Bitlife App Hacks, Tips & Tricks Complete Info in 2022!

BitLife launched and immediately took off, becoming the buzz of the town. In such a short time, it attained enormous popularity and brought in a large number of new players to the game.

There are a few things you need to know when you first begin your life in BitLife in order to make it effective.

I now regret not knowing about these before I started playing. I can always start the game over and follow the advice to play it and win big.

You can follow suit. As a result, this page contains all the BitLife tips, tricks, cheats, hacks, and other information you need to improve your quality of life in the game.

Best Tips, Tricks, & Cheats to Use in The Bit Life App

For Android and iOS devices, the text-based life simulation game BitLife is incredibly popular. It is predicated on the idea that you can live real life in a virtual environment. Your story will unfold based on the decisions you make if you don’t start living your life as you would in the real world.

You can decide whether you want to be a boy or a girl, develop your career preferences as you get older, meet and marry the person you love, and fully live your life.

Despite how straightforward it may seem, the game is actually quite complicated because your choices will determine how far the tale goes. Everything that happens depends on what you do, just as in real life. The main distinction is that BitLife allows you to restart your life whenever you choose.

I’ve gathered some pointers, hints, and cheats that you can use to live a prosperous life in BitLife: Life Simulator without having to restart. These can be used to accomplish anything you want in your virtual world.

General Tips to Live a Better Life in BitLife 

Here are a few general BitLife recommendations that you shouldn’t disregard. These are straightforward but have a big effect on your life.

  • Never set yourself limits. You shouldn’t set limits on what you can do in a year of gaming. There are so many things you may do; you should try them all. Some activities, like going to the gym or finding a new interest, are worthwhile undertaking more than once.
  • Concentrate on Your Studies – Just as in real life, a successful profession depends on your ability to study hard. Every year as you progress through your academic career, select “Study harder.” In this way, your prospects of receiving a scholarship, avoiding student loans, and landing a higher-paying career are increased.
  • Maintaining your health is important in real life and in virtual reality. Here, you can visit a doctor for no charge if you’re ill. Make sure a witch doctor is not who you visit, though.
  • Being a “Good Guy” isn’t necessary; you can have fun in BitLife by being a “Jerk” or a “Rebel” instead of consistently selecting the “Nice” option. This will liven up an otherwise drab and monotonous life.
  • Keep your green bars full: Constantly pay attention to the green bars at the bottom and make sure they are filled to the brim. You can do several things for that, such as going to the gym, reading books at the library, or practicing meditation.

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Best Guidelines & Techniques for Bitlife Money Making

  • Money is the secret to success in life (and Happiness). You need to earn a lot of money to live a better virtual existence. Thankfully, earning money in BitLife is much simpler than in real life. Here are several strategies, tactics, and hacks you may employ to generate an endless supply of cash in BitLife.
  • You have to borrow money from your parents early on in the game. So, if you want to get more money, be as generous as possible.
  • You have to always please your parents in order for them to pay off your obligations (school loans) and leave you a sizable fortune when they pass away.
  • To start making money while in college, start working freelance or part-time jobs. Make sure not to increase your level of tension while doing this.
  • If you want to be a musician, actress, filmmaker, or another kind of artist, don’t go to college. If not, consider spending more time in college.
  • Choose a well-paying profession for oneself, such as a CEO, lawyer, doctor, dentist, or actor. The job selection cheat is accessible below.
  • Real estate can be purchased and sold much like in the real world. Hold onto your property until you think the timing is perfect to sell it, and then do so. In the game, you can’t rent it out.
  • Marry an elderly person to receive a sizable inheritance. However, your character’s happiness will suffer as a result of this.
  • You’ll have a better chance of winning if you try your luck at gambling and the lottery. Be cautious to avoid being robbed.

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Shuffle Career/Job Cheat in Bit Life

You can choose from more than 140 jobs offered by BitLife in a variety of industries. However, none of them are visible on the screen at the time of choosing. You must shuffle them in order to find your preferred one because they are available at random.

Restarting the computer and then swiftly closing and reopening the programme are two easy ways to find a fresh set of jobs. Tap the age button to further shuffle them.

Blackjack at The Casino Bitlife Lottery Cheat

bitlife hacks

This BitLife trick will help you win more money at the casino:

  • a trip to the casino
  • Speculate the most.
  • Play the hand next.
  • The game will be saved if you leave the casino after winning.
  • Close the game immediately after a loss and reopen it.
  • Once you start winning a lot of money, keep doing this.
  • Android devices are the only ones that can use this hack or cheat.

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Particular Advice for Bitlife

Here are a few extremely specific but important guidelines for living that you should abide by. Utilizing these will enable you to live a healthy life.

Remain Happy in Life

In the game, pay attention to your happiness rather than your bankroll. You’ll have more energy if you’re happy, and you’ll be able to accomplish anything in the game. Find your true love and remain with them contentedly. Try engaging in things that will make you happier.

Go on a vacation and start traveling when your level of happiness is low. Then, you’ll get a sudden boost. Controlling stress levels is another crucial step. It will be simpler to do that if you follow a strict schedule.

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Get Notorious in The Game

You must select a profession that keeps you in the spotlight, such as an actress, singer, writer, DJ, social media celebrity, or even a porn star, if you want to become famous in the game. After that, make sure your appearance is at least 80% or higher. You should concentrate on exercises like going to the gym, taking walks, going to the salon, practicing martial arts, etc. to achieve that.

After landing a job, you should sign up for all social media platforms. Don’t stop improving your appearance till you have a large following. The “Fame” percentage bar will become visible when you reach the pinnacles of your profession.

Continue to promote it and begin posting on your social media. Even better, you can use them to advertise items and make money.

Stay Improved Your Stats

By watching a video commercial, BitLife now gives you the option to increase the stats that are low on you. Simply select Settings from the menu, check the box next to “Boost,” and then select Menu.

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