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Kate Bush Weight Gain: The Untold Story Explained!

kate bush weight gain

With her cover of “Wuthering Heights,” which peaked at number one, Kate Bush, one of the most well-known singer-songwriters in history, gained popularity in the late 1970s.

Kate Bush made a name for herself as a bright and really original artist throughout the 1980s.

Kate Bush’s Story of Weight Gain

It’s a truth that has long been indisputable. How many publications could you name today that didn’t have a story about a celebrity who was either too big or too skinny? I’d say that there is no honest response. Weight obsession has reached an alarming and worrying level in both the media and the rest of the world.

When Kate Bush recently appeared in public to accept an award for her most recent album, 50 Words for Snow, at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards, this was made quite plain to me.

Bush has a history of avoiding the media, which led to the label “recluse” being applied to her many years ago. At the time, people didn’t understand that she was only raising her kid and prioritizing her family.

The fact that this was her “re-appearance” naturally took center stage during her acceptance speech for her award. Even the individual who uploaded the video didn’t appear the least bit worried that she had won an award.

I enjoyed watching my favorite musical artist receive the honor she so well deserves and was happy to witness her hilarious and endearing speech.

I then read the remarks. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when I noticed that the most recent comment was only focused on her weight:

Nice Kate showed up in person; tragically, she is obviously so self-conscious about her weight that she feels the need to hide so much. As a result, she won’t even bother to appear in promotional videos, act on TV, participate in interviews or work, or even take many photos for albums.

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Who among the fans would prefer Kate in a video over a bad animation like “Lake Tahoe”? If she is that aware, she has the funds to hire a chef, dietitian, or personal trainer.

I immediately found this person to be repulsive. How did they reach any of the findings that they appear to have arrived at quickly? Is she aware of her weight? Had she been thinking about them as she spoke? And she won’t bother making an appearance in advertisements or working on television?

Her music videos for this album were excellent and frequently gorgeous animations that she herself directed, and this appearance itself was a televised appearance. The essence of the entire Kate Bush event seemed to have been utterly missed by this admirer.

But what disturbed me the most was the final remark. “If she is so aware of it, she has the money for a chef, dietitian, and personal trainer.”

So, in addition to making a crude and unfair remark about her weight, this person has also assumed that she is unhappy with the way she looks and that, given the success of her music career, she should spend all of her money on working out in order to fulfill her life’s purpose—to appease this one person and their abhorrent obsession with weight.

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Professional Career of Kate Bush

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