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Mac Life Hacks : 15 Best Life Hacks in 2022!

Mac Life Hacks

One of the most capable and adaptable devices on the market right now is the Mac. Your Mac comes with so many wonderful features that it would be hard to know about them all.

There’s a lot more to your Mac than meets the eye, like the ability to effortlessly take screen photos and add emojis to your conversations.

1. Master The Screenshot

There are three ways to capture a screenshot on a Mac, and they’re all very awesome:

You can use your mouse to move a crosshair to focus on the exact object you want to capture by pressing Command + Shift + 4.

Press Command + Shift + 4 simultaneously, release them, then press the Spacebar. You can now click on any window you like to take a picture of the entire window, including the shadow.

To capture a screenshot of the full desktop, press Command + Shift + 3. You’ll receive a file for each connected display.

2. Moving The Dock

To instantly conceal the Dock, press the keyboard keys Command + Option + D first. Re-press the keys to restore it. What if you have two displays and want to transfer the Dock there rather than conceal it?

Simply move the mouse to the alternative display and maintain the cursor position in the lower-left corner of the screen. Until you repeat the action on the original monitor, the Dock will move over and occupy the new screen.

3. Use Spotlight As A Calculator

Simply press Command + Space to open Spotlight, then write the problem to get some quick arithmetic done. When you’re finished, simply press ESC to return to your previous task.

4. Make A Quick Apple Icon

To quickly and easily create an Apple icon, simply press Option + Shift + K. This may be used in Word documents, emails, SMS messages, and really anything that accepts keyboard input.

5. Use An Emoji Keyboard

Your keyboard’s emoji keyboard can be accessed by pressing Command + Control + Space. Although this isn’t always possible, it usually works when texting or sending emails. If you use an emoji that doesn’t display properly, a triangle will appear.

6. Delete Files Quickly

To move a file to the trash, all you have to do is select it and press the Command + Delete keys. To fast empty your trash, simply press Command + Shift + Delete and then confirm the empty. no more documents

7. Access The Dictionary In A Snap

The spotlight may be used to look up terms fast to uncover their definitions, but did you know that you can also accomplish this with a few taps on your MacBook touchpad?

Simply use three fingers to tap the touchpad while holding the cursor over the word in question. By doing this, the word’s definition and thesaurus entry will appear! incredibly helpful for writers and readers.

8. Add Your Signature

Electronic document signing can be very annoying. You can produce a digital signature and use it to sign documents in Preview and Mail if you have a Macbook with an iSight camera and OS X Yosemite.

There are a few stages required, so read this post for the full instructions.

9. Disable Notifications

All Mac apps and websites that must notify you of changes are housed in the Notification Center in OS X, but you may turn off notifications for your Mac by clicking the Notification Center icon in the OS X Menu Bar and selecting “Do Not Disturb” (DND) in the Today tab.

Even faster, you can simply click the Notification Center icon in the Menu Bar while pressing the Option key on your keyboard, and it will automatically shade out. DND is activated, therefore this indicates.

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10. Adjust the volume incrementally

To gradually change the volume up or down, press the Volume Up or Down keys while holding down Shift and Option.

11. Utilize the Incremental Brightness Adjustment feature.

You can achieve an incremental adjustment by pressing the brightness up or down while holding down Shift and Option. If you’re attempting to get the ideal brightness in a dark room, this is ideal.

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12. Iterate Over Running Apps

To achieve this, simply press the Command + Tab buttons on your keyboard, and the window seen above will appear. From this point, you can hold down the Command key and use the Tab key to switch between apps. Any app that has the Command key released will be picked.

13. Use Mac’s dictation feature

You wouldn’t believe it, but your Mac can actually record dictation and make writing rather simple. Out of the box, this functionality functions reasonably well, but if your hard disc has some extra space, you can quickly update it to improve dictation quality to practically flawless.

Click Dictation & Speech in System Preferences once it has opened.

From here, make sure Use Enhanced Dictation is checked and click the radio box next to Dictation to turn it on.

You’ll be able to dictate faster and without an Internet connection thanks to this. Press the Fn (Function) key on your keyboard twice fast to start dictation.

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14. Files Can Be Renamed in Bulk

On the Mac, it used to be necessary to utilize a third-party tool to rename files in bulk, but with OS X Yosemite, the feature is built-in.

Files can be renamed in bulk by right-clicking the files you want to highlight. Choose Rename x Items from the option that opens.

The rename utility will appear over your files. When finished, simply choose the formatting you desire and click Rename. Once the files have been renamed, you are ready to go.

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15. Special Characters for Type

If you ever need to type special characters or letters with accent marks, remember our final advice on our list. Hit and hold the letter you want to see in these special variations, and OS X will display a list of the possible characters. Select the desired option by clicking it or pressing the corresponding number.

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