How Old Is Jill Scott? Age, Biography, Career, Networth & More Updates in 2022!

Jill Scott is an American actress, singer, and composer. She has released five studio albums, the majority of which have achieved gold status. Jill Scott is a gifted singer who has won various honors and awards throughout the course of her career.

Jill Scott’s Life Story

how old is jill scott

On April 4, 1972, Jill Scott was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jill’s mother Joyce Scott and grandmother reared her in a loving environment, which gave rise to her kind and compassionate nature.

In Philadelphia, Jill Scott attended a girls’ high school. After high school, Jill decided to attend Temple University with the goal of becoming a teacher. When her coworkers criticized her teaching techniques, she gave up on her aim of finishing college.

The hip-hop group The Roots discovered Jill, a talented artist. She started writing songs with others and eventually started performing.

Jill Scott’s debut studio album, was released. when she felt confident enough in her ability to sing and write.

The album achieved best-seller status and received platinum certification in the US. Since then, Jill has released four additional albums. Jill, a multi-talented individual, has tried her hand at acting and modeling.

Jill Scott Height, Weight, and Age

April 4, 1972, saw the birth of Jill Scott. She stands 1.68 m tall and weighs 90 kg.

Jill Scott’s Husband

Jill Scott has been married twice. Her first marriage to her longtime partner Lyzel Williams lasted six years. The pair got divorced in 2007. Later, Jill wed Li’l John Roberts, her drummer, and they have a son.

Soon after the birth of their child, the couple got divorced. In 2016, Jill Scott remarried Mike Dobson, but they split up after just 15 months. She currently resides in Tennessee with her family.

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how old is jill scottThe Roots were the band where Jill Scott made her singing debut. Later, she went on tour in support of the Broadway musical Rent alongside vocalist Eric Benet. She launched her debut album in the year 2000.

It features 18 tracks, and one of them earned Jill a Grammy nomination. Beautifully Human, her second album, was published in 2004. For a song on the album, Jill was nominated for her first Grammy. The following three albums were followed by Woman, which was published in 2015.

Jill Scott is another outstanding actor who studied acting before deciding to work in the field. Hounddog, Why Did I Get Married?, and Steel Magnolias are a few of her most known works. She also created a book of poetry, which was released in 2005.

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Achievements And Recognition

Jill Scott has won a lot of accolades for her songwriting and performing abilities.

Three Grammy nominations were given to her for tracks from her second and third albums. She won the Soul Train Music Award in 2001 for her debut album. Along with music honors, Jill Scott has also been recognized for her work in acting and music videos.

For her television series Sins of the Mother, she won an NAACP award. Jill Scott’s Net Worth and Salary in 2022Thanks to her lucrative singing and acting careers, Jill Scott has a net worth of $15 million as of June 2022.

Most of her albums have achieved sales of over 100,000. More than a million copies of her debut album have been sold in the US alone. Additionally, her movies have had fantastic box office success.

In its first ten days, her movie Why Did I Get Married earned a record-breaking $38 million. The third most views for an original film were 6.5 million for Steel Magnolias. Additionally, Jill Scott makes money from her numerous performances and tours.

Jill Scott is a well-known celebrity with a large following. Jill is a resilient individual who has handled her personal issues beautifully while continuing to be a top performer and artist in her industry.

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What is the wealth of Jill Scott?

Jill Scott’s net worth is projected to be $12 million as of 2022. She began her career reading poetry and doing spoken word.

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