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8938 Ios Feature: Top 5 Best Features in 2022!

Top 5 iOS 14 Features

Read through the following points to learn about iOS 14’s truly great features. Many iPhone users are interested in learning more about the 8938 ios function or the 8938 instructions from texts.

iPhone feature 8938

8938 ios feature

Sincerely, From Messages 8938 is iOS’s finest feature.

App Library

  • With iOS 14, the iPhone and iPad touch devices gain access to a brand-new app library.
  • With the help of the new library, you will be able to watch modified games and apps and download them with just a few clicks.
  • Applications are recommended by the app library based on time and location.
  • Downloading clips from the App Store will allow you to add them.
  • Sorting apps according to how frequently they are used will automatically organize the home screen layout. This function is available in the new list view mode.

Widgets section

  • The new smart snack feature in iOS 14’s widgets area will astound you. You can use this feature to reveal the precise widget at the appropriate time, a function that is often made possible by the on-device intelligence feature.
  • The new widgets feature makes Siri available. Based on your behaviors and behavioral patterns, such as starting a new web series or placing any food orders, it instructs Siri to propose widgets.
  • Amazing widget stacks can be built to free up space on your home screen.
  • You receive a widget gallery with a list of the most popular widgets of all shapes and sizes.

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Messages section

  • You may keep yourself entertained on the phone all day with the very wonderful capabilities in the message section.
  • You can save your favorite conversation threads and receive notifications when three people send a text by seeing their icons.
  • Get notified when new messages have been received through message threads, and you can respond immediately through these threads.
  • You may bring up a certain individual.
  • By selecting to view all of the received texts chronologically, you can filter SMS.
  • In order to make a chat funny, you may also include an image and emoticons.

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Search results

  • Depending on your preference and usage, you can search via apps, maps, webpages, contacts, and a variety of other things. Your search will be simpler and more convenient thanks to this function.
  • The complete word or sentence need not even be typed. You only need to write one or two letters for the idea to display below.
  • By entering a few characters and pressing the “Go” tab, you can start websites and apps.
  • By typing the first few characters, you can search for files, emails, and messages.
  • Additionally, the display area will contain the necessary search results based on usage and desire.

What are you still holding out for? Install iOS 14 right away on your iPhone device to get started with some exciting features right now.


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