Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2: Release Date, Plot Details & All Latest Updates in 2022!

Tonikaku Kawaii is an anime that tells the narrative of Nasa Yuzaki and Tsukasa Tsukuyomi’s unconventional love story, in which they marry first and subsequently fall in love.

Nasa Yuzaki is hell-bent on immortalizing himself. After placing first in a national mock exam and going to attend a top high school, he is convinced that he has his entire life sorted out. Fate, on the other hand, can be a harsh mistress. Nasa observes an unmatched beauty across the street while driving home one snowy evening. Nasa is intrigued and tries to approach her, but is blindsided by an incoming truck.

Thanks to the girl’s quick intervention, his life is saved. He watches as the girl walks away while bleeding on the side of an ambulance in the moonlight, evoking Princess Kaguya’s departure for the moon. He drags his injured body after her and asks her out, not wanting to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance encounter. The girl accepts his confession on one condition: they may only be together if he marries her!

As a result, Nasa decides to quit school in order to focus on his relationship with Tsukasa. Nasa has not forgotten his promise to the woman of his dreams, even if years have passed. They start their journey together when he turns 18 years old.

It was one of the most popular romance anime series in recent years almost immediately after its introduction. The anime’s 12 episodes will be finished in December 2020. A new OVA episode premiered on August 18, 2021. Season 2 has been in the works since last year, according to multiple reports.

Fans will be ecstatic to find that the rumours were right! Season 2 of Tonikaku Kawaii has everything we know thus far.

Is Tonikaku Kawaii getting a second season?

Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Yes! Season 2 of Tonikaki Kawaii is in the works! An anime news leaker said Tonikaku Kawaii was in the works a day before the final episode of Season One was published. Announcing the news on the cover of Weekly Shonen Sunday Issue 50, 2021, confirmed the disclosure a few months later.

When Will Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Begin?

From October 3, 2020, through December 19, 2020, Tonikaku Kawaii broadcast its inaugural season. Seven Arcs Studios, the show’s producer, hasn’t said anything about Season 2 yet. ‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ will be the subject of an OVA (original video animation). The publication date is set for 2021. This news implies that the show will be renewed prior to the publication of the OVA, implying that the OVA will be released soon. The second season of ‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ is most likely to premiere in 2022 or 2023.

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What Could the Plot of Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Be?

Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 ‘Husband and Wife,’ the season 1 finale, puts the series to a close on a high note, showcasing how far Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship has progressed since she first showed up on his doorstep. NASA has caught a cold as a result of the high levels of stress at his workplace. Despite his efforts to persuade her that he is fine, she does not believe him for a second.

She declares that as a wife, it is her duty to look after him. Following that, they put on their yukatas and head to the summer festival as a group. They spend the entire day at the festival, eating Takoyaki from one of the several food vendors.

They come into Aya and Chitose while playing the goldfish scooping game and decide to pay a visit to the shrine to pray. Nasa finds himself thinking about how pleased he is with his life and the woman he shares it with as the sun sets and fireworks light up the night sky.

Season 1 covered the first 80 chapters of the manga series, while season 2 covered the rest. Season 2 will most likely be based on chapters 81 and up. It may reveal how Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship may develop in the future. It’s probable that Kaname Arisugawa will continue to offer oblique advice to the two. After all these years, Chitose Kaginoji might be thinking about the possibility of becoming friends with Nasa.

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Season 2 Characters of Tonikaku Kawaii

In the anime series “Sailor Moon: Awakening,” Akari Kito, a Japanese voice actress from Aichi Prefecture, plays Tsukasa. She’s also performed a number of roles, including Nezuko from the critically acclaimed Demon Slayer series, Kotoko from Kyokou Suiri, and many more.

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Is Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Getting An Official Trailer?

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