Mischa Barton Weight Gain: Complete Info in 2022!

Since she began as Marissa Cooper in the Fox television series The O.C., Mischa Barton has been well-known, which, based on the years that have passed since she became a star at such a young age, has turned out to be more of a burden than a blessing.

Mischa was unable to properly digest her newfound stardom in Hollywood, in part because the actress was still a young child when she starred on The O.C. at the age of sixteen. She was referred to as the 2003 “It Girl” by Entertainment Weekly.

Maybe Mischa Barton developed a too relaxed and carefree, always-partying lifestyle to live up to expectations like that and change her personality to the one people used to believe she possesses. This attracted greater attention to her.

What’s the backstory behind Mischa Barton’s weight gain?

mischa barton weight gainThe attention proved to be extremely detrimental to Mischa Barton’s (@mischabarton) difficulties with body image and mental health. She came under great media and public scrutiny, and various opinions on her figure were expressed.

Mischa Barton, then 16 years old, was a size zero and had an extremely slim build during her O.C. days.

Then-teenager was criticised for being a bad teen model and for not upholding a healthier body standard, despite the fact that those were the beginning of the size zero trend, which meant that she should have been spared the already unfair criticisms about her weight based on the twisted notions of beauty that the society was holding on to.

As time passed, Mischa changed and was no longer the same skinny teen. Mischa Barton’s weight increase made her look too different from the early days of her popular stardom.

Perhaps as she grew and became an adult, her body expanded and filled out, or perhaps she was unable to preserve the thin figure due to the unhealthy lifestyle she followed subsequently, or both. The insults to her appearance and hate of her growing weight then started up once more.

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Young Mischa, who had no idea better, had been leading a jet-set lifestyle, which was made feasible by those around her who allowed her to do so.

The former teen actress remembered that living life that way was like being stuck on a train that she could not get off of. People could do that when they were young, but eventually it would all come crashing down.

And indeed, that was what had taken place. Mischa Barton’s physical health suffered as a result of the partying, and she started to gain weight. This was followed by the tyranny of body-shamers and haters in her mental health.

The O.C. star broke down because she was unable to control them. She gave up that way of life after experiencing a mental breakdown and began putting more of an emphasis on caring for herself and becoming well. Even Nevertheless, the nasty comments about her weight continued and scarcely subsided.

She could never look the way she did when she was 16, and because of how many people seemed to view this as an unforgivable sin, she received a lot of harsh remarks.

The Starcrossed actor undoubtedly realised she would have to wait an eternity if she waited for people to stop complaining about her weight increase before she could have peace of mind. She believed that she could never succeed because her body had no real effect on anyone else.

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People used to say that Mischa Barton had a detrimental influence on youngsters when she was thin. Additionally, she remained too overweight for most people’s tastes even after gaining a little weight and appearing healthy. She made a small weight loss when she visited India and Paris in 2013.

mischa barton weight gainShe had to tell her followers at the time that she was healthy and that her weight reduction had nothing to do with her condition. She came to the realisation that she would never be the right weight as a result of the ways that people constantly made up methods to criticise her weight and make her feel bad.

As a result, the actress started ignoring comments about her weight. She fully committed to caring for herself and doing what was best for her health, giving no consideration to what other people might think of her.

She began to pay attention to her nutrition and reduced her intake of fatty foods. She started doing yoga and Pilates.

Mischa Barton teamed with a mushroom-based supplement in 2014, claiming that she was looking for a supplement that would function in harmony with her body because she struggled with her weight naturally. She asserted that the product helped her lose 4 pounds in a week.

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The Hills: New Beginnings star was seen in 2019 leaving a Malibu restaurant. Then, she appeared a little heavier.

Mischa Barton and Hydroxycut worked together to create a diet and fitness regimen in July 2020 to help her lose weight.

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