Hannah Murray Weight Gain: Is Hannah Murray Pregnant?

Game of Thrones season 8’s second episode aired on Easter, and although it had only been a week since the season premiere, it felt like an eternity as we all excitedly awaited its release (and each subsequent episode since).

Although everyone seemed to be thinking about Gilly during the second episode, who has had a somewhat rounder face since we last saw her in season 7, despite the episode having some major moments (and when we say major, we mean gigantic shipper-dreams coming true),

Fans speculated on Twitter and other social media platforms that Hannah Murray, who plays Gilly, might have been pregnant while filming the final season due to her minor weight gain.

According to Media Mass, English tabloids have also questioned whether she is pregnant after she was spotted out having a meal with a “romantic dinner date” with what some perceived to be a baby bump.

According to Media Mass, “speculation is flying that the actress best known for her roles in Lily & Kat, God Help the Girl, Skins, or Game of Thrones is expecting a baby with a long-term partner after she was spotted with a prominent stomach bulge on Saturday evening (April 20, 2019), during romantic dinner date nearby her place.

She raised multiple toasts during the Game of Thrones premiere, but only drank water—which is “very unusual,” according to another source—rather than wine.

hannah murray weight gainAt this point, Murray hasn’t confirmed the rumors, and according to Media Mass, her rep declined to comment on Murray’s personal life. Since Murray is notorious for keeping her private life very quiet, we don’t anticipate her making a pregnancy announcement to the media in any case.

Additionally, had she been pregnant while filming the last season, which took place in 2017 and 2018, she would have given birth by now. It doesn’t seem like Murray was pregnant when filming unless she is exceptionally skilled at concealing her child from the public.

It is difficult to tell whether Murray gained weight based on the photos above, which are from 2017, 2018, and 2019 consecutively. This is because Murray frequently dons loose, long dresses and other non-form-fitting clothing.

Nevertheless, after viewing a large number of images of her from over the past few years on Getty, it doesn’t appear as though she has increased her weight.

However, viewers appear to have noticed a small change in her weight during the second broadcast of the show, and several expressed their interest on Twitter.

Some people questioned whether the writers of the program decided to have Gilly become pregnant once more, this time carrying Sam’s son (and not another incestuous Craster child), while others questioned whether the actress herself was expecting.

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“Is Gilly expecting?” One supporter tweeted. “Have I missed anything?” Gilly appeared “healthy,” as stated by another. Was she given a small crow by Sam?

Some others made light of the fact that her character put on “that happy relationship weight” that we are all prone to do when we are in stable, committed partnerships. Similar to the weight gain some students experience during their first year of college, some refer to this as the “freshman 15.”

hannah murray weight gainMurray hasn’t yet publicly announced that she’s expecting a child, but she undoubtedly has some ardent followers who are criticizing her weight and body in front of fans for “body shaming” them.

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One admirer tweeted, “You’ll complaining about Hannah Murray’s weight can go f-k themselves fr.” Another person continued by writing in all caps, “HANNAH MURRAY IS SO BEAUTIFUL I GASP EVERY TIME I SEE HER FACE ON SCREEN,” to express their admiration for the actress.


dreadful remarks about Hannah Murray’s (Gilly) weight gain… I’m not sure if she’s pregnant or not, but that’s no justification for foul language, said user Freddie T.

Since the beginning of the series, fans have hoped that Gilly and her small family would make it through the decisive fights. Now that it appears that the two have survived the battle with the Army of the Dead, everyone is crossing their fingers that they will complete the storyline in good health.

Another popular fan theory holds that Gilly genuinely learned to read and write so she could take over if Sam were to pass away because she would need to continue writing about the conflict for future generations.

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We’re a rarity on this show, Murray recently said when discussing Gilly’s relationship with Sam. I believe that both of them have incredibly vulnerable backgrounds due to abusive upbringings.

She described their relationship to AOL Build in an interview as “two birds with broken wings, as described to me by a filmmaker. However, they discover for the first time that they might be able to fly when they gather together. They each provide the other the prospect of a better life and hope.

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