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Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain: Complete Info in 2022!

The 156-pound weight limit was reached by UFC star Paddy Pimblett ahead of his weekend bout with Jordan Leavitt, and he sent a message to his detractors by baring his bottom during the weigh-in on Friday.

After ballooning to more than 200 lb in the wake of his dramatic victory over Rodrigo Vargas in March, the celebrity himself has acknowledged that his weight gain is unsustainable.

However, he made the choice to express his displeasure with individuals who had “fat-shamed” the celebrity for his way of life during the weigh-in.

TJ Dillashaw, a former UFC bantamweight champion, criticized the fighter after he put on weight, saying that he would “never become a world champion” if he continued to overeat after fights. However, it was clear after the weigh-in on Friday that Pimblett was in excellent shape, which inspired the celebrity to make the gesture.

After gaining weight during the televised competition, the lightweight tweeted a message that read, “For everyone who attempted to fat-shame me and say I’d miss weight or f***ing pull out, here’s me a***.”

During the weigh-in, which was live-streamed on BT Sport’s weigh-in show, the celebrity reportedly criticized his rival Jordan Leavitt, saying that the American was avoiding him while simultaneously criticizing his appearance.

paddy pimblett weight gain

“With only 11 lbs., it was manageable. Is Leavitt using makeup? He seems scruffy. I’ve been trying to look at him back then, but the crazy youngster won’t even turn to face me.

That is exactly the plan: after eating some pasta, I’ll enter and punch a hole in his brain to render him unconscious. He believes there will be a grappling contest, but it won’t be, I’m going to lay the blame on him.

“It’s going to be a first-round knockout; in his previous bout with Rodrigo Vargas, I gave everyone a first-round submission; now it’s time to give them all a first-round knockout. If I manage to get him on top of me, even a ground-and-pound TKO.

I anticipate him attempting to make it a dull battle, grappling-heavy as he does in all of his fights, but even when I grapple, the fight is fun and exhilarating. I don’t like having dull battles, but when he grapples, he just makes it boring.

“People don’t usually talk about dull fights afterward, so I don’t like having them. Every day, as I mentioned yesterday, I compete against Division 1 wrestlers who weigh 84 kg, while I weigh 77 kg. He is a wrestler of a much higher caliber than Jordan ever will be. It will detonate.”

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Bio of Paddy Pimblett

paddy pimblett weight gain

Famous MMA fighter Paddy Pimblett was born in the United Kingdom on January 3, 1995. Professional MMA fighter with a BJJ background best known for representing Next Generation UK in the Lightweight class.

He is renowned for having competed in numerous Cage Warriors Fighting Championships. Capricorn is Paddy Pimblett’s zodiac sign, according to astrologers.

He was born and raised in Liverpool, England, and in June 2018 he uploaded a snapshot of his family to Instagram.

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The career of Paddy Pimblett

paddy pimblett weight gainPopular British MMA fighter Paddy Pimblett fights in the UFC. After an incredible breakthrough year, Paddy Pimblett, also known as “The Baddy,” will want to advance his standing in the UFC in 2022.

At the age of 17, Paddy Pimblett made his professional debut against the more skilled but less successful Englishman Nathan Thompson. In the opening round, Paddy Pimblett achieved a technical knockout victory.

Paddy Pimblett competed in Cage Warriors 56 for the first time, taking on Florian Calin, an unbeaten CW rookie. Paddy Pimblett has twice rejected the UFC’s offer, but he is now prepared to sign the deal with the organization for the third time.

In Manchester in 2019, Paddy Pimblett made his grappling debut with the Polaris 11. Due to Stevie Ray’s shots delivered through an inside heel-hook, Paddy Pimblett lost that bout. He won some fights by submission and many of them by knockout.

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Paddy Pimblett’s Earnings

A well-known British MMA fighter that participates in the UFC, Paddy Pimblett is expected to have a net worth of over $200K by the year 2021.


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