Cannabis Cannon: A Complete Guide in 2022!

After discussing rolled smokeable, such as joints and blunts, today we’ll delve even further into the world of cannabis flower smoking.

Cannabis is traditionally smoked in joints and blunts, both of which have several names. Joints go by several names, including:



  • The marijuana cigarette
  • Pinner
  • Cannon
  • Phatty

You can also refer to blunts by their various names:

  • Dutch
  • Breezy
  • An L
  • Blizzunt
  • Phatty

Finally, there is the spliff, which resembles a joint a great deal but also contains tobacco that has been rolled up.

The names that people come up with or that particular locales use to categorize rolled smokeable can be amusing, even if there is no such thing as a bad name for a blunt or a joint. In fact, if you like one of these smoking techniques, try coming up with your own names; have fun with it!

Let’s get to work now that we’ve had a little fun. Read on to learn more about the various blunts and rolling papers available for use with cannabis flowers!

Rolling Papers

Cannabis enthusiasts should never be without rolling papers. For those who prefer rolling cannabis flower, they are an excellent option because they come in little packets with lots of sheets.

There are three basic varieties of rolling papers: those created from wood pulp, those from rice or hemp, and novelty papers like those made from gold leaf or translucent cellulose rolls (a naturally occurring material from plants).

Different Kinds of Rolling Papers

The traditional rolling papers that are also used for cigarettes have a wood pulp composition. They burn more quickly than conventional rolling papers and have a special, distinctive flavor due to their composition.

The drawback? To achieve their signature white hue, rolling papers made from wood pulp are frequently bleached, which implies some chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

Numerous cannabis smokers like brownish papers made of hemp or rice because they burn with mild, unobtrusive tastes.

Additionally, they burn more slowly than rolling papers made from wood pulp, and their manufacturing frequently excludes the use of chemicals. The fact that these rolling papers are thinner than those made of wood pulp is another advantage, as it allows you to smoke more marijuana while using less paper.

The novelty papers come last. As we noted before, these vary in the materials that they are formed of; for example, you can get papers created from cellulose and papers manufactured from gold leaf.

The aesthetic appeal of novelty papers is frequently given more attention than their suitability for smoking. However, they might be enjoyable to try for a special occasion or just to mix up your smoking routine.

Various styles

Regarding rolling papers, it’s also noteworthy to note that you can choose from a range of styles depending on your smoking preferences. If you don’t know how to roll a joint, for instance, you can get pre-rolled cones that you can just fill with the cannabis flower of your choice.

Even more, some rolling papers, like those made by the company Randy’s, include a metal wire inside that acts as a built-in roach holder! Even while it’s not strictly necessary, this can be quite helpful for people who frequently burn their fingertips or don’t enjoy the taste of burnt cannabis on their hands.

If you like to smoke and appreciate unique flavors, there is a whole industry of flavored rolling papers that you may discover and match with various cannabis strains!

The majority of the time, just like with any fantastic product, you can get your preferred brand of rolling papers in a range of different sizes to suit the way you smoke. When smoking with a group of pals, you can get stupidly enormous rolling papers in addition to absurdly small rolling papers if you’re smoking by yourself.

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Blunt Wraps

Time to discuss blunts now! Similar to joints, there are several materials used to make blunt wraps so you may choose the one that suits your preferences. While tobacco-based blunt wraps are the most typical type, hemp and herbal wraps are also gaining popularity.

You have a few choices for tobacco-based wraps. The traditional fronto leaf, which is a whole raw tobacco leaf that you rip into sections and roll like a joint, is the first option.

According to legend, the fronto leaf was the original wrap for a blunt, but as they grew more difficult to find, people turned to gutting or disassembling, cigarillos to fill with cannabis before rolling them into blunts.

This brings us to our next choice for a blunt wrap: the cigarillo. You’ll likely find a display of cigarillos whenever you enter a convenience store. There are many different brands and tastes available, such as White Owls, Phillies, Swishers, and Dutch Masters.

One must cut a seam and remove the tobacco from the inside of a cigarillo in order to use it as a blunt wrap. After adding marijuana to the empty case, roll it up!

Natural leaf cigars like Backwoods are also important to highlight. Given that they are pre-rolled cigars with a natural tobacco leaf wrapper, these resemble a cross between a front leaf and a cigarillo.

It is necessary to unroll a natural leaf cigar, put marijuana in the wrap, then roll it back up rather than breaking it down.

Let’s speak about our other possibilities now that we’ve discussed tobacco blunt wraps. There is now a market for hemp and herbal blunt wraps because smoking is bad for your health. Although they don’t contain tobacco, they function similarly to cigarillos.

By doing this, you choose your cannabis’ material and flavor, remove it from its packaging, and roll it up! These are incredibly great substitutes for those who want the slow-burning smoking sensation that a blunt offers without ingesting tobacco.

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Genesis Grow Corp.

We hope this article has helped you understand the world of rolled cannabis a little better. If you don’t recall anything else, keep in mind that you have lots of alternatives when it comes to rolling your cannabis.

Don’t worry if becoming aware of all the alternatives has overwhelmed you. Explore and experiment with various sheets and flavors until you find something you enjoy, is what we advise!

Additionally, if you don’t want to learn how to roll or search for the ideal papers to roll with, locate a Genesis Grow Corp. shop and get your hands on some of our incredible Pacific Crest Pre-Rolls.

Any kind of rolling paper or wrap works fantastically with our premium cannabis, but having it rolled for you is even better!

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