Shawn Mendes’ Mental Health Battle In His Own Words: ‘I’ve Reached a Breaking Point’

Completely unreserved. Shawn Mendes, who shot to stardom as a teenager, has been transparent about the effects celebrity has had on his mental health over time.

“I’m incredibly appreciative. This acting is fantastic. In his Netflix documentary Shawn Mendes: In Wonder from November 2020, the singer of “Stitches” admitted that he has never had more pleasure in his life.

I want to spend time with my parents and watch movies, travel around a suburban area, lay on a soccer field, smoke a joint with my pals, and eat some beef jerky, but at the same time. Currently, I long for that. Every every day is pretty intense.

A frank social media post about embracing his authentic personality two years later saw Mendes talking up about the daunting nature of his job. The reality, as it is, is a 23-year-old who is continuously afraid of either flying or drowning.

Everything Shawn Mendes Has Said About His Mental Health BattleMaybe that’s just how being in your 20s is, I don’t know, or maybe that’s just me,” the “Treat You Better” musician penned in April. The fact is that I truly want to present myself to the world as my wholly genuine, original self without regard for what others may think (but occasionally I do!) I occasionally feel liberated when I truly don’t care what other people think. But it’s a battle most of the time. It is true what you say.

In spite of my enormous achievements, he said, it’s still challenging for me to feel like I’m succeeding. I have lost sight of everything I do have because I am so hyper-focused on what I lack. In actuality, I’m overburdened and excited, lol.

Mendes made it clear that he merely wanted to be honest with his supporters so that they would feel less alone when certain fans voiced concern about his message. “Really, I’m doing fine! I simply wish to have an open dialogue with you all. so I simply typed I big old note out for you lol,” he wrote at the time.

But in July 2022, Mendes made it known that he had to cancel a few of his tour dates in order to take care of his mental health. It has always been challenging for me to be on the road away from my friends and family since I started touring when I was 15 years old, he admitted on Instagram.

After a few years away from the road, I thought I was ready to get back on it. However, that decision was made too soon, and now I’ve reached my breaking point due to the pressure and the cost of the road.

“I need to take some time to recuperate and take care of myself and my mental health, first and foremost,” the Canadian native continued after speaking with her team and medical experts. I’ll keep you all informed as soon as there are any new developments; I promise.

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On Sexuality-Related Rumors,

Everything Shawn Mendes Has Said About His Mental Health Battle“Now, I realize that 99 percent of you guys don’t make assumptions like this, but this is just for the 1% of you that do. Just consider, “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be criticizing someone” or “Wait, it actually doesn’t even matter” before you make assumptions about someone based only on the words or actions they use.

They are free to act, be themselves, and feel whichever they want to.” In a series of videos released in June 2016, Mendes addressed the suspicions around his sexuality. “I’m angry because in this day and age people still have the arrogance to say about me online that I’m gay as if it’s a terrible thing. I truly have nothing more to add to that.”

His mental health suffered as a result of the rumors surrounding his sexuality, he admitted two years later. Mendes admitted to rolling stone in June 2018, “I thought, ‘You f-king guys are so happy I’m not genuinely gay and frightened of coming out. That’s what kills people, I hear you say. Its sensitivity level is so high. Are the songs your favorite? How about you? I’m gay, so what?

How Fame

Everything Shawn Mendes Has Said About His Mental Health BattleEven while Mendes enjoys being able to sing and play music, he still longs for the ability to lead a typical young adult’s life. He admitted to Wonder that he had never enjoyed himself more. But I also just want to hang out with my folks, watch movies, travel around a suburban area, lay on a soccer field, smoke a joint with my pals, and eat some beef jerky.

Considering How His Voice Makes Me Nervous

“I’m continuously warming up and monitoring my voice out of the fear that one day I’ll try to sing and it’ll just not come out, “While talking about his concern about losing his voice, Mendes stated in the Netflix documentary.

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Regarding How to Manage Anxiety

In an opinion piece he wrote about how the coronavirus epidemic affected his mental health for TIME magazine in April 2020, he encouraged his readers to “try and call or FaceTime friends and family every day to stay connected” and to “don’t be irritated with yourself if you feel stuck or overwhelmed.”

Everyone is having a difficult time right now, so please be patient with yourself, he said further. My feelings have been all over the place; some days I’m fine, and other days it’s frightening.

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In Search of Being Himself

Everything Shawn Mendes Has Said About His Mental Health Battle“He tweeted this in April 2022: “Sometimes I ask myself what it is that I should be doing with my life, and all I ever get in response is ‘to say the truth, to be the truth’. Because of reality, I’m worried that people will judge me negatively. Perhaps I’ll bore them to tears.

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What Fame’s Highs and Lows Are

However successful I may be, I still struggle to feel like I’m succeeding. I’m overly concerned with what I lack, oblivious to everything I do have “During that time, Mendes wrote. I’m overburdened and overstimulated, to be honest.

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On Cancelling His Tour

“I’ve been touring since I was 15 and, to be honest, it’s always been challenging to be away from friends and family while traveling,” he wrote in July 2022 when revealing plans to reschedule his tour.

“After a few years away from the road, I thought I was ready to jump back in, but that decision was hasty, and sadly the pressure and toll of the road have caught up with me, and I’ve reached my breaking point. In the first place, I need to give myself some time to recover and look after my mental health.”

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