Kate Beckinsale Feeds an Adorable Baby Fox at ‘tea’ – Watch!

Kate Beckinsale adores her animal companion!

The 48-year-old actress from The Widow posted two videos to Instagram on Tuesday showing her chatting with a newborn fox and giving it food as they were sitting outside on what appeared to be a patio.

You arrived for tea, right? In the opening scene, Beckinsale enquired as she unlocked the door and saw the fox relaxing on the doorstep.

The young dog can be seen pulling food leftovers from Beckinsale’s hand in the second video as she holds out bite-sized treats for it.


In another picture uploaded to her Instagram Story, Beckinsale showed the dog dozing off during the middle of the day on a soft bench.

The actress originally revealed the fox to her followers a few weeks ago, writing in the captions of several pictures, “My parents have a new friend that wants to hang out with them—a foxy youngster. I had to pull out Clive’s summer dungarees because I’m so envious.”

She also posted a few pictures of her cat Clive, who was sporting a cute set of green overalls and a blue-and-white striped shirt.

Kate Beckinsale Feeds an Adorable Baby Fox In her interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan last year, Beckinsale—who is renowned for calling herself a “cat person”—spoke candidly about her penchant for dressing up her cats Willow and Clive.

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When asked about Clive, who she sometimes carries around in a carrier, she stated, “There are a couple of cats, but one of them is more eager about dressing up than the other ones so he’s featured slightly more.”

She chuckled, “That’s what happened to me in the pandemic.” That is what caused the damage.

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