Jessie J Weight Gain: When Someone Asks Jessie J if She’s Pregnant, She Responds by Saying that The Comments Are Not Cool.”

Jessie J is stating unequivocally that she does not want remarks made about her body or the bodies of others.

The 34-year-old “Bang Bang” singer wrote a lengthy note and shared it on her Instagram Story to dispel any lingering concerns about her weight.

Stop making remarks about people’s weight. Anyone. Just halt. or stating that someone clearly appears pregnant. or you appear thin. simply anything Just stop,” Jessie J penned on Thursday, according to E! News. “I know it occurs in real life because I see it so frequently on social media.”

The British artist, whose real name is Jessica Cornish, said it doesn’t matter if she has put on weight.

She added, “I have gained 10 pounds in the last six months and I feel terrific. “It may stay, it could go, or I could get more. Who cares? As long as I feel good and am healthy, I don’t care.

Jessie J, who revealed publicly in November 2017 that she had a miscarriage, claimed that she has been startled by inquiries about her pregnancy.

“I was actually just asked if I was pregnant by someone. You seem to be expecting. They were also aware of what I had gone through the previous year and gave me their opinions on it and how I ought to have handled it, she claimed. “So odd and darn brave. I never would.

She said, “Not cool to just say or comment on anyone’s physique.” “Until they or I tell you or request your input, it is not necessary or beneficial. Strange that some individuals are unaware of that. Phew.”

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On social media, Jessie J routinely posts snippets of her daily life and innermost emotions. As a result, when she miscarried in November, she posted about it on Instagram the very next day. The “Easy on Me” singer said she regretted her decision when thinking back on it in December.

Just hours after learning of my baby’s death, I posted about it. In work mode, I responded. It’s safe to say that I occasionally use more energy on fabricating an unhealthy process of my own pain in front of a camera than I do on admitting it in private, she wrote on Instagram.

In actuality, all I needed to do was f—-ing cry, sob, and fall into someone’s arms. But I was by myself at the time. Nothing had been processed by me. I also had no idea what I would experience following this concert, both physically and mentally.

Jessie J declared her love for all women who have experienced miscarriages.

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I guess I’m here to convey that you are allowed to be broken to anyone who may not have heard it, she said. “It’s okay for you to cry. permitted to be feeble. Permitted to feel worn out from the suffering, bleeding, and anguish that hardly has room to exist. You may carry this out however YOU see fit.

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