A List of the Most Fun Rides and Attractions for Adults at a Funfair

So you’ve finally decided that the best theme you could have for your event is a funfair theme – well, you’re not alone because, among the different themes right now (and there have always been plenty to choose from!), the funfair or fairground theme is one of the best – it’s suitable for all age groups, everyone loves the nostalgia of it and the fond memories it brings, and there’s something for everyone – whether it’s the giant Ferris wheel ride or an inflatable bouncy house for the kids.

It’s also easier to organise than most other themes out there, and you can even have a specialist do it all for you – basically, all you have to do is choose the best rides and attractions! Speaking of which, we have a good idea of what will please the kids – but what about the adults? They shouldn’t be left out of the equation, either. So what would be the best kinds of rides for them? Let’s look at a list of the most fun rides and attractions for the not-so-young at a funfair.

A swing boat

Indeed, there are plenty of rides at a funfair, and it can be challenging to choose the best one. But amongst all the rides available today, there is one ride that will surely delight the adults – a swing boat. Granted, it’s been a staple at many a funfair for years, but the adults still get a kick out of it – who doesn’t like getting on a swing, but this time it’s for grown-ups!

The ride features swings that are side by side, and the seats are on a long boat, so mum and dad (or even grandpa or grandma) can swing together and enjoy the nostalgia brought on by the ride. But, of course, a swing boat is just the thing for a birthday party or corporate event, and it’s perfect for the adults to have a roaring good time.

A Ferris wheel

Of course, everyone is familiar with this fairground or funfair attraction. When paired with fun booths and side stalls, it brings to life the classic funfair we know and love – and there are plenty of fairground stall hire specialists who can let you choose from an array of rides and game booths to make your event as classic and as fun as can be.

But going back to the Ferris wheel – there are different variations available. For instance, there is the vintage Ferris wheel, which brings you back to childhood memories with days spent at the funfair, and the giant wheel is ideal for those who want to gaze at the onlookers from below.

A crazy cage

The crazy cage is a more recent addition to the funfair rides of old, but it has also garnered a lot of attention simply because it’s more daring – and thrilling – than most. This ride is for you if you want a ride that offers more thrills (and screams!). It uses centrifugal force to help push the players on the wall, and the force keeps them upright even if they are not strapped to a seat. Then the ride spins dizzyingly around, and a spin or two is enough to keep riders reeling.

There are plenty of other rides fit for adults, and if you’re having trouble choosing them, your funfair hire expert would be happy to help.

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