Grindstone Recipe : How to Make and Use a Grindstone in Minecraft!

The best way to improve your in-game equipment in Minecraft is to use enchantments. Before it isn’t. Once you have used one enchantment on your gear, you cannot put anything better on it due to the rigidity of the game’s mechanics.

When players discover greater enchantments but have no non-enchanted gear to use them on, they are put in a difficult situation. If you’ve ever been in that predicament, all you have to do to fix it in Minecraft is figure out how to create and operate a grindstone.

And that’s not all, either. This versatile utility block can perform a number of tasks for you and your equipment. Nevertheless, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first learn how to create a grindstone in Minecraft.

Create a Grindstone In Minecraft (2022)

A special functional block called grindstone can both disenchant and mend equipment. Additionally, it serves as a building for a job site for Minecraft villagers. Let’s learn how to get the grindstone in Minecraft Java and Bedrock and how to use it.

Why Is a Grindstone Necessary in Minecraft?

A strong block called a grindstone gives you the ability to fix your tools and machinery. This block accomplishes this feat by joining two objects made of the same substance and multiplying their combined toughness.

Additionally, depending on the material the item is composed of, grindstone increases the repaired item’s durability. On the Minecraft Wiki, a comprehensive table of all item durability bonuses can be found.

You can disenchant enchanted objects by mixing them with other enchanted or non-enchanted items in addition to fixing them with the grindstone block. However, curses in Minecraft, such as the Curse of Binding and the Curse of Vanishing, cannot be lifted with a grindstone. However, you can read our specific post on this subject if you want to find out how to remove enchantments in Minecraft.

A Block for a Job Site: Grindstone

The grindstone has two purposes in addition to its primary role as a repair and disenchantment block: it also serves as a job site block for villagers. In Minecraft, you can use it to provide or convert a villager’s job to that of a weaponsmith if you are breeding villagers.

Components Needed to Make a Grindstone

You just need three materials in Minecraft to make a grindstone. The following are the primary components for making a grindstone:

  • 2 Sticks
  • TWO PLANS (any wood)
  • One stone slab

Placing a wooden log anywhere on your crafting table in Minecraft will provide four wooden planks. A grindstone just requires two planks to be constructed. In the meantime, you can stack the remaining two boards in the crafting area so that you have two sticks. The only skill still to acquire is how to carve stone slabs.

How to Get a Stone Slab

To obtain cobblestone blocks for use in crafting a stone slab in Minecraft, follow the instructions below. The steps are as follows:

1. In Minecraft, break three cobblestone blocks using a wooden pickaxe to collect them.

grindstone recipe

2. After that, smelt the cobblestone in Minecraft using a furnace to create stone blocks. Additional wooden planks can be used as fuel.

3. To turn the three stone blocks into stone slabs, either use a stonecutter or put them in the cells at the bottom of the crafting area. To create a grindstone in Minecraft, all we need is one stone slab.

How to Make a Grindstone


  • In order to create a grindstone in Minecraft, you must combine the materials on the crafting table after gathering them.
  • In order to construct this, you must first arrange the sticks in the top row’s corner slots of the crafting area before arranging a plank beneath each stick in the second row. The wood used for these boards need not be the same type. To complete the recipe, set the stone slab in the middle cell in the top row.
  • When the grindstone is prepared, you must set it on a sturdy block in order to use it. We advise you to do this within a settlement so that you can easily find a smith for weapons.

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How to Use a Grindstone in Minecraft

grindstone recipe

  • It’s time to learn how to use this block now that you know how to create a grindstone in Minecraft. But before that, you must master the following fundamental mechanics:
  • In Minecraft, a grindstone has two input slots where you can place things to combine them for more durability and to destroy enchantments.
  • It cannot be used to combine objects made of different materials or two non-identical items (such as a pickaxe and a sword) (like a diamond sword and a wooden sword).
  • The grindstone increases the durability of placed goods in addition to combining it, depending on the substance of the items.
  • Last but not least, even though it requires two things to work, only one thing is produced in the end.
  • The grindstone has multiple uses, unlike other utility blocks, and each one depends on the mix of things used to fill it. Let’s utilise a few usage scenarios to comprehend this notion.

Combining Two Enchanted Items

grindstone recipe

In Minecraft, if you put two enchanted objects into a grindstone, the outcome is always a non-enchanted item. Along with the output item, you also gain experience based on the quantity and degree of enchantments. Not to mention, curses on your items prevent you from gaining experience because they can’t be erased with a grindstone.

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Items: Enchanted and Non-Enchanted

A non-enchanted item will result from the grinding of an enchanted and a non-enchanted item together. The curse, however, will automatically be added to the output item if the enchanted item had one. The resultant object will still be cursed, but you will now have access to an enchanted item.

Depending on the quantity and quality of the enchantments on the item, you will gain experience in either situation. And the product will have the two items’ combined durability.

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Items that are not enchanted when combined.

In Minecraft, using a grindstone is as simple as combining two non-enchanted things. The end product from combining the two input items is devoid of any enchantments and provides no experience. Instead, you just receive a single item that combines the two items’ combined durability with added durability.

Utilize a Grindstone in Minecraft to fix your equipment.

You now have another strong tool at your disposal that you may use to quickly disenchant and repair your things. To find more options, you can also utilise our article on how to remove enchantments in Minecraft. You can utilise enchanted books in Minecraft to use fresh enchantments once your item is free of all previous enchantments. Additionally, our comprehensive list of the greatest Minecraft enchantments can assist you in deciding which enchantments to use and which to avoid when playing the game.

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