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Carson Daly Weight Gain: The Reason Behind His Weight Gain Explained!

The position of mental health advocate has been graciously and effectively taken on by television host, radio host, producer, and media personality Carson Daly over the past two years. The majority of you might recognise him as The Voice’s host.

Daly has been working with the nonprofit organisation Project Healthy Minds to de-stigmatize discussing mental conditions.

He is very sensitive to the cause and doing his best to effect change because he too has experienced mental illness, specifically anxiety. He has been outspoken about how his weight and life have been impacted by his anxiety.

The cause of Carson Daly’s weight gain is revealed!

carson daly weight gain

Carson Daly (@carsondaly) acknowledged his apparent weight increase and discussed it in the context of mental health. Carson noticed that since he started using anti-anxiety drugs, he had been gaining weight.

His weight was only one area where his anxiety issues had been greatly damaging his life. He stated in a since-deleted tweet that he believed his recent weight increase was a result of an anti-anxiety medication he started.

When he started gaining weight, he questioned his doctor if it had anything to do with the drugs he had been prescribed. The doctor pointed out that weight gain was not a side effect, but rather was just a result of Carson Daly being content and happy.

In fact, it was evident that the drug was making him into a new, more composed, less worried version of himself. His mood improves and his appetite grows as he becomes more content and happy, which leads to a rise in weight.

Carson Daly claimed that he was happier and focused on being the best version of himself since he was seeing things greater than just his weight or his diet. He wasn’t worried about his weight and planned to work out in the gym to shed some pounds for health reasons rather than by following a wild fad diet.

These days, discussions about mental health issues are getting closer to being acceptable. The times when people were reluctant to discuss various mental health-related issues out of fear of being rejected and looked down upon are almost entirely gone.

Nearly everyone believes that talking about mental health is taboo, despite the fact that it has become a mainstream issue. Therefore, Carson Daly’s decision to publicly discuss having an anxiety illness back in 2019 was incredibly admirable.

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He started a conversation on mental problems while hosting The Voice, one of NBC’s most-watched reality shows, which contributed to its increased prevalence.

carson daly weight gain

Carson Daly never considered revealing his battles with mental illness in public at any point. He likely believed that it was only his business, no one needed to know and that the proper course of action was to suffer in silence until he got over it.

But his line of thinking veered off course after NBA player Kevin Love appeared on the Today Show with Carson Daly as host and related the time he suffered a panic attack during a basketball game.

He was forced to reflect after reading that article since it was too personal. When he was hosting MTV’s Total Request Live, he was reminded of a similar experience he had in the past. His willingness to share his personal battle with mental illness was prompted by Kevin’s public recounting of his tale.

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Carson Daly recalled Kevin’s testimony of how, just before going into the air, his breathing suddenly became laboured and he had an irrational fear. He had to give in to his anxiety when it took hold of him.

He once experienced an anxiety attack, and because he was unable to identify what was causing the tightness to grip his body, he went to the hospital believing he was having a heart attack.

These emotions existed independently of any current circumstances at the time they occurred. He considered how, sometimes, he might panic even when most people would be at ease.

Carson Daly revealed that he had endured crippling anxiety and terror for more than twenty years without ever understanding what it was. He could never describe his situation in words.

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After suffering so long by himself, he finally found the strength to confide in his friends. This was a good decision because one of his friends had a history of anxiety and could relate to what he was going through.

He undertook a 14-week cognitive therapy programme after being diagnosed, where he learnt how to manage his anxiety. He then started learning more about his mental disorder and eventually developed coping mechanisms for it.


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