How Old Is Martell Holt? Age, Biography, Career, Networth & More Info in 2022!

Martell Holt is a well-known real estate entrepreneur who rose to fame after appearing on the Love & Marriage: Huntsville reality series on the OWN network.

He and his wife were on the show, along with two other married couples who were also in the real estate industry. He even released a book after his time as a reality television star, making him a published author.

Martell Holt’s life story

The most well-known appearance of Martell Holt, an American entrepreneur, author, home builder, and reality television personality, and that of his wife Melody Holt, was on OWN’s reality series Love & Marriage Huntsville.

He co-owns a multibillion-dollar company with his wife Melody and serves as the CEO of Holt Custom Homes.

Holt earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Alabama & M University in 2008. He continued to work there as a teacher for an additional two years before leaving in December 2010.

They had plenty of time to concentrate on his landscaping business as it started to land a number of residential and commercial projects as a result of this.

The celebrity has always had a passion for real estate. He took real estate classes in 2006 at the National School of Real Estate as a result of this. Additionally, in 2009, he participated in the founding of Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC. He currently belongs to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Marriage and love Three African American couples who work in the real estate industry in Huntsville, Alabama, make up the cast of the reality TV show Huntsville.

Age of Martell Holt

how old is martell holtMartell Holt, a well-known entrepreneur, and media personality will be 40 in 2022. He was born on January 4, 1982, making him a Capricorn by zodiac.

Because of his enormous wealth, he throws a grandiose celebration for his loved ones every year on his birthday.

Dimensions and Weight

how old Martell holt’s precise height has not yet been disclosed but based on his photos, we can calculate that he is approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 60 kg. He keeps his body in shape by exercising frequently.

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Private life

how old is martell holtThe reality TV personality and his ex-wife Melody got engaged in July 2008 after starting to date in 2007. The four kids of Martell and Melody Holt are Maliah Selene, Mariah, Martell, and Malani.

The dynamic company founders admitted that their marriage was having issues, despite the fact that they seemed to be happy together.

After Melody admitted that he had been seeing another lady for five years, this happened. The accusations of infidelity caused the couple to get a divorce.

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  • how old is martell holtIn 2008, Holt started working as a teacher at Sparkman Middle School. He left teaching after two years in order to work in real estate with Melody.
  • After several years of steadfast constancy, Martell and Melody built a multi-million dollar corporation and gave it their last names.
  • The prosperous businessperson also runs Holt Custom Homes, a business that helps clients navigate the home-building process while ensuring the consistent delivery of personalized services.
  • He also experimented with writing, producing The 9 to 5 Entrepreneur: Twelve Questions to Think About Before Making the Leap, which was published.
  • In addition to his financial savvy, he has established himself in the entertainment sector by appearing in the hit reality TV show Love and Marriage: Huntsville, which is shown on the OWN TV network.

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Martell Holt Salary

As of 2022, Martell Holt has a sizable net worth of $20 million. He owns the multi-million dollar business Holt Custom Homes and is an accomplished businessman. Millions of dollars have been made through his real estate firm, which has enabled him to lead a life of luxury.

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