Winzo Gold Apk: How to Download in 2022!

Want to get paid to play fun games using Paytm or bank cash? Yes, you can succeed.

Today, a huge number of individuals use their cell phones to play games. But they are merely having fun while playing games. How to make money playing video games.

It’s true that some gaming platforms let players get paid in real money for playing games.

One of the most well-liked e-Sports platforms in India is WinZO Gold App. where individuals may participate in fun games and make money doing so Even some people profit financially from using this type of program. In the Winzo app, you can also make money by referring other users.

In India, the e-Sports market is expanding quickly. Large corporations are entering this sector in large numbers.

Despite the fact that there are various platforms available, WinZO Gold has already established itself in the e-Sport sector.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Playing entertaining games on WinZO Gold can win you money. This software offers a wide variety of games to play. I’ll provide a thorough overview of the WinZO money-making app.

Also covered in this blog is how to obtain WinZO Gold APK. Just continue reading this post.

Let’s get going…

WinZo Gold App Download

There is no WinZO Gold app in the Google Play Store. The program may only be downloaded via the official website.

The app is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

However, if you use iOS, you may get the WinZO Gold app from the Apple App Store.

How to Register & Install WinZO Gold 

winzo gold apkLet’s look at how to sign up for WinZOd APK on Android and how to download it.


Step 1 – Click this button to get the official WinZO app download link on the website.

Step 2: Click “Download App & Get Rs. 50” now. After that, hit OK.

Step 3: Go to Settings > Security > Enable Install From Unknown Source on your smartphone after downloading the APK from the WinZO Gold website.

Step 4:  The WinZO Gold APK should now be installed.

Step 5: After downloading the WinZO software. Choose the language of your choice.

Step 6: Type in your cell phone number.

Step 7: At this point, you must validate your mobile number.

Step 8: After validating the number, you will receive Rs. 10.

Step 9: Enter your information now.

WinZO Gold App Info

App Name WinZO Gold.
Users 5 Cr+
Owner Tick Skill Games Private Limited.
Available On Android and iOS.
App Size 116 MB
Withdrawal Paytm, G-pay, Phonepe, & UPI

A gaming website where you can play games online and make money is called WinZO Gold App. Over 100 games are offered in a variety of genres, including Battle Royale, Action, Card, Esport, Casual, etc.

Many e-Sports apps, including MPL and Big Cash, are available now.

The most well-known games, such as Free Fire, Carom, Fruit Samurai, Cricket, etc., are also available. According to Similarweb, receives more than 6 million views per month.

Over 7 crore people utilize it. With the help of the WinZO Games, many people are making thousands of rupees.


The Winzo Gold app has a tonne of features. Here are a few of this app’s features.

  • Winzo app has more than 100 games, which is greater than most other apps. There are many different games in it. They also feature some well-known games, such as Fantasy League, Cricket, Pool, Rummy, and Carrom.
  • Multiple Languages – The winzo app supports a number of different languages. It has more than ten different languages.
  • Numerous Gaming Categories – There are numerous gaming categories included as well. such as tactics, card games, electronic sports, arcades, racing, casual, cricket games, board games, action, etc.
  • Fantasy League – If you are knowledgeable about sports such as cricket, football, and others, you may play Fantasy League and put up a winning squad.
  • Available on iOS and Android – The Winzo app is compatible with both operating systems. You may download it via the Winzo website even though the play store for Android does not have it. It can be found in the iOS app store.
  • Winzo is a very safe and secure app for transactions. It is 100% safe, secure, and legal. As seen by the TV advertisements for the app, it is also lawful.
  • By referring your friends to the Winzo app, you can earn money. The best way to monetize this software is using this method. Additionally risk-free, this choice.
  • There are numerous options for withdrawals with this app, including Google Pay, Paytm, Phonepe, and others.
  • Customer service is available around the clock on the Winzo app as well. It greatly benefits its users.

How Does The WinZO Gold App Work?


The WinZO Game is really simple to use. All you have to do is download it to your smartphone. The next step is playing games to make money. With the WinZO Gold referral code, you can also profit.

  • Game classifications.
  • WinZoBaazi
  • 24/7 competitions
  • Daily Tests
  • Athletic League

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Refer & Earn with WinZO Gold

winzo gold apkWinZO Gold is giving 35 rupees for each referral. When your referee installs using your referral link and play their first game, you will receive Rs. 20. Additionally, you will receive 20% (up to Rs. 10) of the additional income your referee receives. When the referee oversees five games, another Rs. 5 is due.


By recommending WinZO games, you can make a significant amount of money.

Using The WinZO Gold App

These are the procedures.

  • Open the app, then enter your WinZO login information.
  • Press the Refer section button.
  • Click Copy Your Referral Link to continue.
  • On social media, distribute the referral link.
  • You will receive Rs. 20 when your friend downloads the app and plays the first game.
  • When they add money to their WinZO wallet, you will receive an additional Rs. 10 from them.
  • When your friend plays five games, you will also receive Rs. 5.

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Where to distribute the WinZO referral code

On numerous social networking platforms, you can post your WinZO referral code.

#1 YouTube: You may have seen that many individuals are creating videos on Youtube concerning money-making apps. You can follow suit. Simply make videos; you are not required to reveal your face.

The YouTube description should contain a referral link. You will receive a bonus every time someone uses your referral code.

#2 Telegram: Channels on Telegram are currently well-liked. You may start a channel for this subject. On that channel, all you have to do is share your referral code.

Join various Facebook groups that can help you make money. Simply share your referral code after that. However, the likelihood that anyone will install it is extremely minimal.

How To Add Cash On WinZO Gold

You need to put money in your wallet if you want to play games and make money.

I’ll outline a few steps for adding money to your WinZO wallet. The steps are listed below.

  • Tap the Wallet area after launching the Winzo app.
  • Then click Add Cash.
  • Enter the amount you desire.
  • Next, click Add now.
  • Choose your payment option lastly.
  • UPI, a digital wallet, credit or debit card, or net banking are all options.
  • Make the payment at the end. Your wallet will be credited with the amount.

Thus, this is how you add money to the Winzo Gold app. However, if you’re paying to play games on the Winzo app.

I won’t advise you to do it. because risk factors are involved. However, there are several crucial considerations to keep in mind if you decide to add money to play Winzo games:

  • If you are skilled at Winzo games and consistently succeed. After that, you can add more cash. Still, there are potential hazards.
  • The bare minimum should be deposited into your account. So, you won’t stand to lose a lot.
  • Utilize the cash you receive for recommending users to the Winzo app.

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How to Take Your Winnings Out of WinZO Gold

WinZO’s earning software makes it simple for you to make money. You must thus withdraw after earning, am I correct? Let’s look at how to deposit your winnings into your bank account or Paytm wallet. The smallest withdrawal is three rupees.

  • Just select Withdraw from the Wallet section.
  • Select Paytm/UPI now.
  • Then select Withdraw Now.
  • Boom! You’re done now. Your Paytm wallet or bank account will be credited with your winnings.
  • A 5 percent redemption fee applies.

Proof of WinZO Gold Payment

Here is evidence of a WinZO Gold withdrawal.

winzo gold apk


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Cons and Pros of WinZO Gold

Let’s look at several WinZO Gold benefits and drawbacks.


  • $50 Welcome Bonus
  • There are more than 100 games accessible.
  • There are more than 12 languages on the app.
  • 24/7 customer service is offered.


  • The Play Store does not have the application.
  • It entails risk, and if you are not skilled at Winzo games, you could lose your money.


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