells you the capacity percentage as you add items). However, if your box is completely filled, you will obtain the most benefit from the delivery fee.

7. Lists on Amazon

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If you haven’t started using this feature yet, you should. Most people believe that the Amazon Wish Lists section is solely for exchanging gift suggestions with friends and family. Even though this is very practical, making lists is still beneficial.

Amazon will notify you if any of the things on your list decrease in price since they eventually want you to buy the items on your list. It turns out to be a built-in price tracker that helps you find the greatest deal on the goods you want!

It’s easy to set up a list:

Select “Your Lists” from the drop-down menu under “Account” to open the list. From there, you can examine your existing lists as well as create new ones. Each list can have a different name, and you can choose whether you want it to be public or private.

By clicking the “Add to List” button beneath the section where you may read shipping information and add products to your basket after creating a list, you can quickly add items while shopping.

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8. Amazon Family

**Only available to Prime Members

Exclusive family-focused offers and incentives are made available to Prime members through Amazon Family. Additionally, when you get diapers and baby food on a regular basis as a subscription, you can save up to 20% (similar to Subscribe and Save, but with a bigger discount)!

Anyone with little children would greatly benefit from those savings. Combine that with the 5% back from using the Amazon store card, and you’ve saved 25%!

Additionally, you can take advantage of the Amazon Family Baby Registry completion discount to save 15% on all goods on your wish list. Yes, you may construct a baby registry on Amazon Family and then earn 15% off any item that wasn’t a gift!

Join the Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial to receive 30 days for free; simply create a profile for your family and begin saving!

9. Amazon Student 

Do you attend college or do you have kids that do? Don’t pass up the opportunity to receive all of the advantages of an Amazon Prime subscription for 6 months absolutely FREE through Amazon Student!

All you need to do is present your email address and evidence that you are registered for at least one course. For a flat $0, you can get free 2-day shipping as well as immediate access to streaming music, TV, and movies!

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10. Compensation for Late Shipments: Refunds and Credits

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Whenever my Amazon shipment is delayed, I am always happy.

You read that correctly;

If you are a Prime member and your order doesn’t come within the guaranteed 2-day shipping window, you may call Amazon, and more often than not they will give you discounts. This is because Amazon has such excellent customer service. We have received a free month of Amazon Prime, account credits, and occasionally even a replacement item in addition to the chance to return an item for free in rare cases.

Therefore, call Amazon the next time your item is delayed to see what they can do to make it up to you.

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